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  1. Lolok


    Awesome! Also, what blasters are they and where can I get them?
  2. Why does the crouch make you float in the air?
  3. Could you make a Rebels Maul or the newer film to go with it?
  4. Version 1.0


    this mod is a bit crap and you can probably do this yourself if you know how to, but for the sake of people who lack that ability or knowledge I'll keep it up x TCW_sidious TCW_sidious2
  5. Lolok

    Qui-Gon Jinn

    Why does it take out all of the base NPC in my game when using it?
  6. Lolok

    DT Darth Maul

    Am I able to use the saber without the playermodel aswell?
  7. Lolok


    I don't seem to get any errors, but when I shoot it with a blaster or hit with a lightsaber it crashes, most likely because of all my other enhancement mods. Could you try a less detailed one, it's probably because of the high resolution and shaders on it. Other than that, awesome model!
  8. Nice! What Westar blaster are you using in that by the way?
  9. Lol, my dad loves Ghost in the Shell, but I prefer to watch things like blend S and stuff.
  10. Could you ever make Darth Maul's ship, the Scimitar, seen in Battlefront 2? Could you also make your Clone Wars maul use his broken hilt from the Clone Wars?
  11. Could you make some of the clones use a repeater to go with the DC-15A model? Specifically the phase 1 troopers but Phase 2 would be good aswell if you can. I know this mod was an old post so you don't have to do it, but I'm just requesting.
  12. Does this use his damaged lightsaber from the Clone Wars with only it's single blade left?
  13. Now we just need an actual ATRT
  14. What weapon does this spawn with? If it spawns with dual pistols, I'd recommend the Westar Pistol mod to go with it, if it doesn't crash.
  15. Lolok

    Sith Jawa

    Fuck dude I'd like to see the rock you've been sat under since your existence, it was probably made for a joke to add some humour, but I can see where you are heading from if this mod wasn't made for a joke.
  16. Hey, great model! Will you ever consider making a Leia in her Battlefront II Jacket or something? There is only one Leia model on JKhub and as much as it is a good Slave Leia, we don't really have a battle-ready Leia.
  17. Thanks for letting me know, too bad I can't get Movie Duels without getting some sort of coding/scripting thing to run it because I'm on Mac lol.
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