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  1. No, that one was a small location. It's not that big, just a small courtyard for dueling.
  2. This reminds me of one map, I've been looking for for ages now. It was a Naboo courtyard, perhaps a MP map for dueling. There were two areas, where the players start with archways of some sort. The map was quite detailed even though it used Radiant brushes only. It had new skybox, if I remember correct. But all textures were certainly a creation of the author himself – brick walls, roof, floor and plants. I once saw it on jk3files, I believe, but never ever since. I still have some textures from that map somewhere around, but unfortunately that's all.
  3. The latest screen with two Ragnos cultists (I assume), was it made outside Jedi Academy game?
  4. You can check Quake 3 skyboxes in net, there are many with very different visuals. You can simply replace the Yavin IV original sky textures with new ones via adding a pk3 into you hame base. If you want a Yavin IV with a red moon variant, I do remember one map for JK had a Yaving IV at night sky. Also you could try searching other Star Wars games for these, but I got a feeling, that Battlefront 2004 used a different scheme for a sky (the Red moon is a separate texture for example).
  5. It's worth testing this NPC on various Difficulty levels too. As far as I know – various aspects of different enemies vary depending on the difficulty. On Hard mode it might be an almost impossible challenge, if some NPC specifics aren't reasonably set.
  6. This one would make a perfect version of some mutant Rodian created by Techno Union scientists, like in the Clone Wars episode of Tartakovsky series. Perhaps using a Wampa skeleton would make this guy look (and feel) slightly more comfortable?
    I must say – this is something very unexpected, but very welcome! Nina mod might not be that famous like some of the larger mods, but nevertheless these stories about Nina Delenda, released in 2000s by Larry McBruce – are truly a masterpiece and part of the Jedi Knight Legacy. I'm glad, that today Zahar combined all of the Nina's stories and created one single pack with all the adventures in one place, as well as so many options to try. Some of these, like customisable costumes or lightsaber hilts weren't always part of the originals. Now you can play the way you like it and start from the beginning on Korriban, where Nina tries to learn about (...spoiler!), or move forward and lead a task group to defeat evil forces on various worlds. Whatever you choose – all of the efforts of Larry McBruce are there, still in place and still shining as a marvellous example of both design and good gameplay. This Anthology is a remarkable modification to try. I'm glad, that Zahar introduced special menus of all missions to choose from. The renovated characters are also a nice addition – unique appearance of main and background characters give the game a very fresh look! While I played Nina mods years ago, I'm glad we have a chance to relieve something from the old days. Such a set of mods is also a good opportunity for new players, who haven't tried the originals. Definitely the Nina Anthology is worthy of recognition in the JK community.
  7. This is definitely something worth a try to relive the legendary adventures of Nina. Always loved these!
  8. The Phantom Menace video game had spectators siting in the Arena. There were several NPCs, which could talk and move, but the majority was a low-poly 3d public, even though some of them had heads animated. I think in you case it could also work, because the duelists aren't supposed to enter the seats area. So you could place amore accurate version of people in the first row, a less accurate )low-poly 3d) people in the back, and 2d PNG/TGA people (with animation or not) in the farthest row. That's what I'm currently thinking over for a level I'm working on.
  9. I'm not sure, but might assume he used skyportals – you make a brush line of speeders + shader, and thus it's animated. You place all the miniatures like speeders and other things into a separate room with a sky and the above mentioned entity. Skyportal then projects the whole thing into the skies in your map.
  10. I think someone actually extracted and updated the Ubese from KOTOR II, however they aren't called Ubese or anything like that in PK3 packs, which I saw. I do believe, they are simply called Sith Assassins (while true Sith Assassins look differently and actually can be spotted in this video too).
  11. This is so cool. And reminds of the golden era of Star Wars, when we had the Prequels, the good old gaming and other unimaginable things. It's good to see one can wear a SWG armor!
  12. Adding spectators would be cool. The ones from original KOTOR are pretty low-quality, but it's possible to use others, like creating png/tga from the existing Player models + shader. There was this old (not very known) game of Timeline (based on the novel with the same name by Michael Crichton), which had public sitting at the knight tournament, with people animated (several shots). It's possible to do the same in JA
  13. These are absolutely amazing! It would be stupid to say, that "we've seen everything in JA", but this is by far one of the most unusual models ever created for JO/JA modding lore! I would definitely like to see more of this style, as it looks peculiar, out of the boundaries and – undoubtedly beautiful. I already feel, that this organic carnival of the Force would be most welcomed here and surely deserves a story of its own, either as a backstory or even a Single Player mod.
    It's been some time since I played SP mods for Jedi Academy, but this one seemed to be worth a try. The mod adds 2 new missions to the second tier for Jaden, one takes place on Tatooine, where you travel to explore the Shuttle crash. It's not just shooting and dueling, even though you encounter Reborn warriors. It's good to see that we get an expansion of swoop missions with this mod, so you ride one until you come across Jawas and the destroyed ship. This mission is short, but gives a fresh look on missions of the New Jedi Order. A second assignment takes you to Okofo, a new planet, which looks a lot like a shadowy ecumenopolis full of thugs, who are led by an Imperial guy. His status is perhaps that of Rax Joris, but the city is an elaborate set of labyrinths, which you have to explore before you find your goal. In both missions the authors added cutscenes Also the Okofo missions gets a briefing from a Republic Soldier. Hopefully more authors would add new maps to the packs, so that we could choose from a variety of different worlds to explore. For now this is a very good addition to a familiar flow of the JA story.
  14. You can expand the city by adding the cityline into the sky itself. I could think of three methods: – City picture of the skybox itself – Skyportal entity + 2d city texture placed there – Skyportal entity + 3d city miniatures In the latter two you can even add flying cars, FX, some holographic ads and much more! This reminded me of Corellia in Rogue Squadron 3D, one of my favourite games.
  15. These DF2 models in the new entourage look absolutely fantastic! It's always good to see a respectful homage towards one of the best classics.
  16. Hi! I'm not sure, what could be the problem. Could you be a little more specific, what've you tried to achieve? There are a few things, which sometimes cause problem in our mod either due to a wrong installation or JA specifics. But perhaps your issue is different, yet still we would be able to find a solution
  17. Adding new NPCs to an already existing map might be a bit tricky. Editing the values of the already placed characters and their actions (as well as scripts in the map in general) is perhaps far easier. If NPC has a NPC_targetname in the map (those in cutscenes definitely have unique names), then you can change them via a script, already used in the map. You'll have to use Behaved for that, to edit TXT files, but most original JO/JA scripts are in IBI format, so you'll have to use a decompiler fro that. You can find one such utility right here. Thus you would be able to edit a TXT file with Behaved and the compile it again (and place into a new pk3 inside a base folder). You can even make new scripts and make original ones play them in the map. You can read more about scripting here.
  18. So far this character is one of a few things I enjoyed in the new Book of Boba Fett series. Nice job of making him available in JA!
  19. This is a very interesting discussion. Compiling a map for JA is perhaps the least favourite things... (I'm not alone here). There are different things, which affect the compile time, indeed. Textures that emit light also seem to cause trouble in this regard, but too many models, shaders and other things too. Too bad JA is a game from the old times, when you couldn't create a new map in real-time, seeing everything right away.
  20. This is legendary. Besides being of great design, the map found its way into other mods, working as a hub in SWG (if I'm correct, it's been long ago for me))), and it would be no wonder, that a lot fan-made stories took place on Taris, with this map in mind.
  21. Oh, I remember that Frigate from Battlefront II. Always would try to destroy it first, when flying in space. Good old memories.
  22. Omg. The only thing I can currently think of is this : Hopefully someone would be as creative in bringing Dimitrescu to JK as the people who added Piglet and others to Resident Evil.
  23. NumberWan


    I'm not much into MP, but the design – is what truly important to me. I like the Antique look of this map, and even though it's very simple in design – it's remarkable for its pure form and feel. I hope, you make more like this – for example the interior of Pantheon in Rome! It's quite large and has some peculiar niches and details, while the area is quite large to become an FFA or perhaps a Duel map.
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