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  1. I was wondering if anyone in the community could port this model; https://mega.nz/file/54dikBbD#hmRvLIuQct5JeMGXtmaEsTQTl5Lr2zYeO4ItuF3trRc It is from Kamen Rider Tokusatsu series,i really love his samurai style armor ?
  2. Epic bro,thanks for those Ultron models ?
  3. Here is the link bro; https://mega.nz/folder/70QlyAhI#6gBxD9_qNwXH9gUVLy99kg/folder/e5QlEIhS
  4. Excuse me,did someone make this? It's really cool
  5. Maybe this will help to the modder who accepts your request Meliodas model; https://mega.nz/file/oG4wiCoD#L7oTEyAMDPC0F6qVrYr_0R0p8unBWAxMt8_FkxFeB4M Arthur model (For the armor parts); https://mega.nz/#!VeJHBSCS!TGJqmlOXTNSjsOJk4LaoGuTfeofksEtbniowkBuFxoQ Luck
  6. Lt.Claim ported that,ask him 4 private and surely he share it with U ?
  7. I recently read Darth Vader's comics and it was a surprise (but a welcome one) to meet a new sith with a cool looking and a interesting story,and it would be great to have a playermodel/skin of it ?
    Not a big fan of Rey bro,but this is just great!
  8. It Wasn't a texture,RevanKnight forgot some lines on lowera1.skin and lowera2.skin files,that's why the model looked that bad,luckily i managed to solve it, anyway thank U very much bro!
  9. I have those models for JK3 bro,if U want it send me a message ?
  10. I thought the origin of all this was the rumor Sam Witwer said about Galen on Rebels show.
  11. Wow,that Starkiller is better skinned than the original BF2 mod ?
  12. Send me a message,i think i have that model bro ?
  13. it seems I'm late to download these models,anyways Good Job bro!?
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