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  1. Wait Force rage lvl 4 and 5? I thought there is only Mindtrick lvl5 which allows you to control a NPC, and the rest of the Force powers max lvl was 3. Nice topic!
  2. There is a problem with the crosshair when I try to aim another starfighter. It looks like there is a missing texture. I can show pics if needed.
  3. Version 2.0 of the map OVERVIEW: And how to make the jungle tasks:
  4. Yesterday we made some matches in old v1.0 and new v2.0 version. It was amazing!! Check it: v1.0 v2.0
  5. Star Wars Battle Arena Patch Notes v1.01: General notes: -New classes: Jedi and Sith (as "minions") with blue stance + jump level 2 + saber attack level 1. Role name: "Adept" Class updates: -Carry update: saber defense level 2 + blue and yellow stance allowed (the carry is an experienced saberist, he should know how to use each stance and also he has the high saber damage) -Ranged DPS update: lightning level 3 (level 2 deals about 5-6hp to 1 enemy, level 3 deals about 18-20hp to some enemies) -Ranged CC update: absorb level 3 + speed level 2 ("Force rage" deleted) Map updates: -Jungle entrances tasks are now blocked by triggers for the "minion" class (they should play only in through lanes) -Deleted 1 tauntaun for each jungle part (2 tauntaun left per jungle) + adding tauntaun rooms at both sides of the map (near the spawn points) which will be opened when jungle tasks are finished so people can take a tauntaun and take less time to reach the enemy tower/inhibitor (mid-late game). -More detailed map: WIP
  6. Let me add some information and tips before playing this MOBA, just to clarify some things or to hype yourself more about this event: -A MOBA is a strategic teamplay game so you want to ask for your partners by teamchat to help you defending/attacking towers, don't try to yolo it just act as a team. -You must respect your main lane but you can go to other lanes to help your teammates or even get into the jungle to heal yourself, take tauntauns, shield, etc... -[OPTIONAL FOR EVENT HOSTERS] There will be 1 captain per team who will pick the players from spectator and assign them a role/class. If you have any preferred role, ask for it! We will try to make some rounds so each player could play at least 2 complete games and try different roles if you want. Roles shouldn't be repeated as this is not a siege or tffa at all, each role has an important part in the game so we need you to pick different ones. It's fun to play different roles, I promise! -Strafe is not available as this is siege mode so best way to move faster is to move forward just using "W", and also taking tauntauns in the jungle. -Highly recommended using the command "/cg_drawteamoverlay 1" so you can see where are your teammates. Nieris has placed location points all over the map and they work excellent, also using the teamchat. Which lane should I play in? If you are CARRY or SUPPORT you will play in the LEFT LANE. The CARRY is the fastest class in speed terms, he also has the strongest lightsaber damage to deal with enemies and destroy towers very faster, but it's also the weakest class so the SUPPORT must protect him (by spamming team heal for example). Tomorrow I will upload a video about this so you can see how it works here You must face the enemy TANK (2vs1) I recommend you both to stay together. The SUPPORT can also restore force points for other teamates as he is the only class with fast force regeneration time, and it's the only class that can heal towers and inhibitors (very interesting). If you are RANGED CC or RANGED DPS you will play in the MID LANE. Fun to play for those who like Force powers, these classes are basically casters that may use the Force to destroy the enemy before attack their towers. They are also fast so they can move to other lane to help a teammate. You will face the enemy RANGED DPS and RANGED CC (2vs2) I recommend you to make a good teamplay to overcome the enemy and destroy the tower as soon as the defenses are deactivated by the jungler (you can try to destroy the tower before, it is possible but I wish you good luck). If your are the TANK you will play in the RIGHT LANE. The TANK is the slowest class but they could have 200hp and also protect and absorb. This class is using dual lightsaber. You must defend your towers from the enemy CARRY and SUPPORT (1vs2), hoping that the jungler could help you sometimes to destroy the enemy tower. I recommend to stay under tower to defend it and wait until the jungler deactivates the enemy Tower 1 defenses. If you are the JUNGLER you will play in the JUNGLE. There are 2 different jungles with some puzzles to solve. 50% of the game strategy is yours because the faster you complete the jungle tasks, the fast your team will have advantage as the enemy defenses will be deactivated so they can destroy the towers easily. I have to tell you that the jungle is not easy!! You must find 2 crystals in each jungle by completing some acrobatic trials or just pressing buttons (see the overview video for more information about the jungle). I recommend you to take care about your force points as you will have a slow force regeneration time so sometimes you will have to wait for them to be restored. Also try to jump always fom the edge just with "W" (not strafing) and roll if you fall (dmflags are on). Remember to help your teammates when you complete the jungle tasks!!
  7. INTRODUCTION: Welcome to the first MOBA Star Wars related ever. This is an ambitious project that Nieris and I have been working on since April 2020, and now it's finally done and playable. Those who have ever played a MOBA will know how it works more or less, but let me explain the objectives and show you the different classes and roles: OBJECTIVE: Both teams must destroy all the enemy towers and inhibitors to reach the Core, take its crystal, and place it in the middle of the map. MAP: The map is just like a mirror so both teams have the same pros and cons. It has 3 lanes, 4 jungles (2 for each team) and the "river path" that connects the middle of the map with all lanes and jungles. In each lane there are 2 towers and 1 inhibitor. The towers are being defended by invincible turrets and turbolasers. Take a look at the map: GAMEPLAY: This is a 6vs6 strategic game so we will make a few rounds of 15-20min/round so everybody can play at least twice. There are different classes and roles in this game and you must play as a team to reach the victory. Each class has different abilities and Force powers, your team must choose different classes, don't repeat them. Each role must play in a different lane so read the description and choose yours! Important: for those who are choosing the jungler role, they must know that it's a very important role because the jungler can deactivate the enemy defenses by finishing the jungle tasks. Take a look at the overview video if you want to play this role. It's important to know that strafe is banned here as the gametype is based on siege, so you need to jump close to the edge just using "W" + jump. Don't try to strafe nor using "WA" or "WD" because you will fail all the acrobatic tasks. Try to complete both jungles in order to help your team destroying the towers before the enemy does. CLASSES/ROLES: CARRY SUPPORT RANGED CC RANGED DPS TANK JUNGLER MOBA TWISTS (for those who has player another MOBA before): -There are no minions -You have to destroy all the towers and inhibitors -You don't have to destroy the Core as common MOBAs, you will just take its crystal and place it in the middle of the map to win. VIDEO OVERVIEW: Here your are an overview of the map explaining the game and also the jungle tasks. I think it's recommendable to watch it to understand the game before playing: MAP IMAGES: FAQs: If you have any question, please ask for it and I'll answer including all your questions here.
  8. It's the ".srf" of the map, generated after the last compilation. Anyway, everything seemed fine on the file so I just resarted Radiant and saved the map again, tried to compile and eveything worked now. So topic resolved ?
  9. Hello, We're having this compiling error in Radiant and couldn't solve it, any idea please?
  10. Can anybody upload JA++ files?
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