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    About This File Jedi Academy E-5 Blaster Rifle Mod \\\\\\\\\\\ Contents \\\\\\\\\\\ zz_sad_E5 - The E-5 blaster battle droids use, replaces the E-11. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Notes \\\\\\\\\\\\ Figured I should release this separately from the battledroid in case anybody wanted just the E-5. Enjoy. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Credits \\\\\\\\\\\ Modeling - KhorneSyrup Textures - KhorneSyrup Special thanks - Dragoan THIS FILE IS NOT MADE, DISTRIBUTED, OR SUPPORTED BY ACTIVISION, RAVEN SOFTWARE, OR LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC. ELEMENTS™ & © LUCASARTS ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY, LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.
  2. Well, hello all. Been awhile. finally got some time to work on old projects these last few months and I am happy to announce the model is ready for release. currently pending approval. Thank you all for the encouraging words along the way.
  3. 469 downloads

    -NPCs- scouttrooper scouttrooper_officer scouttrooper_commando general_weir scouttrooper_nova scouttrooper_nova_officer -LODs- Not yet implemented. -Skins- Included are 27 skins not counting SP customization variations. -5 blue team skins -5 red team skins -Captain, Sergeant, Enlisted, Sniper, Grenadier and default for basic scout trooper and commando variants. -Nova trooper and nova trooper officer. -General weir -A variant of scout trooper with black marking, and a variant of commando with white markings. -Single player- I have not tested it in vanilla JKA. and would recommend not using anything but openJK or variants thereof, as this is a fairly model. I have included a handfull of custom colors for those of you not running a mod that allows RGB sliders for single player. -Credits- Special thanks to Ruxith for supplying the Icon backgrounds. thanks to Dragoan for working on this model with me very early on in the project.
  4. To my knowledge there are only two scout trooper models in existence. one really old one for JKO that was never finished to my knowledge and only ever released as a "beta" which was made by Slurpy_Commando from what I remember, and the one currently being used which was made by Monsoontide, Keshire and Duncan. other than that there have been a few kit-bashes of their model and Neomarz' clone trooper as well as several skins(which don't really count). but that's all I know of. Feel free to correct me if there are others that I missed. Thanks for the kind words and criticism all.
  5. Yes and no. I have no pictures to show right now, as I don't feel I've made enough progress, but I have remade the kneepads so they're actually not squares now. I'm working on the textures for the boots ( I hate feet ) which is a really big pain in the Islets of langerhans. Just trying to get it to look right. instead of derpy. When I finish with those I'll post some pictures. I still continue to hate feet.
  6. Another way is to have the player start with no weapons, and place the pistol infront of him with like count 10 If I recall correctly there was a way to strip them of all of their weapons via a trigger... But I'm not certain.
  7. I was thinking about your ammo problem, And Technically, you could make the player spawn ontop of an ammo box with the Key "count" and the value a negative amount. And that will do what you want. Sorry, really should have thought of that sooner XD
  8. I can help ya out with it if ya like, it's pretty simple to setup,I can also shoot ya a few tutorials for it. But as I said, I can help you with that If you would like me to, just shoot me a message.
  9. The first couple screenshots reminded me of "the thing" XD At any rate, regarding the terrain around the station, why not use a blend shader? between stone/snow? They're super simple to write, and it can look very good if done right.. Just my thoughts. Anywho, looking great thus far. I will be watching this project.
  10. Decided I would post this VERY VERY VERY small update. Began working on his feets. Still a bit bendy for my tastes. so I will be tweaking it some moar. (I really hate feet so this is actually a slight accomplishment for me...) I hate feet. ._. For the record, I will be keeping the pauldron. and adding more extras. Because I love me some extras. Did I mention I hate feet? (Let's just pretend that kneepad is invisible =_,=)
  11. <Update> Model currently pending approval for upload. finally made it to release lol. ////////// Right then, so, I was bored one day, and in my state of being in the state of boredom. I decided that I would do something that I decided to then do. At that particular point in time. And so I did that thing in which It decided- By Myself, that I was going to do. (Note, all textures are WIP. everything is subject to change, who knows, I might put a top hat on his shoulder... or maybe a monocle on his nose. We will never know untill it is released WHEN it is finished) (Also, no promises I will ever release this, as time is my enemy right now, BUT IF I DO. Then I do.) I suppose some pictures are in order. And also for giggles
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