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  1. @MagSul Thanks for the help, I just fixed that.
  2. @Circa I do have gmail account I just haven't used the drive before.
  3. @MagSul Would I need to make an account with either of those?
  4. @MagSul is there a way I can send a zip in a post or does this site not allow that?
  5. @MagSul That's exactly what I did and it's still not registering with the game. Do I need to number the secret areas so that the game does not get confused?
  6. @NAB622, It's supposed say: "Secret Area!" and also play a sound. The second secret area did it just fine. The only thing that I can think of that might be causing the problem is that the first secret area the player has to activate a switch to open the secret area.
  7. Need some more help. I put a couple of secret areas in the map. One of them is not working properly, some assistance would be appreciated.
  8. @Circa and @MagSul, thanks for the help the doors now have a sound attached to it. The sound problem that I had is not the only problem with the map. I messed up a later version the map when I attempted to add in a tram to the map. I had load in my backup for the map and oddly lost a texture for my doors in game, radiant still has the texture on it. I'll post something in this from when I need more help.
  9. @NAB622, could you explain in more detail? I'm still kind of new to this.
  10. @NAB622, the path is C:Program Files(x86)/ LucasArts/ Star Wars Jedi Knght Jedi Academy/ GameData/ Base/ Sounds.
  11. @NAB622, I just tried the manual method and it is still not playing the sound.
  12. Unfortunately there is no error in the game's console, at least not popping up that is.
  13. NAB622, I selected the door and pressed the n key to bring up the entities and the I pressed the ... button next to the sound bar. I am using a .wav sound file.
  14. Hi everybody, I'm working on a single player map and I'm having some trouble with it. I wanted to add sound files to my doors in the map. I attached the desired sound to the brushes but for some reason the game won't play it in game. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
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