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  1. sounds good mate, keep up the good work because I'm really looking forward to this
  2. I don't mean to sound rude or impatient but how far are you from completing this?
    Decent model but recently I've noticed that the shaders for the hair don't work, and it shows weird black and white parts in Cal's hair. Can you pinpoint why this might be, as I've not even changed anything in his shaders? Emily.
  3. Hey Lolok i tried spawning 327th in the console but it comes saying error couldn't spawn 327th thats the error i am getting its like that for all of them.

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    2. Luke4926


      Is it a PK3 file or something 

    3. Lolok


      I meant to say the cloneii folder sorry, if you have a folder in a pk3 file called 'cloneii' located in models/players/, it will interfere with it.

    4. Lolok


      I think I found the issue, read the 'note for all' on the file's page and follow the instructions if they make sense.

  4. My clone pack update 0.3.0 is now up so you can check that out instead.
  5. Is anyone working on a Jaro Tapal model currently? Maybe a Padawan Cal too, as they would both go with my 13th battalion troopers (this is about the time I would be promoting my own work) in my clone trooper pack which is getting a somewhat major update once approved. (note the airborne helmet: I had to edit tompa's purgetrooper helmet and make it dirty myself using brushes, this is why it looks terrible at some angles but at the front it looks great) Tell me if you want to see any more clones because I do very much enjoy showing them off, while my mod is pending approval.
  6. will go great with my 13th battalion troopers, cheers big girl (they use the ashuradx model which is miles better than the cloneultima one, so I imagine people will like it along with my other clones)
    I really like it! It looks like something out of a million dollar budget game if you compare it to the old scout trooper! Could you do a reskin that basically makes it a 41st elite corps scout trooper? I'd quite like that and I'm sure some others would too.
    I love them all, if you ever plan to make more, please make these hilts, I cannot find perfect images unfortunately but you might recognise them from ingame, it's called the diabolist student lightsaber, you could just call it saber_student or something unless there's a notable person that uses it.
    I love it, I can't really think of anything else to say about it other than that. Would there be any chance you can release the swtor stances that you have, as shown in the images?
  7. Lolok

    501st Legion Pack

    This is awesome! Small question, will you be making a phase 1 variant ( with a new helmet model, yet same body ) and/or other legions? Also, what animations have you got on there?
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