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  1. Okay guys, i followed all of the topic but im still confused about the YTD method. The audio sound like crap. but i need to export the .ROQ file in 22050 HZ so whats the best thing to do, export my video to mp4/avi and use the freq to 44100 HZ, then export to finally convert it to .roq in 22050 Hz ? I have tried that but the audio sounded even worse. Any tip on how to achieve a correct sound ?
  2. Nai


    I followed the story he gave me 😃 Thanks for the support !
  3. 40 downloads

    My last creation, the GjallarSaber, made under the indications of Laszlo. (a fellow Je'daii) Largely inspired by the nordic culture. INFO Made with blender Textured with Gimp Sounds created with Ableton Tested for base, JA+ and MB2 ("replace saber_rosh") A used metal saber in the shape of a hammer assambled with two horns engraved with norsh decorations . Including 6 unique and agressive sounds (3 swing sfx, switch on/off sfx and saber humming sfx) -Specular map -Glow map -Environemental map (In MB2 the blade will be unstable) Installation
  4. 42 downloads

    About The first lightsaber hilt i've created from scratch. Made for my personal use in the Je'daii clan. (MB2) I decided to share it to give a little retribution to the great Jedi Academy community that gave me so much entertaining content over the years. Info Made with Gmax and corrected the geometry with blender Textured with Gimp Sounds created with Ableton Tested for base, JA+ and MB2 ("replace single_3") A golden saber hilt with reflections and shiny decorations. Including : 6 unique sounds (3 swing sfx, switch on/off sfx and saber humming sfx)
  5. Psykosith -> No idea what's the deal with theses tga files, i've never seen them in any pk3 i downloaded but by opening some custom saber's glm in blender they where still pointing to tga files (not included in the pk3).. so this is very confusing to me... MrWonko, thanks a lot man you are a legend, that was exactly my problem, replaced \ by / and it instantly worked perfectly ! Thanks again !
  6. Hello, once again i have a problem with a saber hilt model ='D I wish to create a staff saber. My model is basically done and i have a basic texture on it. The problem i have with it is that no matter what i do the shaders dosent seems to work, they dont show ingame. My pk3 is done based on my previous saber that is working properly. The saber is made of 3 different parts ; emitter one, emitter two and the metal bar in the middle what i wish to do it to have 2 different shaders, one affecting both of the emmiters and one affecting the hilt. In blender for th
  7. ---SOLVED--- Thanks a lot, to be honest i did not understood everything but hopefully i will learn more about that by watching different tutorials. To solve my problem i separated my saber into 2 objects and its now working properly. Also, i had another problem where some parts of my saber where invisible, but not in modview, only in-game. the cause was some inverted faces in the editor, i simply used a "flip normal" modifier. I should also recommand getting rid of gmax, some old tutorial are explaining how to use it, but really it is not ideal, you are better
  8. 1400, but witout the uvmap... Did you changed something ?
  9. Thanks for the info, but there is another problem, i really have no idea on how to stick the vertices together, there should be a way to do it but in gmax i have no idea how...
  10. In Gmax, it counts around 400 only, dont you think it is a problem with the intersections ? https://imgur.com/FovMo4D
  11. I dont think i can export as an .obj in gmax, but in my first post there is the .md3 and the gmax file... if you really need the .obj do you have a way to convert them ?
  12. Thank for the advice but iam really a complete noob in modeling so ill need more explainations... 1- Non smoothered hard edges. I really dont want my model to look more smooth or rounded, id like to keep it blocky, also i dont really see how smoothing the edges could reduce the vertices count... 2- UV Seam Okay this could be a problem, for some faces i dont need to have 6 different squares, so i stacked them, but not perfectly, it basically looks like that : https://imgur.com/uvwyweU are you telling me that each of them will count as a vertice somehow ? Shou
  13. Hello everybody ! Okay so i decided to create a hilt following the virtue tutorial with Gmax. https://virtue.thejediacademy.net/tutorials/hilts/saber_tutorial.html However i have a problem. When i select my object it says that i have around 400 vertices wich should be okay. but after export in md5-view it says i have over 1800... needless to say the game cant handle it and gives me an error message. I think i may have an overlapping problem but i have zero idea how to solve it. Here are the md5 and the gmax file if you want to take a look. ht
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