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  1. Hey y'all! I was just wondering if there was anyone that knew of a method of creating Lightsaber hilts in Blender? I have a number of ideas, and even a slightly pre-created model as well, however I'm uncertain how to go about it. If anyone has any tutorial links that would be appreciated.
  2. So I discovered the issue. The hierarchy was alright and the pieces were all linked together. The error was caused due to the fact that each individual head was for separate torsos that were divided using the skin file. Originally, I’d bound all these heads (head1 to head4) on the same torso - which is why it gave me that error in modview. So, by simply selecting only one version of the head and hair, I easily replaced the existing head.
  3. I will do so, but I usually check that first. At this point, Plasma’s model had about 4 heads for the one piece of Poe’s head. having removed the haplash head, I now need to bind all four heads to a single torso instead of torso_1-4. would that affect anything?
  4. So I've run into the most feared of Blender error messages! Once the kitbashing is complete, no matter the base I use, it gives me an error. Presently I'm trying to kitbash Plasma's head onto a Haplash base. I can't post any screens of the textures or bash until I'm done getting permissions, however it uses the Gale face and neck. The error is as follows; Model has 79 of Surfaces, but only 94 of them are connected up through the hierarchy, the rest will never be recursed into. This model needs rebuilding, guys... I've run into it before but have yet to find a solution beyond choosing another base and hoping for the best. However, if I can find someone who knows Blender and how to deal with this that would be appreciated!
  5. There should be a default.cfg in the pk3 file. By using exec default you can reset the camera. if it’s not there please let me know so I can update it
  6. Does anybody have a tutorial on making backhanded lightsabers? Started a saber model based off of an Inquisitor saber but I don’t know how to base it backhanded and have it activate in reverse for the dual.

  7. 78 downloads

    DOWNLOAD Plasma's HD Lightsabers or Gale will wield the regular stingers. Updates will be incoming, including Singleplayer voice replacement. Credits to Scerendo for the original model and permissions! AGE ► 23 SPECIES ► Vahla/Human HEIGHT ► 1.8m WEIGHT ► 84 kg EYE COLOR ► Amber/Corrupt Red HAIR COLOR ► Brown HOMEWORLD ► Sulon GENDER ► Male FACTION ► Sith Eternal RANK ► Legionnaire FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Positive BIOGRAPHY Gram was born the son of Morgan and Patricia Van Alasdaire, immigrant farmers from the New Vahla colony who now resided on Sulon. Growing up on a local farm, the young boy quickly became adept at reprogramming and repairing the working droids. After learning about his parent’s death at the hands of one of said malfunctioning security droids, he enlisted as a member of the Sorosub Research and Development team. His race marked him apart from his fellow peers, taking on the name of Gale and leaving the identity of Gram behind. He served for a number of his teenage years as a Lieutenant, being deployed on exploratory vessels with the intent to find conventional locations in the Unknown Regions. The purpose of these ventures was to establish a rudimentary framework for refueling stations.During this time, Gale’s latent Force-sensitivity began to reveal itself, showing him a brief premonition that saved the lives of his peers, avoiding a head on collision with a nearby asteroid. Though he saved the crew initially, the resulting damage to the hyperdrive sent them abandoned to the deep reaches of space - an area known as the Nihl Retreat. Gale and his flight searched desperately for anyone alive in the deep void, seeking aide with distress beacons and vain flare of plasma. His suspicions regarding his own abilities where confirmed when a lone outpost replied to their distress. Their freighter landed, and the flight was quickly boarded and overcome by the forces therein. Though his flight died, throughout variety of vicious and inhuman means, Gale managed to make a convincing argument for his survival - having for the first time aggressively and instinctively using the Force against his captors. His time spent as a prisoner still weighs in his mind, and the choices he made to survive has resulted in a severely damaged psyche. As a result, he was given a choice. Live as a newly minted member of the Eternal, or die a forgotten casualty in the darkness of the void. Choosing to survive and learn, Gale threw himself into his studies of the Force and the Dark Side, fueled by a fervent will to live, and thrive. But the damage done by his training at the hands of the Sith proved too much for his mind to bear. With madness slowly whittling away at his sanity, Gale has taken to avoiding the Darkness within him and seeking help to control this ailing disease. /// NPCs and Notes NPC SPAWN GALE = Spawns Gale as a Sorcerer of Rhand. NPC SPAWN GRAM= Spawns Gale as a fully trained independent force sensitive.
  8. I have a Cobb Vanth on my hard drive. Expect it lol ?
  9. So this was supposed to be a surprise/gift to JKHub as an exclusive assuming I got all the necessary permissions (I don't think I needed any for this one but I try to double check before uploading). However, I'm having a uniquely frustrating issue. While the kitbashed items seem to be present on the model in modview, ingame they are simply... gone. Nothing appears in their place. I'm not quite sure why this is. The shader files that I have indicate that I have the cape and hood culled as double sided - I did this in an effort to see if that was the issue. unfortunately that is not the case either, and those elements of the models are simply gone ingame, when using OpenJK at least. I'm not sure how to mark spoilers, however the shader file reads as such; models/players/dt_stormtrooper_female/torso_tunic2 { cull twosided { map models/players/dt_stormtrooper_female/torso_tunic2 blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ZERO rgbGen lightingDiffuse } { map models/players/dt_stormtrooper_female/default/tunic_spec blendFunc GL_SRC_ALPHA GL_ONE detail alphaGen lightingSpecular } } models/players/dt_stormtrooper_female/cape { cull twosided { map models/players/dt_stormtrooper_female/default/cape.tga blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ZERO rgbGen lightingDiffuse } { map models/players/dt_stormtrooper_female/default/cape_spec.tga blendFunc GL_SRC_ALPHA GL_ONE detail alphaGen lightingSpecular } } models/players/dt_stormtrooper_female/scarf { cull twosided { map models/players/dt_stormtrooper_female/default/scarf.tga blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ZERO rgbGen lightingDiffuse } { map models/players/dt_stormtrooper_female/default/scarf_spec.tga blendFunc GL_SRC_ALPHA GL_ONE detail alphaGen lightingSpecular } } models/players/dt_stormtrooper_female/hips_tunic { cull twosided { map models/players/dt_stormtrooper_female/default/cape.tga blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ZERO rgbGen lightingDiffuse } { map models/players/dt_stormtrooper_female/default/cape_spec.tga blendFunc GL_SRC_ALPHA GL_ONE detail alphaGen lightingSpecular } } models/players/dt_stormtrooper_female/hips_beltalt { cull twosided { map models/players/dt_stormtrooper_female/default/belt.tga blendFunc GL_ONE GL_ZERO rgbGen lightingDiffuse } { map models/players/dt_stormtrooper_female/default/belt_spec.tga blendFunc GL_SRC_ALPHA GL_ONE detail alphaGen lightingSpecular } } The model reskins the Gwethenea head to look like Tavion, and adds a bunch of robes akin to TCW Kenobi on to the female stormtrooper model, retextured to be rusted and battle damaged. I'll upload pictures of the models if needed!
    Giving a 4 star only because it’s version 1. Deserves the 5 for shaders alone, however I’m not big on perfect scores. This retexture does what this user is known for - recreating the existing textures with high-quality (likely AI or personally enhanced) versions. Quite impressive and I’m looking forward to see what you can with textures unrelated to base JA.
  10. The first version of the SWRP Model Pack is complete and will be pending upload. Gotta make a replacement pack for MB as an option as well.

    Little late for the Halloween contest but they are all original RP characters so it took a wee bit of time.

  11. 348 downloads

    This is an improved version of the New Reborns featured in the Jedi Academy singleplayer campaigns. This is only the start, based off of existing models and fanart I plan on recreating the cult of Ragnos as it should have been (I personally hate the New Reborn skins). No replacements yet but they are coming with the next update. Let me know what you think. I realize now that I didn't list the original NPC names. The original files had NPC names to the like of Reborn_Imp. There were three versions, each with their own number at the end.
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