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  1. Was just about to nerd Clone Wars with my old friend, Cerez. Banned? Does anyone know why?

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    2. AnonMC


      Best to tell it like it is, is it not? Why hide it?

    3. Wolfeye


      Indeed, why hide...

    4. BelugaArts
    1. Noodle


      Nice piece and all, but Shatine doesn't really seem like a good name.

    2. BelugaArts


      Although that may be true, Sha'tine was a character created by Molly. She was quite inspired by Sha'tine from clone wars. She created the character at the age of 14 so that might explain a thing or two. ;)


      Also thanks!

  2. Ever wondered what it was like to wander the Temple of Yavin Four? Although the Temple has been destroyed after standing for over five-hundred years, you can feel the Magical Flow through this music. https://soundcloud.com/belugaarts-thejediacademy/the-jedi-academy-of-yavin-four

    1. Smoo


      Nice, I wanna switch the ffa3 music with this :P

    2. BelugaArts


      Thanks for reposting! :D If you want I can send you the .mp3 :D?

    3. Smoo
    1. GPChannel


      Oh i love this song :)

      Btw i heared this on yt atchristmas :D

    2. BelugaArts
    3. Onysfx


      Very nice. A christmas theme indeed. I'm definitely going to save this one.

    1. Noodle


      For what's worth, I enjoyed this!

    2. BelugaArts


      Oh thank god! I was quite nervous actually, because I did not feel that it was good enough! Thanks Noodle! :D

    1. Rooxon


      Interesting stuff!

    2. BelugaArts


      Thanks Rox! Glad ya like it :D


      More to come! As always ;)

  3. Never understood why a Jedi Temple, the most sacred place of learning, ever needed a cantina. Other than that, good work.
  4. I've always seen Rosh as that annoying fly on the wall. This has made it a reality!
  5. I'm a tiny bit busy with stuff, but I do the work I can. I rotate, if that is what you're asking! I shall look into Lothal and Tatooine, that's a maybe. No promises!
  6. Damn son! You keep getting better and better!
  7. @@AshuraDX This must be priority number one! I got strict orders from the President! You will be rewarded with likes and good feedback!
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