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    This is a scripted multiplayer version of the board game senet from Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation for JKA. The current version needs at least 2 players for it to work. The map was just a random idea of mine, it is a lovely game however, so if you want to try something unusual while playing JK with your friends, go for it! It can offer some fun for social events as well if pawns are replaced by actual players with 2 leaders to move them. (Thanks to Iceblade for the idea!) ************** *Game Rules* ************** WARNING: Due to an oddity in the game's engine, you should roll about 5
  2. Nobody claimed that it had anything to do with the real VotJ. I admit that the title could be misleading at first, however, one quick look at the screenshots or the description and you would have known not to make false assumptions. The map was named after the community it was made for. (Next time use a smaller image?)
  3. Version 1.4


    Author : Zachry D'Kana E-Mail : zachrydkana@gmail.com Website : http://valleyofthejedi.boards.net/ Files Included : the_valley_of_the_jedi.pk3 ; votj_pack.pk3 File Size : ~100 MB together Date Released : August 28th, 2016 Description : This is the official map of The Valley of the Jedi JA community. We are a group of people who play to have fun and train together, and so the map caters to the needs of a training facility. The design was heavily inspired by Raven's yavin style from JO and JA; in some cases I used the original brushes as basis to make people remember the atmosphere of jk2
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