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  1. What setting controls how quickly or the distance in which the AI spots the player?
  2. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one
  3. My problem ended up being something different IIRC (this was just on mine so it may be different on the others' in this thread) I already had these settings but it didn't work, what works for me when dismemberment randomly breaks is just "exec openjk_sp.cfg" in the main title screen
  4. Bump for same reasons as my last comment... I should get around to learning how to do it. But I can't do textures or anything artistic for shit. I've tried doing models before but I'm not good at it. Something practice should fix but for now bump
  5. I can't really tell from the video what exactly is the mod?
  6. You know I have to suggest him at every possible chance lol
  7. Yeah I was confused when they asked that
  8. I might of suggested in this thread before so sorry if so but Kao Cen Darrach?
  9. bump because I forgot to learn how to mod and now don't have time to (also laziness)
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