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  1. Is it meant to start by pressing 'Play' in the SP mode? If not then how do I open it, and if it is then I'm not sure why I can't open it.
  2. Awesome, but did crash my game without the *.bat file, my Mac doesn't open bat files so I tried the simple 'devmap cloudy' and it crashed. I probably have too much in my game heh.
  3. May I ask, why is it on the 'free' team? I'd really love it not getting shot by clone troopers during my Single Player CW Roleplay.
  4. Lolok

    TCW Sidious

    That's exactly what I was thinking, he hadn't had lightning deflected back at him by Samuel Jackson at that time.
  5. I have a request, will you make an Original Trilogy Han Solo at some point? If not, I'd like that to be added as a model with NPC support and possibly SP support, as with the old Solo for JK2 it's getting old and doesn't even have NPC support. Sincerely, Lolok
  6. Great model! I know this might be a bit late to ask, but what mod are you using for them Lightsaber stances?
  7. Lolok

    Episode 2 Blades

    What is the map's name in your third screenshot? I really want to remake that final duel from episode 2 but I can't because I don't know the map.
  8. Lolok

    Yoda VM

    The Lightsabers don't even show up for me
  9. My only dream for this is if he added an 'Acolyte' saber for the Eradicators, which looks like this url It's the lightsaber all Eradicators were given.
  10. why am I using comic sans I need to die Some people might Generally want to use his saber, even not playing as him, as I'm pretty sure it was used a lot by Jedi Guardians during TOR and ppl are starting to make Armoured robes that are based on SWTOR.
  11. Lolok

    Satele Shan

    I added this with another mod that gives me Darth Malgus, attempted to use the player model and crashed, so I'll see if it works without Malgus Nope it just crashes on Mac maybe
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