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Sith Council v2

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his is Version 2 of my Sith Council Map. This map is loosely based on the Jedi Council GC map form JK2. In the main area, there are 4 duel rooms, one interrogation room, one Armory and class rooms. If you go threw the doors for the classroom, u will see one class with desks to learn the basic, and a library to access those old Sith files. If u go to the end of the hallway, there is a Cafe. Make sure you eat enough so u can finish all your training. Also a bar to sit back and relax. Threw the main doors, to the left, is a medical room to be healed. To the right are the bedrooms to rest and watch some good old TV. And straight is the main duel room with stands to watch, also a VIP room for the high power followers of Kahn and Neo. There is also an elevator going to the basement threw the min doors. In the basement, to the right of the elevator doors, there is a jail. This jail has four different jail cells in it. Two of the jail cells can only be opened by one side. Another jail cell can be opened from both sides and have work-out equipment in it. The last cell can not be opened. This cell has all the dead council members who betrayed Kahn and Neo. If you go right around the corner, there is a duel circle after jumping up the pillars like in the Jedi Council GC map. Finally, to the left of the elevator doors is the Sith Council room. This is an area for clans to talk. There are benches and tables to sit back and relax and talk. In the main Room, you also see a big door opposite to the door I just talked about. Threw the doors u will find one more door, and threw there is the NEW out door area. There are many trees to hind behind and attack people. To the left of the entrance, there is a water fall, nice area to duel. Straight across u see a red light on the wall, go and press the button and the wall will open. There is a Court House to judge the lamers and a rancor pit beneath to teach them a lessen. And finally to the right of the entrance to the out door area and another waterfall, but dont fall down or you will fall to your death. There is a NEW secret cave somewhere that leads to the tomb of Kahn and Neo. In the tomb, there is now a sacrifice room to kill all those needed. Have fun finding the entrance and the way threw the maze. Also, if you have played the RJ_Sublime map, you know about their control center. I loved the idea and added one here too. There are three switched. One to close off the bar, one to hide/show the signs on all doors, and one to transform a room.


After so many people where asking for the Jedi Council GC Map for jk2 brought to JA, I decided to do something about it. I decided to make my own with a Sith feel to it. IN the .ZIP file, you will find the history behind the map and maybe some inside info to the entrance of the caves. This map was created from scratch and I never edited the Jedi Council GC .map file. This map has taken about a good year to get how I want it too. (I know, I got lazy) Try and find all the new secret areas and try to remember the olds ones too. (Dont be surprised if some have moved though). There are so many areas to play so I hope you have fun.

PLease dont add me to MSN to get help on Mapper or skinning


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My personal favorite of the Sith Council levels by Khan. Its good to see it in a place where players can easily access it.


Many of us oldies will remember playing on this series of levels!

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