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  1. Does anybody have a tutorial on making backhanded lightsabers? Started a saber model based off of an Inquisitor saber but I don’t know how to base it backhanded and have it activate in reverse for the dual.

  2. 31 downloads

    DOWNLOAD Plasma's HD Lightsabers or Gale will wield the regular stingers. Updates will be incoming, including Singleplayer voice replacement. Credits to Scerendo for the original model and permissions! AGE ► 23 SPECIES ► Vahla/Human HEIGHT ► 1.8m WEIGHT ► 84 kg EYE COLOR ► Amber/Corrupt Red HAIR COLOR ► Brown HOMEWORLD ► Sulon GENDER ► Male FACTION ► Sith Eternal RANK ► Legionnaire FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Positive BIOGRAPHY Gram was born the son of Morgan and Patricia Van Alasdaire, immigrant farmers from the New Vahla colony who now resided on
  3. I have a Cobb Vanth on my hard drive. Expect it lol ?
  4. So this was supposed to be a surprise/gift to JKHub as an exclusive assuming I got all the necessary permissions (I don't think I needed any for this one but I try to double check before uploading). However, I'm having a uniquely frustrating issue. While the kitbashed items seem to be present on the model in modview, ingame they are simply... gone. Nothing appears in their place. I'm not quite sure why this is. The shader files that I have indicate that I have the cape and hood culled as double sided - I did this in an effort to see if that was the issue. unfortunately that is not the cas
    Giving a 4 star only because it’s version 1. Deserves the 5 for shaders alone, however I’m not big on perfect scores. This retexture does what this user is known for - recreating the existing textures with high-quality (likely AI or personally enhanced) versions. Quite impressive and I’m looking forward to see what you can with textures unrelated to base JA.
  5. The first version of the SWRP Model Pack is complete and will be pending upload. Gotta make a replacement pack for MB as an option as well.

    Little late for the Halloween contest but they are all original RP characters so it took a wee bit of time.

  6. 176 downloads

    This is an improved version of the New Reborns featured in the Jedi Academy singleplayer campaigns. This is only the start, based off of existing models and fanart I plan on recreating the cult of Ragnos as it should have been (I personally hate the New Reborn skins). No replacements yet but they are coming with the next update. Let me know what you think. I realize now that I didn't list the original NPC names. The original files had NPC names to the like of Reborn_Imp. There were three versions, each with their own number at the end.
  7. 107 downloads

    This is a little mod setup inspired by all those nifty menus that allow you to change the way your camera looks. With a little modification, the camera will begin to look like a more modern variation, depending on your taste and preferences there are currently four available. The screenshots give each command per look, with the commands also listed below and in the readme should you forget. If there is enough desire, I can create an autoexec that will run one of these options upon game launch and load. Use exec Battlefront for a Battlefront OG style camera Use exec Master for a close to
    You get five stars, Sir, for the beautifully canon-accurate Death Star Bridge! Yes, folks, this is the most movie accurate starship bridge I have seen for the imperials.
    Damn, you beat me to it! I also had a Sith Trooper ready for release, but seeing this means I need not ? looks very nice, I like how you used the textures to simulate the ridges. Are you using a shader? A matte-style finish for an update would likely do wonders!
  8. Three things, y’all. I have a ton of kitbashes, retextures and the like to release, so expect them soon!

    Two, if for whatever reason in a preview post you see a texture that you created that is uncredited, PLEASE TELL ME. I will either get the proper permissions, or replace the texture entirely. 

    Thirdly, as I move to update old files to current standards, I have noticed some who have offered to donate to a Paypal. I do not have one, nor do I intend to make one, as these models were not created by me, they were merely put together by me. 

    If you have the inclination to donate for anything related to my work, please consider donating to JKHub as a whole. If you SINCERELY wish to donate to me personally, that is always appreciated, but would need to be discussed with the original modelers beforehand. ?

    1. Noodle


      I look forward to seeing your stuff!

  9. Hey, so, I was wondering if someone could explain to me whether it is possible to actually edit the model structure of a model. I’m used to kitbashing, if I can get this to work I might be able to create a Mandalorian model without the antenna, modify the First Order stormtrooper to have ridges akin to the Sith Trooper, and make Sith Eternal officers.
  10. If possible, you could use the old model-switcheroo trick. Change the location of one Kyle in the cutscene and replace him with a secondary one. Should be pretty easy to code in. You can do this multiple times to mimic costume changes. Have him enter a cell, change the model instantly through changing Kyle 1’s location to Kyle 2, and vice verse. With naming commands you can also make sure the correct model is doing the cinematic.
  11. Might be too late to help, but as I recently discovered, your graphics card may be the culprit. I had a similar error where the home screen video was white and the circle was deformed, menu super laggy despite the fact that I could run Battlefront 2 (EA) on UHD w/ texture mods. Try updating/reinstalling/repairing your graphic card drivers. Ensure your OpenGL32.dll is where it’s supposed to be. If not, download a BASE copy (unmodified) .dll and place it into your Gamedata folder. However, if this has persisted since a clean install, it may be your installer and files itself that
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