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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 20th Anniversary Event!


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 20th Anniversary Event

This weekend of 9/16/23 roughly marks the 20th anniversary of this incredible and unique game. One that has been a gem to so many of us. Whether through SP, MP, or any type of modding, JKA has provided many years of history to its players.  Spanning From the days of Xfire, kill trackers, and ventrilo/teamspeak; to the current age of discord and OJK/EJK. Experiences such as clan/community involvement, celebrations, duels, friendships, tournaments, training, and many other moments have had true impact on our lives.  

Please join us in celebrating this milestone!


Date: 9/16/23


- The server doors/open house will start tentatively around 12p CST for people who won't be free later in the evening.

- Events/Modes will change or occur when we have enough people and periodically throughout the day.

- The main events will start tentatively around 8p-9p CST based on activity.

Tentative Flow of Main Events:

- Gathering/Headcount/Social 

- Talking about JKAs History/Future

- Group/Event screenshots (we will hopefully have someone recording video as well)

- Map reveal with a demo/tour

- Event from pool

- Break/Social

- Event from pool

- Break/Social

- Gauge time/attendance with more possible events or hanging out

- Thank you/closing

Event pool: (Can vary between NF and FF)




- Predator

- Bo3 1v1 Tournament (single or double elimination based on headcount)

- Melee NF last man standing


JA Server: Server will be named "JKA 20th Anniversary Server" (we will have a backup server ready just in case)

IP:  event.jk3.in or

Map: Default maps to gather activity & a surprise reveal once we're gathered (download will be shared at that time)

Discord Server: JKcommunity - https://discord.gg/gFKwH85 or https://discord.me/jediknight




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Thank you to everyone who came out to the JKA 20th anniversary event yesterday! It had a great turn out. The event lasted from 12p cst to 12a cst! We averaged around 30 people at all times. With people coming and going throughout the event we saw around 140 different people total and reached around 50 people at once spread across 2 servers. 

There were lots of people chatting, catching up, and remembering old times. We saw players from all eras of the game. There were lots of duels and FFAs going on. We even broke into chaos with guns, force, and NPC spawns. We also had one server crash to make it a true JA anniversary experience! On the 2nd server we were running TFFA, CTF, and exploring a new work in progress map made by Angel Modder. 

Its wild to think we just celebrated the 20th anniversary of a game that has meant so much to so many of us. Sometimes our histories or beginnings in this game feel like a lifetime ago and sometimes they feel like a blink of an eye.  It was great to see the community old and new come together to share the moment. I think it's a reminder that the passion for this game and community has and will be the driving force of its longevity and continuity. 

Circa and I will be collaborating on getting some media prepared of the video and pictures we got, so keep an eye out for that!

Special thanks to:

Xavier: For helping with the server side of things and making special configs for this event. 

Tayst: For providing VSTRs used during the events.

Artemis: For being around for the entirety of the event, willingness to help, and overall helping JKcommunity be successful. 

Circa: For helping organize, spread the word, and streaming the event. Also, for everything he does with JKhub and helping the JKA community.

Link: For willingness to help and hosting previous Anniversary events in the past.

Angel Modder: For being among the best mappers the game has ever seen and letting us explore his new work in progress map on such a monumental moment for the game's history.

JAWA Clan: For having a large presence throughout the day and helping it be successful. We saw several members but shoutout to Helena, Darman, and Maverick!


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