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I want to start by saying the obvious: THIS IS NOT MY MAP.


Now, for all those who remember the amazing JediCouncilGCX from back in 2004, this is it. This is not the 2010 version, or whatever "updated" versions there are of it out there. This is the original, untouched. I found it while digging through some old JK files I had stored away and noticed that there seems to be nowhere to get this map anymore. I was friends with Griffenclaw, and I think Griff would be sad to see the "updated" versions tbh, because they don't fix any of the things he actually wanted to fix (like the spawn points being so spaced out, and the low quality of the animated skybox).


Therefore, I've decided to send a copy of this to JKHub, because someone needs to keep this piece of history alive for all us old farts!







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Way better than the new version in my opinion, or it's just because I played very much on this map when I began with JK3 :D

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The reason this says version 2.0 is because there was a 1.0 beta map that was "leaked" back about a month before he made his actual release, so the original map was v 2.0 I believe...it was either 2.0 or 1.1, I can't remember. I was trying to keep the version number that he used for the actual public release, but I may have failed. There was no 3.0 or anything of the like to the best of my knowledge.


In 2010, some hack released several "updated" versions of the map without permission from Griffenclaw, though he apparently said at the time he would have liked to "thank him" for doing so, but couldn't access his Filefront account and such. However, he never actually SAW the "updates" the guy made, and everyone in Griff's original clan hated it that actually played it, because the changes were not in the spirit of the map's original intent. This is the ORIGINAL map. As I said, I knew Griffenclaw, I used to play with him, and I even consulted with him while he was making this map and knew several of the people in the credits, as well as the players who are commemorated in the map.

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Also, big thanks to Circa for checking my credentials to make sure it was ok by Griff to release this, and adding the screenshots I couldn't acquire for a proper release of this. I really do think Griffenclaw would be very happy to see this map still being used and available to the public, as he was always very proud of the work he did to help his old community and the love he got from the JK players about this map.  :)

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Hey everyone, my name is Teo McDohl, I actually was one of the oldest members of the {O} clan (you'll find my saber hilt in the library on this map).  I remember when Griff actually showed us the map and we played it for the first time.  Everyone was absolutely thrilled by the map.  The clan didn't "hate" the map at all, it was always considered "home.'  Our trials were run on that map in "The Jar," and we often ran role play scenarios in the various rooms.  Dueling nights often took place in several of the "dojo" rooms, and there were many nights spent with padawans in the training rooms.  That said, the Jump Room wasn't as favored as the original from JK2.  The moving pillars wasn't as accepted as the original, and it was rather out of the way.  It was also a gargantuan map.  I speak with Griffinclaw regularly, and he's still amazed his maps were received so well considering he'd never done any map creation before.


So yeah, go Jedi Order {O}!

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