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Community Answers

  1. Its okay Leader! Love ya <3
  2. Actually i asked that when we were making the Cosmetic, leader! xDD Was trying to help, but you were way faster <3 <3
  3. Can you help me? Everytime i try to "Scan Frames" on a specific .AVI file my QVM crashes and shuts down... :/ I can send you the video link to download and try ot of ya want...
  4. The video is not working... Can you please fix it? I'm kinda interested on it!
  5. Siegfried

    Acrobatics guide

    Loved this strafe jump and pillar jumping guide! I'll do my best to pass through all the trials with perfection!
  6. Can't wait for this Loki skin to be released!!! Will there be an option to use it without the helmet?
  7. Sorry, i didn't know you back then. Only heard of you a few months ago... Next time, i'll ask straight to you
    Just can't find enough words to describe how incredible this map is! A marvelous and outstanding job!!!
  8. One of the best mods that will probably never be released. I had so much hope for this one, but yeah nvm.
  9. The Jedi Battlelord model link doesn't work anymore. Could you please re-upload it? This is the link i'm using: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/63672348/Jedi%20Battlelord.pk3
    A wonderful map to play. You have done a very good job! Keep up the good work ?
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