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    I love Mithological \ historical \ Architectonic map Themed, so is impossible for me not enjoy your job! Also, as Italian, maybe i can particulary like how you reproduce the column and vaults style of ancient rome empire. Walk in this map for me is like walk into a little piece of memories of my ancestors. Thanks Biggs! You make my day.
  2. Wonderful kitbashing!!! beatiful model! : D i love your modular approach of character building.
  3. Oh my! as a fantasy writer i love it! thisis exactly the contains that i love mores! These are amazing for be demon bosses! You are a wonderful artist! :D
    I finished to played this today, after i started a new game. For be the first single player expansion of JKA history that's very good as project. This mod added two new quests to tier2: crash on tatooine and capture crime lord of okofo. Crash of tatooine: this mission is short but fun with an impressive action cinematic at the start. a swoop race into the rocky tatooine canyons (i guess the regio is beggar canyon) is really funny and amazing, a little more hard that the swoop run on zonju V. The siths at the end of the levels are really nasty enemy, but they can however beated with a lot of tactic also with a rank skill of apprentice and force powers at medium level. better to have a good force heal and absorb rank level for this quest however, at least rank 2. there are some combos of lightsaber with saber fast style that can easy take down the first reborns. the final reborn masters, well, i confess that i use a flechette gun main fire (i carry flechette on weapon selecetion menu before start this level) for make the enemy more weak, shooting him below the lamda shuttles feet, so i cannot reach and slaying me with saber. i love the fact that there is a very strenght adversare, too strenght for a jedi apprentice, cause on that way players are forced to use intellect for beat instead of just use lightsaber and brutal force powers! I like the sun flares of tatooine skyboxes of this level and the amazing shadow projections of the canyon rocks on the road that you run with the swoop. is a good graphic quality -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okofo quest: maybe i am dumb, but i find this level much diffucult of crash of tatooine. Why? well, this map need to some improvement. i love the underground thugs criminal labirint style and the dark metropolitan sci fi style of this map. i really love it! There are a tons of enemies of all kinds: alien thugs, imperial and cultists. the map alternate empty hallways with improvvise rooms full of enemies, and use jedi sense is necessary for avoid ambush and troubles, cause they have a strong amount of firepower and can easily take you down also on padawan level difficult.so it's an hard level, so i suggest to face it for last, after you collect as max force perk you can for make this more easy. Now the glitches: - objectives not show in datapad, but that's normal. they are hardcoded and require code hacking for work. - the first elevator with the stormtrooper corpses , and many other elevator sometime are stuck and bugged and so is not possible to take an elevator for continue to walkway of the level. the first time that i played the map, yesterday, i used the noclip cheat for bypass that issue. is possible to fix it if someone have original map file and add switches for call the elevator like on other jka level. the door of the hangar that contain the imperial transport at the start of level, when you get the console that open all the doors that allow you to access to the rest of the dungeon are CLOSED and into the cantina full of thugs at the start of pathway there is not any switch (or at least i not find any kind of hidden switched) that allow to open this damned door. so i used noclip for go throught it. after that, at the second temptative the map played Normally. is a great wonderful level. Okofo should get an high appreciation into the recently underworld contest, really, this map breath with the atmosfere of undercity gangs! is like a very gloomy and dark version of coruscant. I love the cutscenes of briefing and debriefing with republic soldier that ask for help I want to make a little suggest to map author: i not know if this works, but for avoid that code raise up the storyinfo cvar, maybe the new maps should put the storyinfo cvar to a --1 value, instead of a ++1 like to the other target_level_change entities into the original t2 quests maps. i guess, that should allow to play all the entire tier2 missions without code hacking. cause there are 7 quests with expansion and so on that way storyinfo cvar get a Rancor +1 Zonju +1 Dosunn +1 Rogue +1 Crash of tatooine -1 to cvar Okofo add 0 to cvar so now cvar is on 4. play krildor level and it turn to 5. is not perfect and is little complicated but at moment i not know how fix it without code hacking. That's all, with some improvement this mod can be one of my favourite. I hope someone will fix okofo maps and fix missinb objectis and tier menu progression, so it can be full played and enjoyed, maybe also adding a TONS of new levels and missions! 4/5 stars.
  4. Nice model and piece of work, Noody. You do that by zero, no porting, no kitbashing, 10\10 only for the effort and the hardjob you make for do that! :D
  5. i love it , but need a tons of fixed with a better assets porting and code hacking for really works 100%. :\ for me it's glitched. doom_shield level crash killed galak. i guess for gravity sets on zero. see my review for more info.
    I am playing this mod with openjk. well, also if ever loved the idea of play jedi otucast from jedi academy, there is a lot of bug i've seen that i want to talk here: the mod works pretty well at ... 90% of cases. that's the issues: - the first are the total missing of jk2 assets, it cause texture and shader missing with blank textures in every parts, cutscene with missing dialogue, missing md3 models, etc. for fix that personally, i put a file called jk_otherstuff into the base directory that contain this folders ported by JO base folders: -effects - gfx - levelshots - models -textures -video -sound/chars with all the folders of jko characters for contain dialogue sentences voice tracks. also, i added manually textures/skies/stars.jpg for fix the missing skybox star into cairn first level outpost. i want to stay away by the fact that NPC on jka are totally dumb and idiot and static despite of jedi outcast, this is a fail of jka engine AI , not of the author of this mod. I want instead to signalate various glitches more bad, i guess ever caused by code lacks, these are gameplay difference respect of jo that make ported jo in jka insanely easy: - mark1 droid not shoots. - many turrets are "dumbs" despite of jedi outcast with less vigilance and reaction to kyle presence. - imperial commanders not use altfire. - galak mech not have the visible bubble shield, repeaters burst from galak mech models shooted by hips instead of arms, he not use slam fist attack, and the other energetic beam atk of jedi outcast, that use destroyed the shield. he not use repeater altfire concussion, that make the fight against galak insanely easy respect of Jo when is really a nasty adversary. - CRASH: when galak is killed doomgiver gravity fail down into jedi outcast and kyle need to escape flying into the air, at least on my game, in this moment the engine crash. i not understand why, but SET_GRAVITY 0 or whatervers happens into jedi outcast at this point as script not like much to jka engine. Now the good things: i really appreciate the Sanguine Hipster job of make "two games on 1" , that's need just to be improved a lot. but that i guess require also some code fix for make JKA more... JOish. so is not absolutely fail of the modder, but fail of the engine. i really appreciate the idea and play JO on JKA engine is very wonderful for likes and enjoy better graphic and enviroments. i really love the labyrinthic lives full of puzzles and dilemma of JO and the old game style when puzzles and intelligence was more important of HD graphic and visual enviroment, like into modern game franchises. 4\5 is my vote.
    I played the map just now and... i am very pleased and wondered °o°. The map is very detailed. the music allow to really breath the mistery and danger atmosfer of this hidden and far outpost. The lights are lows, and that make the ambiences really intringuing and darkly, misterious. You can never know what's hide after a door or a edge of wall. The mine is labyrinthic and claustrophobic, very well done, with supporting arches and beams. and various way and passages. if you are tired from trips, there are a little hidded cantina into the landing pad. i suggest to explore the machine room of the starship. the I am impressed with the precision and the ability to produce patches with which ramikad has produced a splendid cooling grid. the hardjob done by Ramikad for do that, and the cure for details, very is very impressive. i put on this map max value, 10 to 10 only for the work and passion he has dedicated to realise it. I LOVE the floating asteroid belt on the sky. this is not a map. this is Art! about the other things, i can just tell you: watch out for trap... ARGH! *clangs* *died*
  6. That's right. Is possible to easy use JK2 models into JKA. but the inverse operation require re-rig the JKA model with JK2 skeleton. if i remember fine, Jka skeleton have 53 bones, JKO skeleton 72 bones. I agree to wonko and canseco that a script that make autoconversion should be the best way to solve the problem. fix it manually can be a lot tedious. (re-rig model, or manually add missing bones and do hierarchy and eventually rig of it)
  7. What the hell!!! a... a NPC entity spawner that bounce into itself! O.o sure a very fast and direct way but it can be the motivation for crash, the easy way to fix that should be to edit the map for use a target_counter -> target_scriptrunner that lead to a script with wait 1000 "use Swoop" commands and see what it happens, there is sufficente debounce time for avoid a CRC error and for allow engine to free entity. also if is added delay 1000 to target_counter or to scriptrunner for increase the debounce time. but it require or entity modding, or original MAP file. if it crash again, should be very hard to fix with code hacking. or at least i am not sure exactly of how do it.
  8. so is a problem of missing delay... i wondering if that could be fixed with entity modding adding a lot of delay to the target_counter or whatever entity is used for respawn infinite vehicles. I guess i need to decompile the Map and to check directly how entities works. i need specific informations.
  9. So, is not the flag that create the damage, but the fact that there is some worst that happened with target counter set to -1. so basically it ask to engine "spawn again the vehicle" but the vehicle is removed from memory, so engine try to spawn but not find ... nothing! i need to check when i can do how work the target_counter code related to vehicle spawning at this point. it's clear that if is not related to the flag BUMPED, the problem is into the code of target_counter, target_scriptrunner, Usescript, whatever is used by engine for spawn the vehicle! So need to be checked the icarus code, i guess and the gtk radiant code. icarus is set into Q3_Interface.cpp and Q3_interface.h. Is there is a script that is runned by the spawner of snowspeeders? HOW they are spawned and respawned into these maps? how this works into the map structure? you need to analyze that and do a reverse engeneering job for find the issue. consider however that VH_FIGHTER code are VERY messy and incomplete (the reason cause i tried to create a new code working with AI npc and player vector movement, instead of use Vehicle code) probably the problem is about the VH_FIGHTER, try first off to edit the snowspeeder entity into a VH_SWOOP into VEH files of map and see if this cause again the crash. VH_FIGHTER code is buggy, incomplete and very messy. so i not surprise it crash for every stupid run access violation of memory bias etc.
  10. Okay, i examinated the code and i found something very interesting about how this things works into engine: basically there is a flag, like EF_BOUNCE, EF_BOUNCE_SHRAPNEL, EF_BOUNCE_HALF etc, that when is enabled create some special movements features with game vectors. the bounce and bounce shrapnel are related to the bouncing physic used by bouncing projectiles, flechette shrapnel main fire and flechette alt fire / thermal detonator. when on my code i tried to edit stuff with these things i EVER add crashes and exceptions. and they going me mad and crazy for YEARS until i understand . i never really fixed it, i just bypassed the problemes editing the code. i rewrote avoiding the flag on / off feature (basically act like a boolean : on \ off true \ false, so instead of do a silly round of functions with some weird cycle it execute directly the instruction for edit the vectors without use Flags. flags code of the engine is very sensitive and unstable for my experience. about this case: bg_public.h #define PMF_BUMPED (1<<17)//131072 // Bumped into something this is the flag. his marked to the 17th bit field (each flag can contain 32 bit values) ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // pmove->pm_flags #define PMF_DUCKED (1<<0)//1 #define PMF_JUMP_HELD (1<<1)//2 #define PMF_JUMPING (1<<2)//4 // yes, I really am in a jump -- Mike, you may want to come up with something better here since this is really a temp fix. #define PMF_BACKWARDS_JUMP (1<<3)//8 // go into backwards land #define PMF_BACKWARDS_RUN (1<<4)//16 // coast down to backwards run #define PMF_TIME_LAND (1<<5)//32 // pm_time is time before rejump #define PMF_TIME_KNOCKBACK (1<<6)//64 // pm_time is an air-accelerate only time #define PMF_TIME_NOFRICTION (1<<7)//128 // pm_time is a no-friction time #define PMF_TIME_WATERJUMP (1<<8)//256 // pm_time is waterjump #define PMF_RESPAWNED (1<<9)//512 // clear after attack and jump buttons come up #define PMF_USEFORCE_HELD (1<<10)//1024 // for debouncing the button #define PMF_JUMP_DUCKED (1<<11)//2048 // viewheight changes in mid-air #define PMF_TRIGGER_PUSHED (1<<12)//4096 // pushed by a trigger_push or other such thing - cannot force jump and will not take impact damage #define PMF_STUCK_TO_WALL (1<<13)//8192 // grabbing a wall #define PMF_SLOW_MO_FALL (1<<14)//16384 // Fall slower until hit ground #define PMF_ATTACK_HELD (1<<15)//32768 // Holding down the attack button #define PMF_ALT_ATTACK_HELD (1<<16)//65536 // Holding down the alt-attack button #define PMF_BUMPED (1<<17)//131072 // Bumped into something #define PMF_FORCE_FOCUS_HELD (1<<18)//262144 // Holding down the saberthrow/kick button #define PMF_FIX_MINS (1<<19)//524288 // Mins raised for dual forward jump, fix them #define PMF_ALL_TIMES (PMF_TIME_WATERJUMP|PMF_TIME_LAND|PMF_TIME_KNOCKBACK|PMF_TIME_NOFRICTION) //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// THEN here is how it works: BG_Slidermove.cpp function: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// qboolean PM_SlideMove( float gravMod ) { int bumpcount, numbumps; vec3_t dir; float d; int numplanes; vec3_t normal, planes[MAX_CLIP_PLANES]; vec3_t primal_velocity; vec3_t clipVelocity; int i, j, k; trace_t trace; vec3_t end; float time_left; float into; vec3_t endVelocity; vec3_t endClipVelocity; qboolean damageSelf = qtrue; int slideMoveContents = pm->tracemask; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// This function bumps the vehicles when slide against a wall. obvious. when this happens, it enabled the flag here: if (pm->gent->client && pm->gent->client->NPC_class == CLASS_VEHICLE && trace.plane.normal[2]<pm->gent->m_pVehicle->m_pVehicleInfo->maxSlope ) { pm->ps->pm_flags |= PMF_BUMPED; // <- FLAG ENABLED. } ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// now, into the code, there are 2 other points of interest 1: - when flags is turned off (so is edit is deactivated) 2 - when flags is executed, so what happens when PMF_BUMPED is active. case 1: flag is deactivated when into Pmove main function (player movevement, the LARGE and BIG function that code ALL player movements! swim, fly, run, etc! ) every time pmove run, flag is turned out. //////////////////////////////// // Clear the blocked flag //pm->ps->pm_flags &= ~PMF_BLOCKED; pm->ps->pm_flags &= ~PMF_BUMPED; ///////////////////////////// NOW the chunk of code about when PMF_BUMPED is used: is used into bg_pmove static void PM_airmove (void) so, the function that control the movement of entities into air. (so flight, hovering i guess?) and this is what happen when is executed: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// if (pVeh && pm->ps->pm_flags&PMF_BUMPED) { /* // Turn Vehicle In Direction Of Collision //---------------------------------------- vec3_t nAngles; vectoangles(pm->ps->velocity, nAngles); nAngles[0] = pVeh->m_pParentEntity->client->ps.viewangles[0]; nAngles[2] = pVeh->m_pParentEntity->client->ps.viewangles[2]; // toggle the teleport bit so the client knows to not lerp player->client->ps.eFlags ^= EF_TELEPORT_BIT; // set angles SetClientViewAngle( pVeh->m_pParentEntity, nAngles ); if (pVeh->m_pPilot) { SetClientViewAngle( pVeh->m_pPilot, nAngles ); } VectorCopy(nAngles, pVeh->m_vPrevOrientation); VectorCopy(nAngles, pVeh->m_vOrientation); pVeh->m_vAngularVelocity = 0.0f; */ // Reduce "Bounce Up Wall" Velocity //---------------------------------- if (pm->ps->velocity[2]>0) { pm->ps->velocity[2] *= 0.1f; } } } /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// as you can Most part of this chunk is Deactivated by /* */ one of the thousand of code parts when developers wrote "foxil code" that deactivated and in game is not running, ever is still present. so is executed ONLY this line: // Reduce "Bounce Up Wall" Velocity //---------------------------------- if (pm->ps->velocity[2]>0) { pm->ps->velocity[2] *= 0.1f; } So, basically, what it create the crash, should be the reduction of velocity of entity when bounce a wall into some circustances. so the solution i suggest should be to 1 - deactivate this: /* // Reduce "Bounce Up Wall" Velocity //---------------------------------- if (pm->ps->velocity[2]>0) { pm->ps->velocity[2] *= 0.1f; } */ and see what happens and if crash again. if this is the reason of crash, it should be possible to fix running this feature when is played on qboolean PM_SlideMove so something like: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// if (pm->gent->client && pm->gent->client->NPC_class == CLASS_VEHICLE && trace.plane.normal[2]<pm->gent->m_pVehicle->m_pVehicleInfo->maxSlope ) { // pm->ps->pm_flags |= PMF_BUMPED; if (pm->ps->velocity[2]>0) { pm->ps->velocity[2] *= 0.1f; } } ////////////////////////////// So it avoid and bypass to call dangerous flags like PMF_BUMPED and to silly workaround with ping-pong between functions. I hope this work, but i not know. can you try or i need to do by myself? :) (i fixed EF_BOUNCE BOUNCE_HALF crashes using this method into weapon code recently, working for doing a lib like .SAB file for free customize the guns. i added a tons of variables for customize the ballistic of projectiles. it was very hard but they works without crashes )
  11. thanks, is a start point. but i told you that i never worked much with vehicles code, so i not guarantee that i can fix the bug. also cause is a very strange and foolish bug. openjk is born with purpouse to clean bugs from original engine. if you find a new bug, really, you should ask to openjk stuff to fix it asap. i see what how can i do, but i am not doing promises.
  12. Damn, that's is pretty nasty. it means that you have found a rare glitch and bug of original game engine! so, infinite swoop spawns are instables when they hit a wall and slide on wall.. that's is very interesting and incredible glitch. Congratulations for your sharp eye sight. you should talk about this to openjk developeers team stuff and segnalate the incredibile issue and pull a request on git about some way to fix the bug. I will try this stuff when i have a lot of time. i need to repay your for bypass 32 bit limit field of weapons, remember? but i not know if i am so skilled to fix this stupid crash. it will require a lot of time for manage it. thanks however for pointed me the lines that are responsable of this silly behavour of engine. HINT: try to check ALL the code parts whre is called the flag PMF_BUMPED. maybe there is some strange connections with spawners entities. the issues should be mostly that, or the "if statement itself" i can't be sure without testing it. it will require times. :3 i'll let you know if i 'll do some progress. pm->ps->pm_flags |= PMF_BUMPED; Into the way, signal this to openjk stuff. is a really interesting bug that need to be investigated.
  13. Apparently seems okay. but the issue is caused by pmove. two questions: 1 - name of the functions when it happens? 2 - is default ja code, or a mod code? Never had this problem on my openjk, my personal code edits, or vanilla original code or other mod codes (also if on my machine run only eezstreet gunslinger) . if is a edited code, i should suppose is caused by unpredictable effects. i means, there is some kind of entropy into a game code. each time that you edit something, it will can have unpredictables effect or create bugs. when you do a code edit, checks ever carefully with "find all references" all the code chunks when is called the functions and also the subfunctions that are inside it, so, if happens a bug or crash, you have a start point to fix it. you can try to do try and error deactivating the chunks of code line that you guess to cause the crash for better identify it. for example, try the function with the pmove line deactivated you can use // before the line for deactivate his code reading. othersiwe you can put code chunk between /* */ i never had a good debugging on my machine, so for fix crash mostly i go with try and error with this sytem until i find the issue. a good debugging help very much to avoid time consuming to locate the issue. but if you have crash with unknown causes, using this method can give you an help for find the chunks or code, or the function calls that cause the issue.
  14. Sorry, i never used UE4 and i not know how to make these animations doables on it. they can be used on unity. if they are put into the humanenemy folder i guess. at least, a lot of years ago i worked some months to a fan game on unity and me and the coder successfully ported to unity working animations.
  15. Is almost similar to italian, at least for most of words, but italy grammar is more complicated. if you learn spanish you can understand also a lot of my language. thanks for the spanish addon canseco!
  16. well, tecnically also ported models from other games are stolen assets. A simple mind maybe expect that into a modding community all assects of modders are free to use from other modders, making with credits The reality is that this is case by case, that peoples mostly is selfish or jealous of their art, also if is a mod for a no profit free context like modding a game, and that each modder have differents rules and make different licences about his personal production. Personally i prefear the copyleft policy respect of old copyright policy, but i understand if someone is so jealous of his art that not want to share with anyone or is angry if someone use into a project without his permission. (okay, that's can be understandable). modders should ever ask wrote permissions by others before use other stuff in a different contest.
  17. I played this years ago and it was a fantastic mod! amazing battle. engine boosted to his limit. impressive the dogfight single player part! if you study assets, you can see fighters use basically swoops logic deeply hacked. i suggest to all modders to study asset of this mod for learn stuff that can be useful for new projects. so the heredity of this mod will be double useful, for entertainment, and for production.
  18. Thit's character have an italian name. "Boc Aseca" is like "Bocca Secca". On my language it means: "Dry Mouth" i really suppose that many of Star wars names are words joke of various languages, different from English. Nice model.
  19. Why not put it on tier 3, but make little more hard the fight againt trandoshans swoopers? (i not know exactly how, without editing the map itself,.., maybe some fix of scripts, maybe is possible to give to trandoshan troops a little armor points for make ther more hard to defeats.)
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    It's an amazing work Biggs, i love the etnic and ancient civilian and exocitc architecture themed maps and that is one of the best i've seen.
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