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  1. 3 hours ago, RepJunkieJr said:

    I'm pretty sure my work isn't good enough for the contest, or even eligible, but I've just gotta show it with someone. I made a playermodel and weapon model that has a 1st person view. Holy Ferrick you have no idea how hard it was to do that (Still kinda figuring all this out), but I got it all done and wanted to post a screenie.



    I feel really proud of this.

    I don't plan on entering the contest with this unless you all really think I should.

    Looks great, what do you mean? Anything is welcome to be submitted as long as it adheres to our file submission rules. So unless that model is ported from another game, it should be just fine.

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  2. Gonna go ahead and move this to Modding Assistance so you get more relevant eyes on it.

    Textures aren't what emit light in q3, the shaders do. So I think you may have done it backwards, unless you typed it backwards. The shader file should point to the texture you want lit up, but have the light elements. I can't look at what those would be right now, but if you look at one you know should be lit up from the vanilla assets, you should be able to just copy what is there.

    Someone with more knowledge at their fingertips can be much more help.

  3. Bruh. That finale was epic. Still can’t believe we got that scene with Luke. I figured if we did get him, it would be a hologram or something minimal. Seeing him in action with that green saber was incredible. The de-aging was fine, can’t expect perfection in that regard yet, however the de-aging of the voice was the impressive part. He sounded just like he did in the films, nothing like he does now.

    Very very well done. Seeing Din’s face as he said goodbye was one of the most emotional scenes in all of Star Wars. Superb acting by Pascal for sure.

    I kinda figured this would give an opportunity for a spinoff show for Luke and Grogu, and his academy startup with young Ben, but none of the announced shows would really apply to that. I don’t think we’ll get much in the next season about Grogu or Luke. I think it’ll probably focus more on Mandalorian related stuff. Bo Katan still needs to face off against Din for the dark saber and take back their planet, so I suspect that’ll be the main premise. 

    Maybe Grogu and Luke will show up in the Ahsoka show. 

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  4. Please stop. There are multiple people that have this habit and it’s obnoxious. It happens way too often, and just results in pissing us off. We already get notifications for submissions.

    We will get to it when we get to it. It’s not as simple as pressing a button, so we have to set aside a bit of time to take care of them.


    If you get directed to this thread going forward, you are guilty of this and I, or another staff member, are asking you to stop.

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  5. 3 hours ago, fullkevlar said:

    The photos do not work, if you were not aware.    

    It seems like important info was in the photos.   Would love to be able to learn from this tutorial!

    They work for me. Strange.

  6. Great episode! Bill Burr did such an amazing acting job, I was really impressed. I wish they’d keep him in as part of the team.

    Boba still looked great but I gotta say, the scratched up version of his armor looked way better. 

    I was really glad to see Pedro’s face! I really hope they allow him to do that more and more, as the character slowly learned that hiding your face is not necessary to the Mandalorian creed. 

  7. 8 hours ago, Droidy365 said:

    I was also wondering about the same thing. I've started work on a project to make an original game based on JKA's framework, using assets made by me and some royalty free models. However, I'm unsure on the legality of this whole thing.

    The answer @Raz0r gave is the only answer, really. Even though OpenJK is open source, it was a result of the source code being released without Lucasfilm's approval, so it's risky.

    You're better off making it a mod of JKA, use OpenJK as a base, and doing as much work as you can to make it seem like a new game while still requiring JKA's assets to be installed/purchased. The game is cheap nowadays anyway, and anyone interested in your game will probably already have it in their Steam library anyway.

    Nobody here can stop you though, if you want to risk it, go for it. But the moment your game gets any traction and articles are written on it, the moment Lucasfilm will catch wind and possibly do something about it.

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  8. Are you asking how to fix the camera so you can actually see properly when using large NPCs? It’s not something you can fix via the NPC itself, you would have to use the camera commands like cg_thirdpersonrange and cg_thirdpersonvertoffset. You could make a cfg and put those in there along with the playermodel command to automate it into one command.

    Or just use @therfiles’ handy CamSP mod to do those in a nifty menu.


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