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  1. I was always planning on doing it myself, just gonna need some help. Not sure if it's normal, which I think it is, and idk how relevant it is, but apparently this is already rigged to a skeleton with an armature unless that's the same thing, and there's already vertex groups here. Not sure if that's what stays in segments when I move the skeleton to move the mesh I think it is. There might be a better way cause idk how to handle this kind of thing, but if everything is already segmented like this, is there a way to be able to take those parts separately and assign it to parts of a different sk
  2. I see, well whether it's you or someone else who looks at this, as you can see I'm not really sure if I can make this work in the game. The head isn't above the torso, and the arms might not be in the correct position at the socket or at the torso etc, and if there's something I could do about it I wouldn't know. I can see how other things in the model would work though I think. I'd have to pose the model regardless somehow, unless there's some automatic way to do that after assigning parts maybe or something, but even then I don't think it'd look right. Someone made a ridley mod from ultimate
  3. kk so seeing my model compared to others in the game, I'm realizing I might not be able to use it cause the body's "structure" isn't really human enough for it to look right in jka and stuff. Wasn't really thinking about it, not sure if there's some kind of way to make it work. Though I guess someone did make ridley work... I think I saw there were terms in the rules for sending files that are from other games but idk if that applies to pics of models, and other stuff from the game are on sites with models, so I think it'd prob be ok. Just making sure I don't break any rules or anything first
  4. Yeah that's working, I didn't try having model/players under base, thanks for the help. Am I able to ask other questions here or should I make another thread, cause I kinda have one about the model I want to use itself.
  5. Hi, I know it's been posted about a few times but the solutions to importing glm files with the no .gla error just don't seem to be working right for me for some reason. I'm using blender 2.83 and I've tried organizing things in a lot of different ways and changing what directory things are in and trying different models etc, but I can't seem to do it correctly. I was wondering if I could maybe post pics of how my folders look so I could maybe get what to do to fix this. I'm also wondering if once this gets fixed, if I need to make a new thread to ask about help with the process of getting a m
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