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  1. Hi there. I'm glad you brought the Darksaber into the JK modding community. Great move. I heard someone say he's made improvements on it, but needs your permission if he's gonna upload it. Have you gotten such a message?

  2. Version 1.01


    A hilt in the style of my earlier Twin Wolves mod, except this time the idea of the casing as an elaborate frame for the inner workings was taken even further. The results are evident. The file actually includes two versions of the hilt. One has the design of the casing on an alpha-mapped cylinder, whereas the other has the design modeled out. In-game, the only noticeable difference is that the high-poly hilt has better specular lighting.
  3. I have an idea to do that, but it might not work. If it does, you can bet your tush I'll be updating this.
  4. 4,732 downloads

    "The darksaber was an ancient lightsaber that was stolen by the Mandalorians during a collapse in power of the Galactic Republic. Unique among other lightsabers, the darksaber possessed a flat, black-colored blade that came to a sharp point much like a traditional vibrosword, rather than the rounded beam of more standard lightsabers. It had a uniquely black core surrounded by a white glow and gave off a higher pitched hum when active than more widespread lightsabers were known to make by the time of the Clone Wars." If at all possible without killing your framerate, enable dynamic glow for this.
  5. Version 3.4


    This is something I've been working on for quite a long while. Originally it was supposed to be just a generic Jedi, but as the modeling went on, he got a backstory involving a mission of searching for Sith remnants two decades after TSL. His master dies , lots of personal drama, DAAAHK SAAYD and so forth. The usual, y'know. Now, something funky about this model: there's a separate _humanoid.gla specific to this model. The NPC uses the modified animations (and thus has a hipsaber in MP) and you can too, by using the playermodel command in SP (see readme). Not available for MP, and here's why: the fast and strong styles have been sped up by quite a bit. They felt too slow, so liberties were taken. Medium style is a backhand style, with new basic attacks and a replaced kata move. New basic motion animations for both forehand and backhand grips (defaults to forehand, see the readme).
  6. How might we be able to see how our texture looks on the model itself, as well as in-game?
  7. The only true, solid reason why I would never recommend an iPhone over an Android (or any Apple product, really) is the ludicrous price. Seriously, you guys. An Xperia Ray with a 32gb sd card cost me less than half the price of a technologically inferior iPhone 4S, even after it was given a 20% discount. Everything else is a matter of opinion. There are better looking Androids out there, but some people really like the iPhone's look. While an iPhone is probably easier to use when it's the first smartphone you've ever owned, Android isn't some sort of UI hellbeast that you need to perform arcane rituals to open a menu. Admittedly, Android does have issues with the wide range of phones and their specs, as well as the fact that the iOS is easier to code for, since you deal with a slim range of OS versions and specs. But seriously, you guys, Apple's shit is priced like they need to orphan someone every time an iThing comes off the assembly line.
  8. If you tell the .menu file to render the HUD with a smaller width, the stretching will compensate and you'll end up with a normal-sized HUD.
  9. I'm not entirely sure about this, but getting the HUD to render right could just be all in the hud.menu file. You would need to edit the size that the engine renders it at. Either some simple math or trial-and-error should give you what you need. I might look into it later.
  10. 1,349 downloads

    Well, y'see, it's the saber hilt of Dooku's/Ventress' apprentice. This Zabrak guy called Savage Opress (really, can you have a more stereotypically evil name?). Took up a request a long time ago, it's been kicking around on my hard drive since then. No new sounds, just the plain old hilt. Which is exquisitely made, if I do say so myself. It's an excellent piece of lightsabery goodness. The modeling and texturing are amazing, the whole think oozes an aura of perfection like no other hilt. Face it, you can't resist it. You know you want it. Also, say "Ventress' apprentice" five times really fast.
  11. Just out of idle curiosity, which one of the four models is the people's favorite? Also, the infinite dash idea fell through. Can't get the sequence to loop, so now I'm trying to figure out another animation that can be looped and triggered easily, without removing the ability to run and walk.
  12. It's one model, but the upper and lower parts aren't switchable. The face is mirrored and the texture doesn't have enough padding yet, so the seam shows up at longer distances. It will be taken care of once I've convinced myself that no, I don't need a new head for this guy. And since it's become sort of a habit of mine, he comes with his own saber hilt! There's still stuff to be done. Not exactly happy with some of the animations and trying to get a constant dash to replace one of the dodge animations. We'll see how that turns out. The wait shouldn't be long now. It's been vegetating on my hard drive for quite a while, waiting for me to find something else wrong with it and I'm running out of stuff that's wrong with it.
  13. He looks plenty pissed. You could lose a lot of edges from the torso, mainly the stomach area, if you collapsed a few edge rings. And I think I'm seeing two edge loops very close together on both sides of his crotch. I take it that's intentional?
  14. Some of you might remember this as the drag queen I "showed off" a really frickin' long time ago on the JKFiles forums. Others might not. Anyway, it's finally gotten to the point where ol' Jose might actually be pleased with his modeling work on this one, so now I'm really gonna show it off. BEHOLD! There's also the other thing. The thing that's taken me longer than the modeling and texturing of all four of those put together. The animations. New stances for single saber and dual styles, new running and walking animations and new jumps and flips. And new Force Push, Grip and Lightning animations. And the medium style basic strikes redone from scratch as backhand strikes, complete with transitions. And the run, walk, jump, flip, Force and roll animations have forehand and backhand versions. What, other than the rest of the Force powers, am I missing?
  15. Having two sites with such similar urls will cause problems so, in order to avoid confusion and in the interests of fairness, we should nuke both sites and relocate them to new addresses. Doesn't matter which one was first, what matters is that people will come here when they want jkhub.net and go there when they want jkhub.org. Things like that will cause mass confusion and civic unrest and in order to nip such issues in the bud we must act now. The only prudent course of action is to destroy both sites and rebuild them with new urls.
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