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  1. Hello. When seeing the versions of force ghost from Movie Duels, I get the question of whether a force ghost can be created from other models like anakin. and if this is how it is possible to convert them into force ghost. I would like to learn how to do it for my personal use and so anyone who reads this and has the same doubt that I can also learn and enrich this great community. Greetings and may the force be with you if you are reading this, whether you have the answer or not. thank you very much really.
  2. Good morning I have been thinking of making a lightsaber of what I would be like if I were a Jedi but I don't know where to start. I have blender with the jedi academy plugins but I have no idea how to start so I would like you to tell me a bit how it is done since I have never made my own mod, I have only made frankensteins for my personal use, never one from scratch. I appreciate your help very much. Thank you. And forgive my terrible English since I am Spanish and I do not have a full command of your language. Thanks again.
  3. Hello everyone. Excuse me, but seeing so many amazing models on this page makes me want to make one of my own, like I'm a Jedi Knight for example. I would like to be guided by anyone who comes across this topic by chance and knows it, since I don't know where to start. I've never done a mod and Jedi Academy is my favorite Star Wars game. I await your advice. I am a young Padawan eager to learn from you masters. May the force be with you always.
  4. the models are great. but I have a bug that shows my hair when I play.
  5. hello good morning. in advance forgive my English I am Spanish. You see, I wonder if you can put an animation or lightsaber stance to a model and a different one to another model. more than anything to be able to play jedi academy putting a little more variety to the models when fighting each one has a different animation. This is for my personal use only. Thank you for your time.
  6. sorry tompa do you know where i can find a model of kylo ren version TROS? I'm looking for him like crazy.
  7. ¿Consideraría agregar el sable de luz de Darth Caedus, así como algún modelo de la galaxia Edge Hilts en una próxima actualización? Adoro tu trabajo y que la fuerza te acompañe.
  8. good morning. I understand your point of view but if it is for fear that I use your work to make it happen for me or to give it, don't worry, my intention is to enjoy its incredible mod for my personal use exclusively. I just loved his work and I wanted to enjoy it and as for making models I at the moment are still in diapers like who says jajajajaja. Sorry, I'm from Spain. As I said I have no idea even if my team supports the programs to make models and I don't know if I would know how to do it. If someone wants to teach me I would be happy to learn but between that I learn I would love to enjoy your work in sp it is beautiful. If you consider it appropriate, of course, I emphasize it, I want it only for personal use like any other mod and enjoy jedi academy and my 100% 100 favorite game. You decide of course. It is his job but if it was for fear that I would steal it I understand in this world you can not trust but in my case do not worry. A great job and greetings from Spain. take care of yourself and may the force be with you always.
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