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  1. Sorry, i didn't know you back then. Only heard of you a few months ago... Next time, i'll ask straight to you
    Just can't find enough words to describe how incredible this map is! A marvelous and outstanding job!!!
  2. One of the best mods that will probably never be released. I had so much hope for this one, but yeah nvm.
  3. The Jedi Battlelord model link doesn't work anymore. Could you please re-upload it? This is the link i'm using: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/63672348/Jedi%20Battlelord.pk3
    A wonderful map to play. You have done a very good job! Keep up the good work ?
  4. I see. Please do priorize your IRL, it's way more important <3 Hope it all goes well for you man, wish you good luck on your life <3
  5. Any progress in this mod? I'd really like to try it out you know...
  6. Oh damn; I'd totally love to use Zenitsu's breath of thunder as a saber trail!
  7. Are you going to disponibilize their links any time soon? Especially Jacen's model... i totally want him!
  8. That's what we can expect from these amazing twins! Well done, guys. <3
  9. That is just awesome! Thank you for your help, gonna start working on my model and then apply it on my playermodel. Thank you <3 <3
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