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  1. Thanks guys, this year i'm onto 3ds max and animation/motioncapture. So at last I can make my own models for my maps WOOOHOO Don't read the next bit if you're squeamish, and your name isn't Szico VII hehe Unfortunately Szico it was both. It was all the way up to my stomach and gushed blood everytime I went, with the added joy of acid reflux. Meaning 6 Mezren tablets a day as i'm allergic to the strong stuff, one tablet to stop the acid reflux and two calcium tablets to repair my bones, after the 8 steroids I had to take a day which the doctor gave me. Thankfully they worked straight away, I don't think I would have made it if I had to wait a week longer, my temperature was rising fast. There is some good news though, while I was on the steroids it seemed to fix my brain, as in make me think clearer. I managed to write an 80,000 word fantasy novel and get a grade one at university for my first year. It seems to be in regression atm, obviously I can't eat certain fatty foods. The most curious thing though, was that I found when I stopped eating milk and butter I got better fast, and eating plenty of ginger and honey helps too with their natural healing properties as well as a mild curry (guess it kills the germs LOL). I can only surmise that the lactose in milk triggered the colitus or crohns along with stress, not sure which I got first or if they both hit me at once, but it's funny that stopping it made me feel a lot better. The doctor who did the camera thing (both ends) O_o said it was the worst he had seen, so swollen and ulcers all the way up. Also keeping a positive outlook helped, not screaming the end of the world is nigh and feeling sorry for myself ^^ The best thing of all though, if I hadn't got it I would never have left my job as a designer 3 years ago (the boss was a *enter rude word here*) and never would have gone back to Uni to study Games Design after two years of being ill.
  2. 62 downloads

    Set 3 years after the battle of Endor and During an uprising of Remnant troops Wiggle Worth an apprentice jedi has decided he needs a quiet place to hide out and spend Christmas Or in this case Jedi Relaxing day ?........... In either case Wiggle has secretly traveled to his hidden home on an Ice Moon near the Outer Rim. He Purchases a Pod car from a small Settlement and travels into the mountains...... His home is in a small Rocky gap in the mountains, and is a close copy of Obi Wans old house on Tatooine and once there Wiggle thinks hes safe.. Unbeknownst to Wiggle, one of the Villagers is a Remnent spy and has alerted his colleagues.... That Jedi Relaxing day Wiggle has put up his decorations and started the Dinner... Just then he hears a familiar sound. On looking outside he is confronted by two AT-STs.......With his Dinner burning and his friends on the way to join him Wiggle must battle to defend his home.....
  3. 278 downloads

    For those who havnt seen the movie NOW OUT ON DVD SO GO BUY IT. This is the bridge of the main enemy ship it also has some of the extra areas mentioned in movie..... Basically Spaceballs is a comedy movie that uses influences from every major Sci Fi film from Star Wars to Star Trek, and Aliens to Planet of The Apes... As such some places in this map that arnt seen in movie i got influence for them from Star Trek TNG and AOTC
  4. 847 downloads

    This is a short single-player campaign that can be completed in about an hour. You play as Kyle Katarn investigating the planet Bespin. It includes several graphically stunning maps (including segments of the Carbon Freeze map), cinematic cutscenes, and plenty of reborn and stormtroopers to kill.
  5. 5,097 downloads

    Gametype: POWERDUEL but also FFA and Duel so people can play it without needed to use the bots BOTS: YES DEVELOPER: Livingdeadjedi www.ldjmaps.jolt.co.uk NOTES: Based on the Emporers Throne room from Return of the Jedi Thanks to Eniac for making the cool skybox and the throne =] also thanks Sith-J-Cull for all his help. DarthAlex Shadriss JediAdam Richie Anakin
  6. 2,419 downloads

    hmm dunno if this needs explaining Its the scene from the Phantom Menace where Obi Wan and Qui Gon face the evil Sith Lord Darth Maul (why dont they just run away he wouldnt expect that ;p)
  7. 2,314 downloads

    A cut down version of cloud city... with a brand new texture set and some locations from the movie.. it includes a few new features that i havnt seen in many maps.. which would be the lift doors rotate around like the ones in the movie if i was to critisise my own work id say the lifts might get a revamp in another version and make the lift shafts wider ive also tried to give the map a few ways to go so its easy to lose people but if you really want fun.. try to find the duel room and get a friend to activate the buttons while 2 people fight in the centre
  8. 718 downloads

    Based On the planet where the Jedi get their famed crystals for their lightsabers.. seen in episode 15 or 16 of Clone wars. This is based on that planet in a Clone Outpost...
  9. 904 downloads

    You and your team have become trapped on a World once settled by the ancients. As with many ancient worlds there is a mix of new and old technology.. But as your team scan the area you soon realise your not alone
  10. 157 downloads

    A relatively small map for me Set in an arena with bases on each side and a maze in the centre
  11. 299 downloads

    There are two maps in this pack: CTF Outpost and FFA The Lost Temple: CTF Outpost: An imperial water processing plant. nuff said FFA: The Lost Temple: Set in an old temple discovered by the Empire in the aftermath of the clone wars.. What struck the Imperial scientists as odd was that most of the temple complex was added after the temple had gone into ruin and was not on record, neither was the planet in question ? After much research it was soon discovered why. The temple had been the home to a group of Sith Lords 4000 years before the Clone wars.. There was even a dueling room for Sith students to prove themselves superior.. as well as the sith masters seat of power. As for the system of pipes.. it appears as if the sith found a way to litterally suck the force out of the planet and strengthen their own people. This has left the planet itself completely barren leaving the temple area as the only place left with any kind of plant life.
  12. Version v2


    This is the second edition of the very first map i made for jk2 and the first map that was released for jk2 =]] but rather than just take old map and add to it i completly remade it. The main core is immense on a scale never before seen. Basically it is the whole height of the jk2 drawing area, and width wise it could fit the old map in 4 times just in the pit. Carbon room is limited to just two carbon chambers, should have five but that would be far to laggy. I did want to add loads more to the map but i reached the maximum shaders available but any other areas i wanted i will release as a duel map later. Talking of Duel maps i will make 1 of the gantry area only with a thinner gantry, just like in movie.... Ive made it so you start always in the city area. Its quite a walk but it adds that get to the carbon chamber feel. For those who just want the gantry fights that duel map will make up for this. The window works on the notion that the one who breaks it gets sucked out. Unavoidable really but to get more than 1 person sucked out the jk2 engine would need changing. For example in SP levels you see this more than once but that wasnt implemented into Multiplayerso couldnt be done. Although do be careful once broke it does throw you out at a very high velocity if your too close =]] Ive also implemented an escape route back to the landing pad in the city. If you fall from where luke falls and aim right down , you will slide into the tube luke enters =] and get teleported back to landing pad ready to commence battle once more =]
  13. 717 downloads

    This is a recreation of end of episode 1, where Maul fights with Qui Gon and Obi Wan, with a little added Extras and new areas to add a bit more to the level.
  14. 263 downloads

    its vaders meditation chamber from EMPIRE STRIKES BACK the mirrored floor might cause some low framrates if so turn off music
  15. 176 downloads

    A map made for my fellow XG members =]
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