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  1. 1400, but witout the uvmap... Did you changed something ?
  2. Thanks for the info, but there is another problem, i really have no idea on how to stick the vertices together, there should be a way to do it but in gmax i have no idea how...
  3. In Gmax, it counts around 400 only, dont you think it is a problem with the intersections ? https://imgur.com/FovMo4D
  4. I dont think i can export as an .obj in gmax, but in my first post there is the .md3 and the gmax file... if you really need the .obj do you have a way to convert them ?
  5. Thank for the advice but iam really a complete noob in modeling so ill need more explainations... 1- Non smoothered hard edges. I really dont want my model to look more smooth or rounded, id like to keep it blocky, also i dont really see how smoothing the edges could reduce the vertices count... 2- UV Seam Okay this could be a problem, for some faces i dont need to have 6 different squares, so i stacked them, but not perfectly, it basically looks like that : https://imgur.com/uvwyweU are you telling me that each of them will count as a vertice somehow ? Shou
  6. Hello everybody ! Okay so i decided to create a hilt following the virtue tutorial with Gmax. https://virtue.thejediacademy.net/tutorials/hilts/saber_tutorial.html However i have a problem. When i select my object it says that i have around 400 vertices wich should be okay. but after export in md5-view it says i have over 1800... needless to say the game cant handle it and gives me an error message. I think i may have an overlapping problem but i have zero idea how to solve it. Here are the md5 and the gmax file if you want to take a look. ht
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