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  1. Is there anyone with rend2 installed that would like to test a map for me today before i submit it tomorrow?

  2. Thanks! It's already done for openjk, but I'm trying to get a version working with base as well and release them simultaneously. Just reducing verts atm
  3. Having a difficult time rigging... but its moving along
  4. No. those models are downloaded, then repositioned and rigged in blender. @UM-3154 How exactly are you testing these characters? Spawn one in and try to shoot at it and hit it a few times with a saber. Does it crash the game after attacking it? Are you including LOD's?
  5. You might want to bake in some basic shadows for kingpin.
  6. I guess Ill call her done, if theres no other objections. i'll have her segmented and capped today, and rig her over the next day or so. Then I'll rig and animate her tiger.
  7. Hair adjustments, texturing adjustments, arms textured. Will work on straps and fixing leg normals next
  8. Just animating it myself. Wont have very many anims, but it will serve this particular purpose I'd be happy with just this
  9. Here are the 3 items that will be released together. her playermodel, her sabers, and her cat. 15k poly in total
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