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  1. It is something I am aware of, but initially didn't include them for MB2 as I thought they would be a detail that wouldn't necessarily be noticed in game, and wouldn't be worth adding the extra meshes for. I will re-add them and some other minor changes when I get a bit more time rest assured! I am currently sorting out the other models I've made for MB2 to be released on here, but will add the straps after then.
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    These are character models for the Shoretrooper and Tanktrooper from Rogue One. I've also made their E-22 blaster rifles as a replacement for default E-11. These models were originally created for Moviebattles II mod, and this is their official release on JKHub. Modelled in 3ds Max, Topogun and zbrush. Maps Baked in xNormal and textured with Quixel Suite and AshuraDX's Substance shader. *NPC Spawn requires OpenJK* Npc Spawn List: Shoretrooper Shoretrooper_Elite Tanktrooper Known Bugs:
  3. Hey there, I don't necessarily take requests, but it is always useful to know what characters people would like to see, I do glance through the rewuest forum now and then, to see what people are interested in Is something I might be looking into doing at some point, since I already made the body mesh for the shore/tank trooper. There's a few things I've done for the Moviebattles II mod that will be released soon, but other than that I am afraid I am not actively working on anything new at this moment, due to lack of time. I appreciate the replies and interest from everyone though Edit: Posting from mobile so apologies for the weird format !
  4. Handplane Baker is also fairly decent and has support for different input tangents.
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