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  1. gla has 52 bones model has 72 bones maybe you are trying to load a jk2 model with jk3 skeleton or vice versa? I NEED SOME HELP HERE im using blender
    it's a pretty good mod!
    Would you mind telling how did you did that frankstein? I tried but when i started multiplayer my whole character body disappeared and what was left was his hair that was without texture so please help me. SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH
  2. hey guys i finished my sp mod BUT the problem is how do i make it a sp mod? I know it has something to do with playerchoice but idk how  to do it

    1. Circa


      You finished your SP mod but didn’t actually? 😛 Just kidding. If you’re talking about a skin or model, read this tutorial:


    2. eduxdbossss2
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