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  1. We need more tutorials in general. In text format. This website is the number one go-to page for files and information about Outcast and/or Academy. As such we should have as much information available as possible. That's the only thing that troubles my mind year after year; talented people show off their skills but never really care to share their knowledge. How do area portals work? How to use the 'hint texture'? How to make a fountain or a waterfall that actually looks nice? How do I create a new HUD? I would run out of space here if I wrote down all the questions. My point is that if all we do is brag with our projects, then this website is pretty much a private fanclub for a handful of people. So perhaps we could have more interviews? From the authors of the latest HOT files for example. How long it took to make the map/model. What programs did you use, What inspired to create this file. So on and so fourth. Just a few juicy lemons here and there to squeeze out that golden knowledge so others might also contribute once they've learned some new tricks.
  2. It's nice to see vanhakoira like you suddenly release a map. Great job!
    Amazing quality, I would recommend you all to download this file and give a test in-game before writing a review. These two screenshots provided by the author are dangerously misleading, compared to the other Mando entry - I would say this version by RepJunkieJr looks way better in-game.
  3. You keep doing these amazing things man, damn. Thank you for sharing!
    Worthy of the title "3rd Jedi's Home map" and runs surprisingly well too, a few places where FPS drops but you hardly even notice it.
  4. Closing down the Jedi Home III -topic makes no sense at all.

  5. In Star Wars we have this thing called the Force that gives people, oh I don't know - certain abilities, some considered to be unnatural. Superheroes and their abilities generally speaking, are not that different. Levitation, mind control, acrobatic fighting etc.
  6. Good to know that you're still working on this.
    So this is from the movie called 'The Cube'. Awesome! Looks spot on.
    Awesome! Not fully textured yet, though? UV map painfully visible. 5/5 in any case, much appreciated.
  7. There's absolutely no reason to go on the defensive here. You also don't get to passively silence anyone by demanding respect for any authors privacy or pace of work - because no one is demanding or pressuring AngelModder to do anything. But the fact remains that this project has long since come to a point where all we can do, is to ask - wait and hope. And doing so shouldn't lead to a Staff member waltzing in saying: "have some respect, sit down and wait patiently". That's basically what happened here. And there's a meme about it which you may have seen (hint: will ferrell). So we don't need a fire extinguisher because there is no fire. ? All's good.
  8. Hi there! So is it Boots or Sella now?? Pick one, please.
  9. Whatever happened to that Hapslash Darth Vader model? (2:AM random thoughts..)


  10. It's been ready for the final compile since June 2019, -or so he says on the previous page (18). Maybe he's planning on releasing the map for Holidays?
    I don't mean to be rude but that looks a lot like renamed stormtrooper_officer.
  11. Please, never give up on this project.
  12. When can we have another modding contest? Something before the halloween contest (and yes I assume there will be one) would be nice.

    1. Ramikad


      Think we'll have a Halloween contest this year? Witchful thinking...

      Though I hope we'll at least have the Halloween one. We've only had the April Fools contest last year. And poor Secret Santa needs a job too, we haven't seen him since 2018!

    2. Circa


      Though all of us staff have been pretty burnt out from JKHub related things lately, it's definitely time for another contest, you're right. I think I'll post a poll asking what people want for the next one.

    This one looks absolutely fantastic!
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