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  1. elek2008


    I sure do wish I remembered how I made this. At the moment I'm trying to remember how to install these mods.
  2. I like how the different pauldron colors are included so I can actually replace all the different types of stormtroopers instead of making them identical.
  3. Heres an HD model image of him http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/8/7950/49007.jpg The is mod the HD model is from http://www.moddb.com/mods/jedi-knight-enhanced and his wiki page http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/8t88
  4. 10,097 downloads

    Grants you unlimited force by setting your power to the max, the regen of it to the max, and the regen rate to the max. So you can now basically use lightning to charge through the level. Or push everything over. idk. No else made this except one guy but he set it so you could only use it while using his palpatine skin. To activate it you must put it in your Base folder then ingame bring done the console and type "Playermodel PlayerPOWA" without quotations and you will still have your player model and have unlimited force. You will need to reactivate it every load screen. Now an easy way to deal with that is to use "bind N playermodel playerPOWA" so everytime you press N you will get unlimited power. You can also add "bind M playermodel Player" to disable it without needing to load.
  5. Someone should make the T-800, T-600, and damaged Arnold Terminator. Maybe change their animations so they can hold guns one handed. Maybe some more damaged terminators like Cameron. I wish I could make them but I have no idea how to make models for this game. Im also not very good at models anyways. I'm better with textures.
  6. elek2008

    Astromech Pack

    What we need is a script to set it to randomly select a skin. I can set the colors to random but not the pattern.
  7. I didn't know about the filter thanks! Still, I wonder how many good mods just didnt get noticed. A lot of the mod authors seem to have just vanished. Moved on to other games.
  8. I'll miss all of the outcast models. Not all the academy files work with outcast and this website doesnt show which file is for what game. It was better organized. Plus searching with this site is strange. Like if I type RGB I get nothing even though their are at least 4 mods with that in the title. Two of them being mine.
  9. Is it possible to set an npc to spawn with a random skin? I know you can set the skin with {Customskin "whatever"} but is there a way of setting to be random? Setting it to random did not work. Also does anyone know what all can be put for {customRGBA}. You can use random for true random or random1 for red, blue, silver, yellow, green, and brown. Can this be set to certain colors?
  10. elek2008


    I've been working on turning it into a swoop replacer. Keeps spawning default stormtroopers. While this is very funny I think I can fix that.
  11. Now we need someone to take any of the female playable races and add the rodian head to at, as well as re-color the skin. Now I have no idea how to make models but I could probably recolor the skin. Either the twi'lek or human female body would be usable. I think there is another one but I can't remember off the top of my head.
  12. Also its not a pack of droids, its only the protocol. When he is spawned normally or by console it will be a random color.
  13. What I will miss is all the mods that will be lost. This site may have a better layout but only small selection of mods compared to the ones jk3files had. Inluding some of my stuff, guess I will need to remake it.
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