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    I tried to rescale this model a couple of years ago (since I felt it was too small), then learned that to properly do that I'd need to reanimate it entirely to look good, now that I'm slowly learning to use Blender and the tools allow it, it would be an interesting project to learn that part of modding JK I never dared to touch, so I need to ask for the future; Is it the whole thing under CCBY-like license or just the original mesh and animations by Duncan? If I decide to improve the textures after making the whole thing bigger I might use some parts of your work on this textures @Circa, would that be right? My comments about what I tried are around on the Discord hehe, if you try to just make it bigger without actually reanimating it, it looks like it's falling appart:
  2. Awesome job, awesome interview! This brings me a tear of joy I'll never forget. I knew something was stirring from that green banner the other day, and absolutely the wait has been worth it. Thanks you all for this, it means a lot and is always inspirational to see the original JK team talking about the game. May the force be with you. Always!
  3. Awesome! I was about to try that mod in the following days
  4. I don't mention it on the file but if anyone wants to port it for JKA, be my guest.
  5. Version 1.0


    The Ladder is pure, nonstop combat. - JediNight (it is not advised to play this if you've not played the full game) I highly recommend playing this without reading this section of the description, as I believe, SP maps can only be played once for the first time: The map features one of the multi-level rooms from the Cairn assemly line, fight your way to the end while everything falls apart! 20 YEARS OF JK2 Happy anniversary Jedi Outcast, and thanks for 20 years of one the best Star Wars games ever made! INSTALLATION - Simply place ladder_cake.pk3 in your base directory. HOW TO PLAY To load the map do either of the following: - Bring down the console (SHIFT+~) and type "map ladder_cake" - Go to your load menu and load the savegame named "ladder_cake" The music is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I think it increases the fun level, so crank it up! CHEATS & SECRETS CREDITS - CansecoDev | Making all this thing. - Raven Software | Cairn assembly geometry. - MGummelt | Original "The Ladder" idea and entity work. - Smash3r | Music: Cyberjack Hollowdeath. - Samuel Kim | Music: Victory Celebration, arrangement. - The Prodigy | Music: Firestarter. - Megan J | Music: Darth Plagueis Theme, original composition. - Unknown? | Darth Vader's happy birthday voice and costume.
  6. CansecoDev

    Mace Window

    You just gave me an idea, I'll be back here in eight days
  7. What!? That were their heads? I thought they were wearing a big hoodie, somehow they remind me of Earthworm Jim.
  8. I recall some sort of script you could run to convert JKA models to JK2, but can't remember where that was.
  9. Version 1.03


    This file contains some Spanish audio files that cannot be obtained by any official means other than the original CD version that was released in Spain back in 2002. Neither GOG or Steam as of today (16 March 2022) have the sound files available. INSTALLATION Simply put the assets3.pk3 in the the base folder of Jedi Outcast. To have Spanish as the default text localization, copy jk2config.cfg, jk2mpconfig.cfg and setlanguage.cfg to that same base directory. This will replace your current configuration. DESCRIPCIÓN EN ESPAÑOL
  10. I came just to say this; the thing about lights is that when you compile (not decompile), you can decide to keep the lights as dummy entity data with -keeplights, most base maps were compiled this way, I learned a lot about how to properly do lights by looking at lights key/value data from single player maps, there you can see the little tricks to make illumination work in many different ways. You are correct, they are saved as entities but the engine pretty much ignores them. I do believe tho, that they're needed for SP maps for the NPC "senses" since there is code around light level regarding NPC AI. Edit; got it, it's unfinished code (funny comment right there) so yeah, the engine pretty much ignores light data: float G_GetLightLevel( vec3_t pos, vec3_t fromDir ) { /* vec3_t ambient={0}, directed, lightDir; cgi_R_GetLighting( pos, ambient, directed, lightDir ); lightLevel = VectorLength( ambient ) + (VectorLength( directed )*DotProduct( lightDir, fromDir )); */ float lightLevel; //rwwFIXMEFIXME: ...this is evil. We can possibly read from the server BSP data, or load the lightmap along //with collision data and whatnot, but is it worth it? lightLevel = 255; return lightLevel; } My theory about why they compiled most SP maps with -keeplights is that maybe they had in the design phase to actually have some sort of hide mechanic so you could hide in the dark, who knows?
  11. I'm 100% positive that if someone did, there should be an increasing curve every year around December, I've seen many times it happening; someone comes to play JK around December and all of a sudden here we are all again, to then drop it after some months to just repeat the cycle next year.
    Hello @Vegeta I've been recently learning how to work with huge maps like this, I managed to compile your map as an experiment, I hope this helps, here are the cor3.bsp and cor3.map files.
    I remember playing this on a cybercafe back in 2005 or something, I never though I would see it again (couldn't remember the name of that map).
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