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  1. I guess I'm back.

  2. Hey, how've you been?

    1. scp_chaos1


      Very good, the mod has had many changes in this year, I have not updated for time reasons, but a new update will be seen soon.

  3. I'm surprised to hear that, as I've been out of the game since 2017. I was a heavy mod collector back in the day, and I miss those days more than anything. Maybe I'll stick around this time ?
  4. Merek

    JA++ Download

    Thanks for this!
  5. I've been wanting to get back into this game for years now, it's one of my favorite games of all time. The sad truth is there have been many attempts at a Community Revival and they have all ended in failure because nobody is interested in playing a game that was released in 2003 when they have other options. Most of my friends with whom I enjoyed many hundreds of hours playing this game with have moved on and no longer care about it, forcing me to reluctantly move on as well because everyone knows there is nothing more boring than playing a multiplayer game alone.
  6. Hit 23 today. God I feel so old...

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    2. Ramikad


      29 here... and I feel like I'm 2900.

    3. Thisismyusername


      As someone who also turned 23 this year, dude we still have a number of years to add before we should even start having that kind of mentality.

    4. z3filus


      You're barely an adult. Wait a few more years before you start "feeling old".

  7. I use this mod for MP (don't think it works for SP) https://jkhub.org/files/file/2382-dt-rend2-setup-menu
  8. Merek

    Site Down?

    Do these include ALL the cvars and server-side commands docs? Those, I'm missing also some of the options in the interface do not work with the google drive version.
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