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  1. Wait ... what ... theres an update to one of my most favorite maps of all time ........... Well hello there ! Muchly appreciated your time making this map, it is.
  2. 42 downloads

    The Infamous Yao G Stories remain in ancient jedi holocrons of the once legendary jedi Yao G known for his years of study using simulated battles in which to attain knowledge of both sith and jedi abilities in the hope to find a true balance in the lightside of the force for him to follow and pass down to future generations or A great looking mod of a handsome fellow who makes youtube videos of ai battles usings mods made for jedi academy now available for you to 'play as', use in your own ai battles or simple slaughter yourself or with npc's as much as your heart desires ALL credit for this mod HAS to goto the creator and modder known only as .... Jeff Thanks again mate. (I have been given permission from Jeff to release this for public use)
  3. still epic and well worthy of a highlight in the 'Mods of the Month' video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRS-H36EVZs
  4. yaogamers

    The Valley

    Not loaded it yet, but believe it wont be forgotten expect to see this on a lot of upcoming videos, thank you for making this looks perfect for my ai battles
  5. well hello there, … sorry cant wait to get stuck into this, thank you
  6. Looks sweet, would be even better with a bit of shiny armor but again very cool as it is, will definitely be putting a few fights together with this mod, thanks for making it, I wonder how it will fare against the temple guards
  7. yaogamers


    Brilliant just in time for Christmas thanks, cant wait to put santa up against someone in this map
  8. I wonder how well he will fight against jedi jabba
  9. Not had a chance to try this yet but wow another immense looking mod, only problem I have is which npc to put him up against first, thanks as always for you time and effort, fantastic
  10. can see a few decent npcs battles to be had in here, looks like good size and shape for it
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