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Found 91 results

  1. Hello, Loosely following a related tutorial, I created an elevator with top and bottom buttons, and the platform waits at the last position until the correct button is pressed (rather than a func_plat that always returns to start). This involved using func_static, ref_tag's, and two simple scripts with target_scriptrunner's. The elevator works great and successfully descends when I press one button and ascends when I press the other. However, this cycle only works one time. Does anyone know why that might be? The tutorial I was following said that having count = -1 on the triggers would give it infinite uses so I made sure to include that (although I tried it without). The buttons are able to be used, still, but the elevator does not move. Thanks
  2. So, i am working on my cloud city shaft, and when i rotate the little red thingies (just look) the textures dont stay straight. here, take a look: https://gyazo.com/cbbf266f7b1ee2a325a19054b5bc192e if anyone can help me, i will be very grateful.
  3. Hello everyone! I have been working on a map lately and I attempted to add switchable lights via a trigger_multiple. When I do so, though, I receive spam warning while compiling. "WARNING: Hit per-surface style limit (4)" Whenever I compile without the trigger, it is done normally and there are no issues. Whenever I test the map in-game with the Warning, the room that the light is located have other surfaces receive lighting as normal and others appear totally black, like there's no lightsource at all. I have to note that while the map has several rooms, this is tested in one room with a single light entity. Also, that light entity has no additional styles, but the targetname. I have tried: - With and without start_off. - Adding an extra always active light entity with low light. - Tried with stronger light. - Tried different textures on the surfaces that are "black" - Tried on other rooms, same issue. Note: The weird thing is, that I have added first in another room, two small spotlights with trigger on their own that work just fine. Beyond that point, any other light gives me the error. I would appreciate if anyone has any idea ?
  4. It seems I had more knowledge and skills 10 years ago I guess. Before I've made a map in GTK Radiant, but now after all these times it seems I forgot how to use GTK Radiant, cuz to shortly say, it won't display anything when I try to open a map file. It displays nothing, no textures, no objects, nothing. Maybe it's cuz my JA is installed on a different drive (Not the default C:). Maybe it's cuz of Windows 10, who knows... Anyway I want to quickly add a different model (for example in a map with 4 JediTrainers I want one Luke, so it will be 4 JediTrainers and 1 Luke, OR if unable to add, then replace one JediTrainer with Luke) onto an ENT file, so I could compile it to a map. (BSP) I've always wanted to add Luke to the Yavin courtyard map in JO. It's the final battle at the Academy and he's absent. Is this possible through these lines? { "classname" "NPC_Jedi" "targetname" "squad6" "origin" "1324 -412 88" "NPC_target4" "ff_death" "NPC_targetname" "jedi_helper1" } or { "classname" "NPC_Jedi" "angle" "315" "spawnflags" "32" "origin" "-204 -780 288" "NPC_targetname" "saber_student1" "targetname" "saber_room" } EDIT: It seems I'm figuring this out on my own. I'll let everyone know if I solve it.
  5. I have been trying to learn Modelling house for a few days and I wonder that is it possible to make Jedi Academy with blender then converting it into .map format and importing it to GtkRadiant Because mapping fancy maps in Radiant is very difficult and also buggy as it crashes when i make new brushes or make them as circles If there's a way can you tell me how And teach me in discord for 1-2 days if possible? Discord Name: DarthValeria#6365 please help me , i need it
  6. Hello there! I’m finishing a mod for Jedi Academy and need a little bit of help here. There is a level that I want to put some new textures, but as the time is short and mapping is not my specialty, I’d like to know if anyone could do it for me. All I need is a generic image in the place I want so I can edit it afterwards. I won’t tell what it is here because… hum. Surprise! Thank you kindly, and may the force be with all of you.
  7. Hello! Is it possible to open the saber style menu, allow the player to pick a second one and then return back to what they were doing in the same level? My experiments so far are taking me to new levels or the mission select screen. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. When you pick up a Force holocron in-game, you get a notification on the side and a message at the top of the screen, like so: I would like to give players a similar notification while granting them Saber Defense 2 for completing an activity. However, there is no Force holocron for Saber Defense and simply increasing the level via a .IBI obvioulsy won't trigger any kind of notification. Tapping TAB also won't highlight that your level has increased as it does when you pick up a holocron. Is it possible to simply to make one of these for a Force power that doesn't already have one in Base? If not, is there a realistic, decent-looking suggestion to achieve a similar thing? Ta! ^.^
  9. Hey, I have 2 questions. 1. I made JKA version of "Eye to eye" map. This is small map where you duel with weapons only. To make players spawn with weapons I made trigger_always with map sized trigger that links to weapons. I feel like it's not good solution. Also on map start or on round restart you don't spawn with weapons, so you need to selfkill to get weapons and it is bad. Is there any possibility to make it better? 2. Is it possible to make some brushes/entities transparent for NPCs? I don't want some brushes/entities to block vision for NPCs.
  10. Hi! In my mod, I have two padawan characters which can be sparred with as often as the player sees fit. What I want is a third character to trigger only when the first two have both been bested at least once. I've done something similar already with the remotes. If you defeat one, you unlock the option to spawn two and so on up to five. What I'm struggling with is how I can set it up so that I have to beat both padawans at least once in any order before unlocking the third opponent, rather than beating the same padawan twice. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. My question is (obviously I already know how to explode a normal misc_model): is it possible that with a trigger and a usable func can appear a misc_model? I really need someone to solve this question please. Any idea?
  12. Hi, So I recently took up mapping, and was trying to re-create a location from an image. To get a better grip of making an overall level. So the image below is what I'm using: So the plants & arch will be models but I wasn't sure what best practice would be for the "pod" like things and the water tower. Would they be better modelled or made with brushes. And how would you determine which goes where? Should anything not a wall or floor or ceiling be a model?
  13. As it says in the title, I need help with the creation of prefabricated buildings, the buildings I occupy are of New York aesthetic, it is not necessary to put texture on them, just to create them. Who can help me?
  14. So I've starting down some of the tutorials here on mapping and gotten rooms caulk and curves going to start learning the ropes, but until i think of something to do with the map other then tutorials. thinking might just do a base of some kind. But cant seem to get any models with the misc_model brush. any base is gonna be really boring with nothing in it but the pathways. When i select the model md3 file it gives me the message: Unable to open the file "c:/program files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/jedi academy/gamedata/base/assets1/models/map_objects/hoth/crate_snow2.md3", (Further errors from this file will be ignored during the rest of this edit session) I tried looking for it before and couldn't find it? Might need to reintall sdk into the folder? but my work around was to get a copy of the models folder from copying and extracting to move so i could see them to select but in Lesson 5b of richdiesal's guide for models i cant get the first step to work. If anyone can help i'd really appreciate it. I wish I had the talent to do a full map of the Old Republic Hammerhead cruisers. I have a WIP of it to scale in Minecraft. After i get some models in the map i want to do the Let's Map guide to cutscenes. I wanna make some kinda machinama of the story i have thought up for a dnd game i wish my friends had time to play.
  15. Hi! As the title suggests, I'd like to have a model in my map continuously rotate, but I'm unclear on how to achieve this and I haven't yet found a suitable tutorial. I did try creating a func_rotate and giving it a key "model" or "model2" and setting it to my desired map_object, but this didn't do the job. If anyone could chime in with some advice, I'd be very appreciative.
  16. Hello, unsword here, some of you may know my old ffa3 yavin entity modification that I've originally posted to jk3files. At a time most basic brush manipulation, placing non solid *.md3 models, retexturing and inserting additional play room with bsp models was enough, it really isn't anymore as I've visited some very creative modifications out there, and came up with ideas on my own. Spent the last couple of weeks trying to figure stuff myself but I guess I'm not bright enough Thefore, as suggested by Circa, I've came here to ask you guys for help. 1. a) bmodel manipulation. Right here, before anything, I want to mention and honor BobaFett's fantastic Ultra Utility. can't thank you enough for that toolbox. I don't know. Its silly but I'm finding myself unable to rotate bmodels in any possible way. Tried using both, "angle" "x" and "angle" "x y z". Giving the first value to func_door changes its location, not rotation, as given by entity reference from GTKRadiant, it: "determines the opening direction". func_static does not react to any angle values. edit: well nevermind, i've figure that one out b) bmodel model2 *.md3 model I'm not certain its actually possible on multiplayer, as I only know of misc_model_health_power_converter and misc_model_statics that are capable of displaying actual *.md3 models. I was attempting to use an invisible moving bmodel func_door with model2 *.md3 file to make it look as the *.md3 model is moving up and down. Again, no success. edit: also figured this one out, thanks for input guys. 2. a) Icarus scripting As the game gets older less people play and we want to keep people on the same server, while not everyone enjoys the same playstyle. I've came up with the idea to create different room's for Force Users. I've been trying to make scripts granting force powers on room enter, and taking them away when leaving. yet i can't make the script work. b) More Icarus Tried making a non-pvp area using set SET_SABERACTIVE true which, heh, suprisingly works, but not the way I would like, the saber is being turned off but not forcing the slashing animation to end. The script allows using kata moves, dfa, butterflies and pretty much all long animation moves. Any help will be most appreciated. Thanks in advance
  17. Hi everyone. After a long break, I started to experiment with Radiant once again, making some preparations for future projects and ideas. Long story short - I ended up with really complicated map, mainly in spirit of testing the limits of q3map2 engine. I was confident enough to keep on adding stuff, since brush count was still around 10k. I divided my experimental project into several .map files, so I could manage everything easier. Segments were optimized - detail and structural brushes were used, some .ASE objects were added in place of rotated and often broken brushwork, I also avoided patches and autoclipped models. I tested each .map file, looking for errors and stuff, so I made sure that those parts were made correctly. The problem showed up when I gathered all the parts together, into the single .map file. Previous experiments showed no issues, but as I tinkered with parts of the map, the amount of brushwork obviously increased. Preventively, I doubled some segments of the map, just to round up the potential number of brushes at the end of my project and compiled whole project today. At this point, the MAX_ORIGINAL_EDGES error comes up. The map is uncompilable, at nearly 10-11k brushes, with bunch of patches (but less than 50, and not very complicated, mostly bevels), 50+ ase and md3 models. No 'substract' or 'hollow' used, details mostly made of models, not dozens of small brushes. How is that even possible? There are other huge projects, where brushcount was way above that level, Atlantica may be the best example. How do you get rid of that problem? Is there any way to fix that issue, so I could continue with my work? Please let me know. An answer from @@Szico VII himself would be a blessing, or from anyone who had managed to avoid that error in the past. Happy holidays.
  18. I feel like I've been making dozens of these recently! A particular target_activate in my map doesn't seem to be working and I'm struggling to work out why before sleeping on it. I've two doors which open together into the main dojo. The key/value combinations are as follows: angle 270 (and 90)classname func_doorsoundset impdoor1spawnflags 128 (inactive checkbox ticked)speed 60targetname arenaentranceteam duelwait 5 I've then made a target_activate, the targetname of it is "arenaunlock", the "target" is "arenaentrance". Finally, I have a script which reads as follows: //(BHVD) rem ( "The player can unlock the dojo if they bother to pick up a training saber." ); affect ( "player", /*@AFFECT_TYPE*/ FLUSH ) { set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_WEAPON", /*@[member='weaponx']_NAMES*/ "WP_SABER" ); set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_SABER1", "SINGLE_1" ); set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_SABER1_COLOR1", "yellow" ); } use ( "arenaunlock" ); use ( "lockoff" );"lockoff" is a target_deactivate which disables a target_print and target_speaker informing the player why they can't open the door. This part of the script works completely fine, the doors just don't unlock and remain inactive. As stated above, I have plenty of other target_activates in the map, I'm not sure why this one in particular is being a problem. If anyone has any ideas/suggestions, please drop a note!
  19. I did a quick mock-up of what I'm after, pay close attention to Kyle's movement when he approaches the player. The waypoints in the map are strung together in a perfectly straight line and the navgoal which Kyle is running to from his starting position further down the corridor (there is only 1 navgoal, the one he's running to) is also sat along this straight line. If the player hits the trigger close to the edge of the corridor, Kyle just runs straight up and stands normally. If the player approaches the trigger via the center of the corridor, he does that weird turn upon approaching the player. Does anyone know if this is purely a distance thing, or am I not doing something right? Thank you!
  20. Looks like I can't realy turn off soundSet. I tried both target_speaker and empty(empty .fx file) fx_runner - both are broken. I tried to turn it off with targeting it, with target_deactivate and with script "remove ( "GenSound" );" Any ideas?
  21. Short: Does GtkRadiant work with Windows 10 correctly? I'm getting the same error regardles of what map file I load: "Error opening E:/JK_Modding/Projects/Space/space.srf: No such file or directory" I've used GtkRadiant for JA before, but that was years ago. That is the only error message I am seeing. Long: After ~5 years, I'm trying to get back into Jedi Academy modding. OpenJK seems mature and stable, I've got a much more solid grasp of C++ than when I first dabbled in code mods, and I have finally talked a friend into playing. I'm trying to set up GtkRadiant so I can make a simple testing map so I can mess around with the spacecraft vehicles. I downloaded the latest build (1.6.5-20170820), extracted it, and pointed it to a copy of OpenJK with just the default PK3s. I built a very simple map (large box with a player spawnpoint entity) and went to compile a BSP and get testing. No matter what I do, though, I cannot compile a BSP. I get the following: === running BSP command === "E:/JK_Modding/Tools/GtkRadiant-1.6.5-20170820/q3map2" -v -connect -game ja -fs_basepath "E:/JK_Modding/Game/OpenJK/" -light -faster "E:/JK_Modding/Projects/Space/space.map" Connected. 8 threads Q3Map - v1.0r (c) 1999 Id Software Inc. Q3Map (ydnar) - v2.5.17 GtkRadiant - v1.6.5 Aug 20 2017 17:29:27 We're still here --- InitPaths --- VFS Init: E:/JK_Modding/Game/OpenJK//base/ --- Light --- Faster mode enabled Map has shader script E:/JK_Modding/Projects/Space/../shaders/q3map2_space.shader entering shaders/shaderlist.txt entering shaders/bespin.shader...and it goes through all the shaders... entering shaders/wedge.shader entering shaders/yavin.shader 2215 shaderInfo Loading E:/JK_Modding/Projects/Space/space.bsp Loading E:/JK_Modding/Projects/Space/space.srf ************ ERROR ************ Error opening E:/JK_Modding/Projects/Space/space.srf: No such file or directory Disconnecting Connection closed.I don't think I've encountered this issue before. I have tried running Radiant as an Administrator, I made sure file permissions for the directory were set correctly, and I'm not really sure what else to try.
  22. So, I opened in GTKRadiant for the first time in goodness knows how long so that I could crack on with Yavin IV. Before starting, I decided to compile the map to refresh my memory of where I was up to, then this came up: Naturally, I searched for the error with Google: I'm looking for help. I've attempted following the instructions at the top and combed through the map trying to sort this out to no avail. The map still compiles eventually and aesthetically, looks the same as ever, but it takes a really long time about it now. Is there anyone here who has encountered this problem before? What did you do to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  23. So I've made a big ass door that I'd like to remain opened once used by trigger_once (not pressed as a button). I've been experimenting with "Delay" and "Wait" values, but it seems it won't do the trick, the door keeps closing. One other thing that I noticed is if you use trigger_once or trigger_multiple by pressing it to open a door with a Wait of 0, it stays opened or closed. It depends on how you press it. I wanted to do the same thing for non-button pressing trigger_once, but I guess that's not it. Suggestions/Examples?
  24. Hi! I have about nine identical doorways and this is the only one with this issue. It's not duplicate brushes occupying the same space and the surface you're looking at isn't caulked or anything, it has a proper texture. Does anyone know why this thing keeps persisting?
  25. In one of the rooms (I'm sure you can guess which one) I have two NPCs practising their lightsaber techniques against one another. When I walk around the temple, I can hear their occasional taunt, jump and clash and grunt. The area is completely sealed with an area portal, so I'm not sure why this is. Are the sounds global or something? I can hear them from the other side of the map. If that's the case, is there anything I can do about it? I have this problem on the original Yavin Temple in Jedi Outcast too. Is the only solution to rig it in such a way that they despawn/spawn when you leave and enter the said area?
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