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  1. I guess Ill call her done, if theres no other objections. i'll have her segmented and capped today, and rig her over the next day or so. Then I'll rig and animate her tiger.
  2. Hair adjustments, texturing adjustments, arms textured. Will work on straps and fixing leg normals next
  3. Just animating it myself. Wont have very many anims, but it will serve this particular purpose I'd be happy with just this
  4. Here are the 3 items that will be released together. her playermodel, her sabers, and her cat. 15k poly in total
  5. @staff God you guys still havent done that? Anyways, where is the getting started thread? Maybe in the tutorial section, you should pin a topic like "Getting started" which goes over the structure of the game, the rules of the game (i.e. vert limits etc), what shader syntax it uses, how pk3's are compiled, etc. Just a real lubed up entry for the uninitiated. 

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    2. ChalklYne


      Yeah I mean... Circa was one of the ones I asked to get @staff working so sure, lets get him on the case. XD Is there no order here?! 

    3. Circa


      Group mentions can be done but are a paid plugin for the forum software. If you want to donate to it, Chalk, I will get it and install it. 😛 The new account message idea isn't bad, I'll have to look into that.

      I do hope to have a front page overhaul that focuses less on news posts and more on stuff like that, but I'm not sure when that'll happen.

    4. Aldro Koon

      Aldro Koon

      @Circa We have the plugin over at JoF. Can't we just hand it over to you somehow? (or is that illegal, lol?)

  6. Maybe he didnt really know where to start, and just wanted a clean prologue. @UM-3154 You said you were doing some porting? What are you porting? There's quite a lot of resources here, as well as skilled people to help you get the ball rolling. What software are you familiar with, or interested in? Is there a specific game you wanted to port over? There's a good chance it's either already been ported, or requested. Just let us know what your plan is and we'll steer you in the right direction, and if you ever get overwhelmed with this site in particular, hit me up. I do things.
  7. Few minor tweaks Still need to model in a few more wraps and get it all segmented how i want it. Also still quite a few small details to paint in
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