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  1. Looks amazing! So glad you followed through with making Jango, after the amazing Boba work you did. You might've got me back into the world of skinning (I mean model skinning, since I already skin people for a hobby), though maybe only for a few custom mandalorians.
  2. Sounds great! I'm a patient soul so I'll be excited to see it one day! Keep up with the spectacular work my man! p.s. a bit embarrassing, but I forgot to add your quote into this message. Whoops.
  3. Pretty amazing, can't wait to try it out! I've wanted a Mandalorian series Boba for a long time, so it feels good to see it finally around. Also, would you ever consider doing a Jango Fett or a somewhat default Mandalorian armour set in the same model pattern? The legs are the only real difference and you can probably just borrow the belt from another kind modeller somewhere. Would be greatly appreciated by me and probably others! It's most likely a big ask for what sounds like a small request.
  4. I feel kind of terrible for being so late to this post, but it's written in the description Gyuszi4. It's a shame that I never actually viewed comments, so my apologies.
    Oh my God! It's happening! Okay everybody, stay calm!
  5. Yeah it would be a shame to miss out on such a good map, it's probably the best map I've seen yet in fact.
    Lovely model and some great texturing but over half of the models don't have working shaders, I don't know if it's a SP problem or not but I can't figure out why. Could you try and find out or just give me a straight answer if you know why?
    Love it mate, if you ever get the time and resources could you try and code the E-5 model to replace the E-5 blaster in MD and KOTF?
  6. I mean a part of my question was specifically to do with him, but whatever I guess.
  7. Ello @Jeff mate, I was wondering if you had a big archive of models so I don't have to travel back in time through this WIP in order to find some nice models. Also if you can somehow make one or find one, a SWTOR temple security guard would be nice. It would be even nicer if I remembered how to insert an image into my post, so just look it up for reference. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Temple_Security_Force
  8. Lolok


    I didn't expect someone to make this given I've never met someone who's watched the Cube, but good job because it looks fab. Emily.
    Mint, you should maybe do some high republic Jedi robes or a retexture of the OJP robes at some point, and maybe just use Jedi_Spanki heads for it, that'd be real nice geezer. Emily.
  9. sounds good mate, keep up the good work because I'm really looking forward to this
  10. I don't mean to sound rude or impatient but how far are you from completing this?
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