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    Writing books, screenplays, songs and music. Not much time left for mapping these days! Star Wars and Jedi Academy is still of major importance to me though :oD

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    Originally started by LivingDeadJedi but finished by Several Sided Sid with the help of Sith-J-Cull. Mos Eisley Spaceport by night. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. You might, however, find Sssid's can of coke! Have fun! Brush Count : 10,679 Entity Count : 504 Software used : GtkRadiant v 1.4 Known Bugs : none Build Time : 12 parsecs NOTE This map began life with LivingDeadJedi but was stolen by Bothan spies working for the Rebel Alliance. It somehow found its way into the hands of Several Sided Sid, by way of bribery and terrible deception. Though the map sports Sith-J-Cull's Millennium Falcon, unfortunately the ship has been impounded by Imperials so you can't get in! Even if you try... and believe us, we have. AND OH - IF YOU LIKE SEARCHING FOR SSSID'S CAN OF COKE - IT IS IN HERE TOO! SSSID RECOMMENDS ON THIS OCCASION SEARCHING WITH YOUR SABRE IGNITED, AS IT GETS RATHER DARK POKING AROUND AT NIGHT AND HE WOULD HATE YOU TO WALK RIGHT PAST IT. HEH. SSSID, AS USUAL, WELCOMES SCREENSHOTS EMAILED TO HIM BY ANYONE WHO STUMBLES OVER THE CAN !!! BUT IF YOU HURT YOURSELF - SSSID ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER !!! Put the .pk3 file in your base directory. Presuming you've followed the default installation trajectory, it'll end up as this: c:\program files\lucasarts\star wars jedi knight jedi academy\gamedata\base\mos_eisley_trap_v1.pk3
  2. 650 downloads

    Brush Count : 3564 (blimey - it was fun though!) Entity Count : 237 Millennium Falcon : 887 brushes all of its own & 38 entities !! (will feature in more maps...) Software used : JK2Radiant & GtkRadiant v 1.3.12 & GtkRadiant v 1.3.13 Known Bugs : there are a couple of flies buzzing around in the shadows but apart from that I think I've eradicated everything. If you DO find anything suspect in my construction, PLEASE email me as I will really cherish either positive OR negative feedback with many thanks. Build Time : 3 days short of FAR too long... and then some! Hidden in the barren wastelands of Tatooine, beyond the hills south of Mos Eisley, is a secret fortress town constructed as an academy-ground for hopeful mercenaries working for the Hutts. Long deserted when Imperial authorities first came to take the spoils of war, the town now serves as a battle arena for hardened warriors from across the Outer Rim. The walls ring out with the sounds of weaponry and death and only the most attuned fighters will champion the Meanstreets. Oh, and by the way, there's also the Falcon!
  3. Version v2


    JKHub Staff Note - This is the fixed version. Brush Count : 12,696 Entity Count : 938 Software used : GtkRadiant v 1.4 Known Bugs : None - please let me know if you find any Build Time : "No comment." - but V2 took three weeks to finalise The outskirts of Mos Espa Spaceport, haven to smugglers from every corner of the galaxy. This map is not set in one particular time frame from the saga, but rather a glimpse at life in the port in general, with many vehicles to be explored and places to be found.
  4. 1,297 downloads

    Brush Count : 1,897 Entity Count : 2,020 Software used : GtkRadiant v 1.4 Known Bugs : None - please let me know if you find any Build Time : 10 WEEKS - BUT I PUT IT DOWN TO BEING A DAD AND NOT HAVING A LOT OF TIME ON A DAY-TO-DAY BASIS!!! BESIDES, THE LIGHTING ON THIS BABY TAUGHT ME THINGS I THOUGHT I ALREADY KNEW!! CHECK OUT THAT ENTITY-COUNT! I'll be kind here and suggest to other mappers that the best way to light some maps is by using dozens and dozens of tiny little lights, rather than a handful of massive ones. On the absence of city lights twinkling in the distance, this was for technical reasons. The Jedi Temple itself is sooo big that Radiant could not possibly cope with something on that scale, so I had to build just the illuminated 'playable' area at the base of the pyramid, where we see Anakin and the Clone Troopers advancing in Revenge of the Sith, and where we see Yoda and Obi Wan battling it out in the daytime. I considered a daytime map, but found the best way to handle the subject matter and the fact that I have only built a percent or two of the overall size of the place as it would be in reality (let's face it - this place is home to several thousand Jedi Knights at any one time!) was to fade away into blackness and suggest that there is more out there. Personally, I think it makes for pretty atmosphere Notes I would not have built this map at all had it not been for Guss, who very kindly invited me onto his Jedi Temple Team. The plan is to release a colossal Temple map, inside and out, and this is my part. I thought I'd release it early to show how the project is going and to whet a few appetites for more. Thanks man - this one taught me a lot! Also another big thanks to SathiroN, for his continuing support and for letting me use some of the textures he created for my Mos Espa Outskirts map. Hopefully sooner or later he will do the Jedi community a favour and release a compendium of his unfinished work!! (hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink...)
  5. Version v2


    This is my interpretation of the interior of the 'Tantive IV' Rebel Blockade Runner, the Corellian Corvette seen at the beginning of A New Hope and also in Revenge Of The Sith. I have tried to include every angle we see on film in both movies and also I have extended past this, to the rest of the ship, to show what it could be like. But watch out - the Imperials have us in their sights!! I finally found a few days in between writing my books (more to come on those soon, I hope - will keep you all posted...) to work on my maps again. For those of you familiar with the little cans of coke hidden in each one for your searching pleasure, I thought it might be fun to move the cans to new locations and re-release the maps so you can search for them again! I may do a Can-Hunt Map-Pack at some point, but I thought I'd release this one all by itself first. There are actually TWO cans hidden in this map now - one in plain sight and just for a laugh, and the other is difficult to find unless you have your sabre ignited and are prepared to search high and low, as before... Apart from the cans, I have rigged the walls to explode in a few more places! Other than that, the map is exactly the same as the .v1 release... apart from a tiny texture touch-up in a couple of locations... (The ship is intentionally slightly oversize, as I first tried building it in proper proportion and the game's own camera angle means you feel like you're banging your head as you follow the player. So a slightly bigger space means that gameplay is as flawless as can be, I find. I know other mappers have found that too!)
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    Brush Count : 3,622 Entity Count : 123 Software used : GtkRadiant v 1.4 Known Bugs : None - please let me know if you find any Build Time : A little bit and then some. A few more days of spare time in between writing my books. For those of you familiar with the little cans of coke hidden in most of my maps for your searching pleasure, I thought it might be fun to move the cans to new locations and re-release the maps so you can search for them again! Nothing else here is changed (except a poster texture)... so please don't say you weren't warned. Think purely of the fun! There is ONE can hidden in this map. There wasn't a can previously in this map... so there ya go!
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