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  1. Very interesting. I don't think I've heard of anything quite like this before. It may be some other mod or configuration file causing the issue. One work-around (not really a solution) would be to manually edit camsp.menu to set it to 80 directly, rather than use the reset command. I've gone ahead and put this file together for you, and you can download it here. You'll need to use Pakscape or another .pk3 viewer to replace the camsp.menu in the ui folder of the mod. Best of luck!
  2. Hello friend! I'm sorry this is happening to you. The reset button simply uses the command "reset." This will restore the cvar (something that stores a number, in this case, the third person range) to its original setting. The console command it uses is "reset cg_thirdpersonrange." You can find all this by opening the .pk3 and going to ui/camsp.menu. I would be curious to see if you were to edit your cg_thirdpersonrange setting in the console (to something random), then manually type "reset cg_thirdpersonrange" to see if it works as expected. If so, it would be some strange bug with the mod. Otherwise, something else is causing the issue. Good luck!
  3. (Still need to seek permission for all external media used)
  4. Long time no see! Seeking beta testers for a small mod I am working on. Single-player horde gameplay. PM me if interested!

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