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  1. Seems like some cool stuff there, but not seeing any of my clan's files, or the House of Blue Leaves map, sadly. Thanks for the link, tho.
  2. They were mostly on Filefront/Gamefront back in the day, not sure if those sites are connected. Some of their stuff got backed up, but my clan's skins didn't seem to make it. I'm mostly hoping some old guildmates get nostalgic, find this thread, and happen to have some copies of the old mods.
  3. Former samurai in a Star Wars game.  Looking for lost Burning Dawn skins and the House of Blue Leaves mod (both in my cover photo).

  4. Sorry if this is the wrong subforum, I'm kinda new here. I've searched this site fairly thoroughly, as well as Google and Bing, but some files remain lost to me. Sadly, some of them were clan-specific, and the links on our old forum are dead now. So I figured maybe I'd have a little better luck if I asked. The mod I'm most likely to find was a version of the House of Blue Leaves from Kill Bill (NOT the one linked to in this thread). I'm pretty sure it was for Academy, since I have a screenshot of me duel-wielding in it. The other files, likely rarer, were various mods for the Burning Dawn clan. We were the kind of nerds that modded Jedi Academy into a samurai game, and we had a ton of custom outfits based on the Samurai V2 model pack. I even made a few of them myself, but I'm pretty sure the hard drive holding the original files is the dead one sitting in my cabinet. Maybe some (former?) clan members still lurk here, or might find this thread in the future- if you have my skins, you have my permission to upload 'em, as long as you send me the link!
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