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  1. 3 hours ago, fullkevlar said:

    The photos do not work, if you were not aware.    

    It seems like important info was in the photos.   Would love to be able to learn from this tutorial!

    They work for me. Strange.

  2. Great episode! Bill Burr did such an amazing acting job, I was really impressed. I wish they’d keep him in as part of the team.

    Boba still looked great but I gotta say, the scratched up version of his armor looked way better. 

    I was really glad to see Pedro’s face! I really hope they allow him to do that more and more, as the character slowly learned that hiding your face is not necessary to the Mandalorian creed. 

  3. 8 hours ago, Droidy365 said:

    I was also wondering about the same thing. I've started work on a project to make an original game based on JKA's framework, using assets made by me and some royalty free models. However, I'm unsure on the legality of this whole thing.

    The answer @Raz0r gave is the only answer, really. Even though OpenJK is open source, it was a result of the source code being released without Lucasfilm's approval, so it's risky.

    You're better off making it a mod of JKA, use OpenJK as a base, and doing as much work as you can to make it seem like a new game while still requiring JKA's assets to be installed/purchased. The game is cheap nowadays anyway, and anyone interested in your game will probably already have it in their Steam library anyway.

    Nobody here can stop you though, if you want to risk it, go for it. But the moment your game gets any traction and articles are written on it, the moment Lucasfilm will catch wind and possibly do something about it.

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  4. Are you asking how to fix the camera so you can actually see properly when using large NPCs? It’s not something you can fix via the NPC itself, you would have to use the camera commands like cg_thirdpersonrange and cg_thirdpersonvertoffset. You could make a cfg and put those in there along with the playermodel command to automate it into one command.

    Or just use @therfiles’ handy CamSP mod to do those in a nifty menu.


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  5. 42 minutes ago, fullkevlar said:

    There have been articles saying they are making a Boba spin-off show,  so he will likely be written for limited appearance(s) on the Mandalorian.

    Unless they do something like the DC series on CW, where the shows can interconnect for "special events", or one off appearances from time to time.

    Not sure how much I believe spin-off rumors at this point. We hear that about every side character. It would be epic if so.

    I saw a tweet not too long ago that The Mandalorian could potentially be for Star Wars what Iron Man did for the MCU: be the catalyst for other characters to gain some recognition and footing in the public's eye. This season has definitely been something similar to how the MCU ties in various major characters to one. If we get spin-offs, that'll be exactly what they did, and it would make more sense why they chose Favreau to do it, with his experience doing it for the MCU. I think it's working well so far, so I'm excited to see what we get.

  6. What an epic episode, wow. Despite Boba’s pudginess, he still looked so good and was such a compete badass. Completely redeemed his character from canon’s perspective and lived up to his persona, heritage, and Legends/EU name. I really really hope they keep him around for a whole other season or two alongside Mando, or maybe even be some kind of competitor later on. Hearing his voice in the helmet while piloting Slave I gave me legit chills.

    Seeing Tython was great as well! Even if it was a small area, it was definitely based on the Legends appearance, so I’m glad for that.

    Dark Troopers looked even more like the Legends version than I expected. So glad.

    The remaining episodes can’t come soon enough!

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  7. I think it's pretty reasonable to find elements in the SW universe that are stronger or at least can resist lightsabers a bit, however I think they should always have a limit in terms of plot. In the EU, cortosis was such a cop-out way to make a character hold their own against a Jedi/Sith. That's the one thing I dislike about KOTOR, is all the vibroblades.

    In canon, I think they have done a decent job of not overusing anything that resists sabers...yet. We'll see how these next few episodes of the Mandalorian go. I don't mind beskar being resistant, but maybe have a very limited life span when being hit by them, rather than be completely equal to them.

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