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  1. Wait Force rage lvl 4 and 5? I thought there is only Mindtrick lvl5 which allows you to control a NPC, and the rest of the Force powers max lvl was 3. Nice topic!
  2. There is a problem with the crosshair when I try to aim another starfighter. It looks like there is a missing texture. I can show pics if needed.
  3. Version 2.0 of the map OVERVIEW: And how to make the jungle tasks:
  4. Yesterday we made some matches in old v1.0 and new v2.0 version. It was amazing!! Check it: v1.0 v2.0
  5. Star Wars Battle Arena Patch Notes v1.01: General notes: -New classes: Jedi and Sith (as "minions") with blue stance + jump level 2 + saber attack level 1. Role name: "Adept" Class updates: -Carry update: saber defense level 2 + blue and yellow stance allowed (the carry is an experienced saberist, he should know how to use each stance and also he has the high saber damage) -Ranged DPS update: lightning level 3 (level 2 deals about 5-6hp to 1 enemy, level 3 deals about 18-20hp to some enemies) -Ranged CC update: absorb level 3 + speed level 2 ("Force rage" deleted)
  6. Let me add some information and tips before playing this MOBA, just to clarify some things or to hype yourself more about this event: -A MOBA is a strategic teamplay game so you want to ask for your partners by teamchat to help you defending/attacking towers, don't try to yolo it just act as a team. -You must respect your main lane but you can go to other lanes to help your teammates or even get into the jungle to heal yourself, take tauntauns, shield, etc... -[OPTIONAL FOR EVENT HOSTERS] There will be 1 captain per team who will pick the players from spectator and assign them a
  7. INTRODUCTION: Welcome to the first MOBA Star Wars related ever. This is an ambitious project that Nieris and I have been working on since April 2020, and now it's finally done and playable. Those who have ever played a MOBA will know how it works more or less, but let me explain the objectives and show you the different classes and roles: OBJECTIVE: Both teams must destroy all the enemy towers and inhibitors to reach the Core, take its crystal, and place it in the middle of the map. MAP: The map is just like a mirror so both teams have the same pros and cons. It h
  8. It's the ".srf" of the map, generated after the last compilation. Anyway, everything seemed fine on the file so I just resarted Radiant and saved the map again, tried to compile and eveything worked now. So topic resolved ?
  9. Hello, We're having this compiling error in Radiant and couldn't solve it, any idea please?
  10. Can anybody upload JA++ files?
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