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  1. .. But we all got a chicken-duck, woman-thing waiting for us.

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    2. Darth Sion

      Darth Sion

      I've got her picture in my photo wagon.

    3. Cerez


      Ha-ha, keep it poppin'!

    4. Darth Sion

      Darth Sion

      Yeah, she'd probably love to Honky-tonk (Yeah, she'd probably love to Honky-tonk).

  2. I will bring peace, freedom, justice.. And security to my new Empire.

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    2. Cerez


      The galaxy is doomed...

    3. Darth Sion

      Darth Sion

      The Jedi have won. But all is not lost.. Every single Jedi, including the President; Donald Trump.. Is now an enemy of the Republic. Do what must be done, my Sith followers. Do not hesitate. Show no mercy.

    4. Cerez


      :D With that call to arms, I am joining the Dark Side! ^_^
  3. I'll show you.. The Dark Side.

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    2. Bek
    3. GPChannel


      I'm Just saying that let go of your anger before it destroy you! :P

    4. Cerez


      And I'll blind you with the Light!

  4. You don't know, the power of the Dark Side.. Join me and I will complete your training. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict.. And bring order to the galaxy!

  5. If you're not with me.. Then you're my enemy!

    1. Numfast


      I'll what I must.

    2. Bek


      Really wishing that edit feature was in place.

    3. Numfast
  6. That funny moment, when your name's "Damian" and you go to your JKHub Profile and find you have '666' Profile Views.

  7. 2 days to go, until Fan-girls everywhere.. And boys feel the Force, once again.

  8. I feel like a hysterical, little girl with a Barbie doll, 'cos in 7-days "The Force Awakens" will have awoken.

    1. DrXann


      Everyone is excited.

  9. Hi, I just wanted to ask if you'll be doing any movie based mods, such as characters and such from "The Force Awakens". etc.?

    1. Brownjor10


      well I'm making a huge game mod based off knights of the force mixed with openjk. but it's so overly flooded with copyright issues I won't ever be able to release it on here. But as for Force Awakens, yeah. I just submitted a Finn model I made. Hopefully it will be accepted and up for download soon.

    2. Darth Sion

      Darth Sion

      Yeah, the file is up and available for download now. Just downloaded it, myself.

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