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  1. @Aldro Koon all fair points. I should clarify not all servers are like what I or Bubbles described. I haven’t played on JoF in years so can’t really vouch for that but I have definitely been kicked or banned in the past on other serves for even just a mistaken saber hit on AFK people. It’s kind of ridiculous how some admins can be about it. Pretty sure one of my names is permabanned on KR for something like that.

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  2. This is one of my biggest peeves as well, that "laming" is even a thing. Every server and clan I had power in always made it a point to let people do whatever they wanted, as long as it didn't go too far and actually began to cause major problems. The big issue is that most servers treat JKA as a chat room, so standing still for hours chatting is the default mode for most players, despite the game having a spectator mode built exactly for people like that. Makes no sense.

    Unfortunately a lot of big clan servers have had these strict rules for so many years now that they don't really understand what it looks like from an outside perspective, especially when some of them don't venture out to play other games. Or they joined these clans at a very young age and just grew up knowing it to be a rule for JKA and that everyone should abide by it.

    In the past I would just tell people to avoid servers like that, but since those are now the only active servers these days, I can't really say that. It's definitely something that should change, but at this point, the people still hosting big servers probably aren't open to changing such a thing, because they are still successful and probably assume their strict rules are the reason for that. In some ways that could be true, some people require strict rules to enjoy their time, but most people just want to play.

    This has made my consider having official JKHub servers for casuals to play on without risking banning and more focus on playing, but that's still a big can of worms I'm not sure I want to fully open again.

  3. 53 minutes ago, Cor said:

    Thank you!

    I will most probably include it in the way you suggest. I don't suppose I should include Disney as well now? As for the mod creators, I do plan on making a list of all mod authors. The video uses parts of about 60 mods. Unfortunately I do believe I downloaded some with anonymous authors on a few websites. After all these years some creators are forgotten I guess.

    Including Lucasfilm should be enough, they are the licensors. I don't think you'd need to add every single name of every single mod author, but maybe just the main ones you see and then just say that there are other mods that you didn't create that are seen. I think that would be enough.

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  4. I'm not sure where it originated, but I do know it started being required on readme files back in the early JK3Files days. I simply copied it from one, and updated it slightly. I'm not sure if it was written by a staff member or if they were contacted by Raven Software to include it. Maybe someone who was more involved back in the day would know.

    8 hours ago, Cor said:

    I'm making a video filmed in Jedi Academy and I'd like to clearly point out who owns the assets used and featured in the video. Did you take this phrasing from any official source, as a way to properly credit the authors/copyright holders? 

    It's for the opposite: to say that none of those entities made or distributed the file, and that we are legally allowed to host them without permission. We have it built into every file page, which technically shouldn't be on the official Raven Software files, but it won't hurt anything.

    So for a YouTube video that includes mods and JKA content, having that somewhere wouldn't hurt. Replace "file" with "video" would be fine. Of course, if you are using JKA footage, credit Raven Software, LucasArts, and Lucasfilm for their game assets. And if you are using mods, credit those mod creators as well.

  5. 12 hours ago, Bubbles said:

    I think the biggest issue for new modders at the moment is the lack of knowledge because a lot of the resources and guides have long since died. Players being able to mess about with other players creations is just a fantastic way to learn.

    Which resources and guides are you referring to? I think there are more tutorials and guides today than there ever were back in the day. Modding JK2 and JKA was always more of a "learn by tinkering" and any guides were more of a "point you in the right direction" sort of thing, until the last 10 years or so. Tutorials have become much more straightforward and hold you hand a lot more than they ever did, especially with YouTube tutorials.

    13 hours ago, Bubbles said:

    Also, I remember when KOTF first came out. If I remember right, it was some turkish dude who basically stiched up a lot of other peoples mods and created KOTF out of it. At the time there was outcry. I disagreed with it as well. But now I think about it... The harm was minimal and I think KOTF brought new players into the community.

    This is a bit misinformed. The problem with Tim's KOTF was that he took all of those mods, put them in his giant menu mod, and didn't give credit to anyone that made any of it, implying he did it himself. In addition to that, the launcher had a trojan virus in it, and he had essentially switched to charging money for the mod right before it went down and he disappeared. Charging money for mods he didn't even make. It was a terrible situation and he was a scummy dude. The issue was never with the overall idea, it was how he went about it.

    13 hours ago, Bubbles said:

    Why, I think plagiarism if you can call it that in JKA is not the issue it used to be. I also think a lot of fantastic modders have made amazing stuff but they have not shown anyone else how to do it. So as a result, stuff doesnt get built on and improved and tweaked with.

    There are a decent amount of tutorials out there for various things, but tutorials take time to make, and most modders would prefer to use that time modding. With that said, I definitely think people shouldn't be afraid to reach out to someone and ask them to make a guide on how they did a certain thing, or point to one that already exists, to help others. If you think of something that needs a guide or tutorial, feel free to request it in the request section. Some people just don't think about it unless they are asked.


    Also, keep in mind that most mods are art, and artists are entitled to keep their works as their own. I don't think a lot of people in JKA would feel strongly about that necessarily, but I personally don't really want to release a source of one of my maps only to have someone take it and change it up slightly and release it as their own. There's always that worry, albeit a small one.

  6. On 1/16/2021 at 7:53 AM, Bubbles said:

    I have a bit of hope though. Mainly because Ubisoft will want that exclusivity contract. EA has lost Disney's trust a bit. If I was Ubisoft I'd make sure to knock the ball out of the park with this game.


    I think Lucasfilm learned it's lesson with exclusivity deals. I highly doubt Ubisoft is getting one. There will be more to gain by licensing out to developers individually like LucasArts did rather than give it all to one publisher. EA only has so many studios, which all have their own various IP's to make games for as well. I think EA did better than expected, but not nearly as well as if we had other developers outside of their roster making games as well. I think that deal was made by the highest person on the food chain at the time (Iger) and knew EA was the biggest game publisher and had huge IP's, while also already had a relationship with Lucasfilm through SWTOR, so he probably just signed the deal without much consideration or knowledge of EA. Yet now, with Iger gone, Lucasfilm has learned from a lot of mistakes under him and on their own, this whole Lucasfilm Games rebranding and launch pretty much solidifies that they are going to license to whatever studio they want, after the EA deal is up in 2 years. This Ubisoft one is just the first to be announced so far, because it's going to be hard to hide the fact that Massive isn't working on a Division 3 or The Crew 3, but also I'm sure it's planned to take 2 years to develop and release (isn't a lot of time by today's standards, so that's a little worrying).

    They said they aren't done announcing new games, so I'm curious what else they've got to show us in the coming weeks and months.

  7. Moved topic to Modding Assistance.

    Making models isn’t really specific to JKA at first. Look up YouTube tutorials on how to make models in Blender and go from there. Once you have a good model you want to put in JKA, then you can ask here how to do so.

  8. 55 minutes ago, Bubbles said:

    I dont like it.

    Graphically it is amazing.  It looks fun as well. But i dunno gameplay is just so bland.



    12 minutes ago, Lancelot said:

    The only weakness the game has is the campaign. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but I think it could've been better. But I really loved the details they put in the characters, the maps, the weapons and the vehicles.

    As for the multiplayer mode, I was surprised how awesome it is. Out of all the games I have that contain multiplayer modes, this is the one I've spent the most time playing. I especially enjoyed the space battles, which was definitely the best flight experience I've ever had in a Star Wars game. The ground battles were also really good to play.

    I think the campaign was pretty bland, definitely. If they hadn't made the main character a typical redemption story, it would have been truly epic, imo. Ended up being way too typical.

    Multiplayer really shines in any place that the heroes and villains aren't present. They essentially ruin the game's entire premise and structure and are incredibly frustrating to play as and against. I love playing in the small modes that have heroes disabled, like Blast and Strike. Unfortunately they never made additional content for those modes after the TLJ DLC, and lacked in maps at launch in the first place.

    16 minutes ago, Lancelot said:

    This game is definitely a vast improvement towards EA's first Battlefront, that's for certain.

    I'm torn because I think the first game played better, focused more on trooper play, and had more enjoyable modes. But it also had a huge lack of content and was limited to the OT, which was its biggest downfall. I think looking back, I liked the first one much better simply because it was more enjoyable to play, but the second one isn't far behind.

    But you can now get that all for free, which is pretty great. If anyone reading this hasn't tried the game, now's your chance.

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  9. 5 hours ago, Apprentice said:

    They should've never dismantled LucasArts to begin with and I certainly hope this iteration will make non-Star Wars games as well. The old LucasArts has given us Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle, to name a few and I certainly hope we'll be treated on more . . .

    Well they just announced a new Indiana Jones game being developed by Bethesda’s studio Machine Games. So it’s looking likely we will be getting even more.


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  10. Or as many people will call it: the return of LucasArts under a new name.

    Source: StarWars.com

    They announced this sort of "rebrand" today as the main IP behind all Star Wars and other Lucasfilm properties going forward. Of course, this doesn't necessary mean that they will be publishing their own games again, but this does mean they could be planning to license out more games beyond just EA's contract. We already see that in the case of the Lego Star Wars games. This could be a very good start in the right direction.

    Notice how they gave a very short glimpse at Jedi Academy at the end of their sizzle reel. I think that was just to highlight the recent re-release on Nintendo Switch and PS4 and it's one of the biggest fan-favorites, but it's still interesting they bothered at all. They also had a lot of KOTOR characters shown in the Galaxy of Heroes spot, which is also an interesting choice.

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