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  1. I was hoping I could get some help here. I made a directory, extracted the contents of a map pk3, and imported the bsp, but I'm getting zero textures. The textures are extracted as well, but nevertheless I'm getting nothing here. Can I get a hand?
  2. I'm working on a new model, and I can't export because it says UV Seam found. Split Meshes at UV Seams. I know how to fix this issue. Select the Seams from Islands, select one, Shift+G > Seams, then edge split, but this isn't working. It still gives the same error however, as if I didn't even split them, when I clearly did, as when I select Seams from Islands, it shows that they're all gone. This wouldn't be an issue if it was just one object on the model. I could easily delete it, name it an anomaly, and move on. I can't do that though, since the entire model has this issue. Can someone pl
  3. I'm pretty sure my work isn't good enough for the contest, or even eligible, but I've just gotta show it with someone. I made a playermodel and weapon model that has a 1st person view. Holy Ferrick you have no idea how hard it was to do that (Still kinda figuring all this out), but I got it all done and wanted to post a screenie. https://i.imgur.com/1DjLQAw.png https://i.imgur.com/QJRmvhn.png I feel really proud of this. I don't plan on entering the contest with this unless you all really think I should.
  4. Hey, bit of a different modding question here. Say I wanted to make a new Kel-Dor model, but with a catch. He's a young Kel-dor, so the Plo-Koon audio won't cut it. Now I have Audacity and a decent microphone. Would anyone have an idea as to how to throw a Kel-dor effect on my voice?
    Fantastic work! Shame it's cut short with a massive cliffhanger. if possible I would love to see this worked on some more. I have modelling and voice acting experience so I would be super down to help out with a continuation of the story line.
  5. I saw it requires 2.79+, which I'm afraid I can't use. My PC's extremely old, doesn't have OpenGL 2.1 support.
  6. 5 years later, your savior has arrived. I actually have the maps from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The entry hall, the outdoors, the staircase. All they need are porting into Radiant and fixed together, then of course textures. I have zero mapping experience so I'm probably not the best man for the job, but I can at least hook you all up with the original maps in obj format along with the OG textures so you can use them for inspiration.
    Very topical. Not exactly tasteful, but very topical. I'll admit you got a chuckle out of me. Nice work.
  7. So I was porting Link from Skyward Sword, and I got to the tunic. Oh let me tell you. The tunic had so many splits in the seams. I had to manually select each one via the "Seams from Islands" tool, then split them all at once. When I tried to export it, Blender still wanted to say there were UV Seam Splits. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried again, Seams from Islands, sele---- Wait a second. There are no splits here. The machine is lying! I kid you not I have to scour the entire model up close and personal and did not find a single split. In the end, I gave up and decided to split th
  8. That's the problem. I don't know how to set it up. I've tried to read the manuals but I can't make sense of them.
  9. I'm gonna be completely honest here. I made a huge mistake where I stole something and then tried to cover it up, very poorly I might add. This has been eating my soul up ever since. I've had people spy on me, and I've spied on people due to paranoia. I've tried to cut myself off but it seems I can't really run away from it. Now, I could go and keep hiding. I could simply forget about it and go about my life, but then what about those I mistreated? I apologize and then go about my day, and there's that small chance that they'll give a shit....


    Honestly, all I can say is, I'm sorry. I rushed into things and cut corners I shouldn't have cut. To whom I stole, and you know who you are, I deeply apologize. Knowing you, you probably won't even read this, but it's out there now. If anyone who knows this person sees this, please tell them.


    I'm not apologizing so everything will get better, because it won't. I'm apologizing because it's the right thing to do. Lately, I've been doing.... A lot of wrong things to my old friends, and they're not really friends with me anymore because of it. I just... Hate leaving on bad notes. I know an apology isn't enough too, so... tell me what you want me to do.


    Anyway, I hope you all have a good life.

  10. I'm having a bit of trouble here. I've been looking this thing up and down and still have no idea why it's not working. Could somebody give me some assistance?
  11. So uh... First few days back. I think I'm getting back into the swing of things. This is a very crappy thing I did please forgive me


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