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  1. A few tweaks could be done to improve the anatomy but overall great work and faithful to the originals!
  2. It fixed the gamma problem for me. Thanks!
  3. The model is actually complete and you can fight against him as an NPC. He uses a custom skeleton and was never meant to be a playable character however.
  4. A quick check: if you changed folder structure then you will also need to change paths in she shader file and .skin files.
  5. Still too high on the polycount / verts. Needs heavy optimization to prevent crashing the game.
  6. He definitely seems more alert and ready to kick your ass!
  7. @minilogoguy18@SomaZ and other staff... Pic model updated - now includes caps and 3 LODs.
  8. Late replies are very late! Because that's the closest thing i had around that vaguely looked like a machete. 3Ds Max for new head mesh and Photoshop for textures. It's a multiplayer skin. If you want to use it in SP you'll need cheats (i think) or set him up as a new species.
  9. Dev team should check the drive for DF2_pic.pk3 and change the bosses.npc to "Pic" instead of Reborn.
  10. Should be good for now unless something needs to be tweaked. Looking forward to the update. I've also checked in a playable Pic, just modify the bosses npc to Pic instead of reborn for the model.
  11. It comes out like a rat's nest. Looks like something went wrong during the export process. Sorry.
  12. It looks sorted now, thank you. Will keep testing but it's already 100% better.
  13. There you go. https://drive.google.com/file/d/12bEPx909hPwKCgUlUoCkTDIyTcvbMO4B/view?usp=sharing
  14. Textures overhauled and previewed in updated renderer. Excuse the crappy shots but the new build keeps crashing on my end.
  15. The number of total head bones i irrelevant, only 9 are used. The extra bones are part of the animation rig from XSI.
  16. According to this, it might be pushing it for SP. Using a mod should be fine.
  17. What's most likely happening is that the .skin file for that asset is pointing to a "made up" image file from the shader. Let's call that a material instead of a texture.
  18. Short answer: you need a diffuse.tga map, a spec.tga map a glow.tga map and env.tga map for your shader to work as intended. Each image needs should reside in the same folder as the hilt and be assigned properly in blender (at least in max that's how the .md3 format expects it). In the md3 tool you can also load your hilt and assign textures with a .skin file and then export that to .glm.
  19. Basics of porting. -Load a stock JA model, such as kyle to use as a template to scale / position your ripped model. -Use the ripped model's bones to roughly pose it around Kyle's mesh. -Make sure the joints line up with the main joints. -Once the ripped model has been posed as best as possible, get rid of the ripped model's skeleton and Kyle's mesh. -Start rigging using the JA skeleton / tags. -Once the weights are good, you can start splitting the model into proper limbs. Export and enjoy.
  20. Blender or Max? Why do you re-import your .GLM? That is probably the issue (it does some funky stuff when you re-import a .glm, at least in max)
  21. Hmmm would be something i need to check, i remember enabling something on initial run (ages ago) but not sure if that was it.
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