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  1. Wow, these are astoundingly high quality!
  2. Hey everyone, our family’s had some setbacks so it’s hard to actively port it over but I haven’t forgotten about it and I will slowly make progress.
  3. @KyleRendar, yep, actively working on porting this over to JA for version 2.
  4. Will be streaming the mod later today at 3 pm EST at: http://twitch.tv/themoddinggamer
  5. Most of this stuff should easily be wrapped up in cvars to toggle things that one person might fun and another distracting.
  6. Put a poll over here for possible JA release:
  7. Hey friends, Recently I release the Shoot Dodge mod for Outcast here. Initially I figured it was only fun for the early levels of Jedi Outcast when you have no force powers but I found it synergized really well with force powers. A couple people have commented on how they're waiting on it being released for JA instead. Would you download it in a JA release? Also a few features I'd like to add for a JA release are: Dual wielding like the cultist commandos do Shoot dodges from the new acrobatics you can do in JA Build on top of the JOA mod after asking the author's permission for a seamless Outcast and Academy experience Have NPCs that use shoot dodges in combat (Kyle, mercenaries, etc) Let me know your thoughts! Trying to gauge interest in whether to continue this project.
  8. Hi @Asgarath83, good question! Initially I set out just to implement this so the early parts of JO are fun not realizing that it synergized with force powers really well too! It really made all of JO a brand new game! If there's enough of a demand I might release it for JA by building on top of the JOA mod (after getting permission from the author https://www.moddb.com/mods/jedi-outcast-academy So that the JO and JA levels are seamless.
  9. 72 downloads

    Imagine if you could take Max Payne style bullet time and use it in Jedi Outcast?! That's exactly what this mod does. If that's confusing, shoot dodging allows you to dive during firefights with time slowed down but aim speed retained to emulate heightened adrenaline granting more dexterity, reflexes, and damage. You will need a 64 bit Windows 10 and an installation of JO to play. It is built on OpenJK but I provide the appropriate executables and dlls. To get an idea of how this works out, here's the gameplay trailer: For a full list of gameplay features, installation instructions, credits, etc here's the documentation: https://tinyurl.com/1mnv5u9q And finally, if you'd like to support future projects like this here's my Patreon: https://patreon.com/tinnyw Finally, if you have feature requests, bugs to report, or anything else please comment in the linked forums or email me at tinny@blueleo.net. Thank you and I hope you have so much fun with this mod!!
  10. The last major feature I was working on before release was sound dilation during bullet time: Description has some of the tech details but let me know if you'd like to know more. Got feedback from a tester and release should be imminent.
  11. I finished up most of the polish, I need a couple of volunteers to beta test the mod to find glitches. I've tested it pretty well so hoping for no major surprises. I'll take a couple volunteers but you will need a copy of JO installed for a 64 bit version of Windows (not JA, hoping to make a future release for it) and DM your email to send a link and instructions. After a couple days of testing I should be able to do a general release this week.
  12. This is really cool! Noob mapping/modeling question, will this allow blender to be used for mapping? I really thought blender could only be used as a model importer/exporter. Didn't know an entire map could be treated as one.
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