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  1. 45 minutes ago, mrwonko said:

    Firstly, it should be collaborative. The best results are almost always arrived at by improving iteratively. It might be a good idea to have all content under a suitable Creative Commons licence. Contributing has to be easy, to encourage as many people as possible to share their knowledge.

    The current wiki is technically like this already. Anyone can make an account and edit things. The issue is that it's a separate account from the forum account, and traditional wikis are a pain to deal with or learn at all.

    45 minutes ago, mrwonko said:

    The content should not be tied to JKHub. We've had multiple sites go down in the past, taking vast amounts of tutorials with them. Use a system that makes it easy to access and export the content.

    If it's not tied to JKHub, that's outside this conversation. Anyone can make a wiki on the various wiki hosts out there. If a group wants to make one outside of JKHub and it ends up being better than something we do, I would love that. If people don't want a wiki here, I will gladly remove it, as long as there is a suitable replacement out there.

    EDIT: I should clarify, this feature is built into this forum software, it's going to be a matter of getting it set up and transferring existing wiki pages to it.

  2. So a couple years back, we had been teasing JKHub 2.0 for awhile, saying it would be more modern, include more features, and include a complete redesign. We managed to upgrade to the modern version of the software with some bumps along the way, but with Caelum's absence shortly thereafter, not much was done past that. I have polished some things here and there, but our main goal was to make the new software feel as much like the old one as possible while also including the smoothness and features of the new one, in order to keep people that hate change to slowly ease into it (and let's be honest, that applies to most people here).

    However, the actual redesign is still coming, and I'm now in the process of planning it with some help with the other staff. We discussed some things we'd like to see done, but I want to know what you guys think. What are some features you'd like to see on JKHub that either you miss from our past or just think are needed?

    Keep in mind the current climate though. The population of the Jedi Knight community is quite small. Asking for weekly or even monthly contests isn't going to happen, but we will be doing more contests. Or asking for more news posts isn't happening either. One big change (which I've already alluded to in the current design) is not making news posts so prominently displayed. There was a point where we didn't have a news post in over a year and it just makes us look inactive. News posts will still happen, but they won't be the focus of this website going forward.

    We want to focus on what we do well: mod hosting, showcasing, and discussion. Obviously our file section has always been the focus, but we want newcomers to know that, and make it easy to find. We also want them to know where to go to find anything JK related, such as tutorials, walkthroughs, popular servers and clans, etc.

    So here's what is planned for sure so far:

    • New design from top to bottom. The old theme will always be available for those that end up hating it.
    • New home page with valuable info on who we are and what we offer
    • Discord Integration (at least the ability to sign up with an account, further integration TBD)
    • Rewards system for contests and other events (gives a badge or something on your profile)
    • New wiki/tutorial system (unsure how this will work right now, but our wiki needs some love)
    • Yes, more contests and mod features will be done (had to put it here for those that skimmed)

    Outside of those things, is there something you wish we would do or have? I'm putting this as a poll but I want actual responses more than votes.

  3. On 5/8/2021 at 10:02 AM, BlindDaThief said:

    It inspired so many great creations

    Not sure if “so many” is accurate but we did get a handful of good things. I considered doing this but like I keep saying, participation is so low for these contests that it makes it hard to justify bothering with them. I also have no idea how much the community is watching the show. Most people here hate anything in the Disney canon.

    I may consider it if people show enough interest.

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  4. 11 hours ago, FoolyDude said:

    Hi! I made an account just to ask about Noodle's Female Trandoshan model and a problem I've been having with it.

    I doubt anybody is really going to bother answering or helping out because this mod is a few years old but everything is worth trying at least once!

    So, I tried putting this mod's pk3 file into JKA's 'Base' folder but when I get into the game and try changing the playermodel to it, it just won't work. I believe I've tried everything. Either the game has somehow been patched and the mod's files don't jive with the game itself anymore because the mod has aged or I'm just doing something wrong.

    Any help would be very appreciated! I hope me posting here isn't a bother to anyone. Thank you!

    Since it doesn't have an NPC file, you can still make it work without knowing any modding. Noodle was kind enough to provide the model folder and skin names in his file page description so you can use those to follow this tutorial:

    The model names are:

    /model female_trando/scarf
    /model female_trando/skirt
    /model female_trando/tech

    So if you follow the tutorial above knowing this info, an example of the command you'll want is this:

    playermodel female_trando model_default model_default model_default

    Or if you want one of the skins above you could replace the model_default with model_scarf or model_skirt, etc.

  5. 4 hours ago, Plague-Angel said:

    Lovely sets to have, especially like the old school big old cardboard game box 🙂

    Strange they used Lucas Film instead of Lucas Arts though... guessing it was some copyright issue.


    Are you opening the blister pack or keeping it "mint"?

    Well LucasArts hasn’t existed since 2014, so it makes sense they’d use LucasFilm for the branding. All of this stuff was licensed from LF.


    I’m keeping the blister pack mint since I don’t need to use it. Not only because of the digital copy on the drive, but I still have my old discs as well.

  6. 4 hours ago, Bubbles said:

    The thing is this is the defacto website for JK modding which has lost activity due to discord. Would be nice if activity picked up more.

    I don’t really think that’s the case. The forum has been losing activity slowly for years. I don’t think Discord is the cause of that, I think it’s just how the community has shrunk over the years. Sure people are still modding and you might see those conversations on Discord, more than here, but I think it’s more of a difference in quality of content. Getting instant help in a live chat is a valuable resource, but so is showcasing your content on a forum or writing a tutorial. I personally would rather see a thread with meaningful posts rather than a 80 page thread of posts that just say “cool!” or “lol” or other meaningless things like that. Though I have nostalgia for using forums that way, I prefer to use them to their strength in this day and age.

    You make all good points though and it’s all something I’ve been considering. I’ll have to discuss it further with the staff and JKC admins soon and see what we can do. 🙂

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  7. None of us are admins on the JKCommunity server, so we really have no control over any of that. And making a new server would kind of defeat the purpose of JKC.

    I also don’t see how integration would be all that beneficial. Discord and forums are very different things and have their own strengths, weaknesses, and purposes. I love Discord but I don’t really think merging it into the forum would do anything other than clutter it with features that most people would probably not bother to use.

    It’s a good suggestion though, and I’m not dismissing it completely.

  8. Moved thread to requests forum.

    You can only have one mod show up in the saber menu, so you'll have to edit the menu to include all of the ones you have in one file via the tutorial above. That's just how the menus work, unfortunately.

    Some that I recommend for this list are:

    Galactic Warriors Saber Pack - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    Kahn D'halaine's Lightsaber - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    Stormtrooper Hilt + NPC - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    Aegis - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    Demp2 Lightsaber Hilt - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    Scout Blaster Lightsaber Hilt - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    FC1 Flechette Lightsaber Hilt - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    E-11 Blaster Lightsaber Hilt - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    Heavy Repeater Lightsaber Hilt - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    Bryar Pistol Lightsaber Hilt - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHu

    Broken staff sabers for SP - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    The High Republic Inspired Lightsaber Hilt - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    JSS Curved Sith Lightsaber Hilt - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    Naruto X Star Wars sabers - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    Ralph McQuarrie's concept sabers (Luke and Vader) - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    Black Saber (Baal saber) - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    WeaponsHD - The Sith Pack - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    Tutorial Lightsaber - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    Kyrios hilt - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    Evil Genius hilt - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    Z3-Filus / The Zefilus mini-pack - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    Wookiee Lightsaber Hilts - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    Jaden Korr's Lightsaber - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    Raven's Saber - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub

    Kane's Lightsaber - Lightsabers & Melee - JKHub


    Obviously there's probably more but those are the ones I found that are unique designs not tied to a canon/legends character and fit decently well with the other JKA sabers and not too over the top designs.

    This actually got me kind of wanting to do this.

  9. 12 hours ago, fullkevlar said:

    What's in the jedi academy blister pack, a cd copy of the game?

    Yep! I did not open mine, I want to keep it pristine, but I imagine it either has the same installer as the thumb drive or just the traditional disc version.

    10 hours ago, Smoo said:

    Wow never knew we had the pdfs here, haha. But would like to see you do a video haha

    I’m no youtuber but if people want to see me show off this stuff I could!

    3 hours ago, NAB622 said:

    I had chosen to pass on this, mostly because I don't need more stuff laying around. I wish I had gotten them for two reasons - the posters would be wonderfully tacky on my wall, and I did not think the USB drives would have an EXE installer.

    Regardless - neato!

    Yeah, I don’t think they stated anything about the installer or the thumb drive at all other than it just being a thumb drive. I was pleasantly surprised. I do wish they had the JKA logo instead of the LF one but they are still cool.

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  10. 8 minutes ago, Smoo said:

    Can you do a video also? 😄

    They're pretty cool to see. I'm actually interested how the manuals looked because I only owned a platinum kind of edition of the games that didn't have manuals

    There are no physical manuals, everything I pictured is what is included. I do wish they had them. The PDF versions on the thumb drives are the same as the ones here and here.

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  11. Limited Run editions arrive

    As most people around here know, the third party company dedicated to making limited collector’s editions of retro video games, Limited Run Games, did a run of Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy, back in April. Obviously orders were limited for these, but they have finally begun to arrive at peoples’ homes over the last few weeks. I personally ordered the PC version of both JO and JA, and thought people might be interested in details of these editions.

    First off, these come with a lot of stuff. I’ll be posting pictures of all of it, and go into a little detail on each thing.

    Jedi Outcast (Overview)






    Jedi Academy (Overview)




    Jedi Outcast Concept Art

    The concept art post cards are really cool. I’m sure these were somewhere on the internet before, but this was the first time I had seen them. One looks like the howler NPC that we didn’t end up seeing until JKA. Another is showing the Doomgiver’s underbelly, and the last is the outside of Kejim Outpost.







    Jedi Academy Concept Art

    I love saber hilt concept art and these are pretty darn close to what they look like in-game. The Yavin Runner shuttle design is pretty cool and I always thought it looked like something you’d see zooming around Coruscant. The other cards just basically show shots from random levels, which isn’t nearly as cool.





    Each come with a small booklet that has a little statement from Edwin Evans-Thirwell and Ed Smith, who I believe are gaming journalists. I feel this was a huge missed opportunity to have retrospectives from the developers themselves. These are very wordy and one talks mostly about Movie Battles, which I won’t deny is the most popular mode these days, but is odd to mention in a retrospective meant to talk about the game’s history itself, not a fan made mod. Nonetheless, still cool.









    Thumb drive installers

    One of the interesting parts of these bundles is the thumb drive. Both include an .exe installer for the game, and a PDF of the original guide that was included with the game back in the day. The installers seem to be brand new, and allow you to install each game without a disc at all. I verified that you can copy the installer, remove the drive, and install it from anywhere. Each is the latest version of the game (JK2 SP 1.03, MP 1.04 | JKA 1.01) and don’t need the disc to run. 😳 I was glad for this because I didn’t want to ever have to open the CD packaging (not that I’d need the installers anyway, but if Steam or GOG ever magically disappear, I’m still safe. It’s just nice that they actually are useful. I wasn’t expecting anything on these 2GB drives, but when I saw installers, I half expected them to just be disc dumps.


    Overall these are awesome collector’s editions. Huge thanks to Limited Run Games for making these and still giving so much love to games considered to be dead. These games will always live on here on JKHub, on the servers, in the communities, and now on our shelves and walls. I will be hanging at least one of the posters at my place, and the pins are going on my car sun visor, for sure. Anyone else get theirs? Any non-PC editions to share?

    View full article

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  12. This is a bit late, but voting did automatically close at the right time. We didn't have a ton of entries, but those that did enter, really brought their A-game, so I'm really glad for that! The votes are in, and our winner is...

    Din Djarin by @Doughnuts

    Din Djarin, The Mandalorian, by Doughnuts

    Some people may not be surprised, because this model is outstanding and of course is the main character of the show itself. We had a couple decent models before, but this one really takes the cake. Doughnuts has really come into his own skin with his models over the last couple years, and this is really something to be proud of. Nice work, mate.

    The other entries were awesome. Loved the Ice Spider, Boba, and Calodan. Nice work to @ChalklYne, @bigphil2695, and @biggs.


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