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  1. What an amazing content. Good to see this classic Bane.
  2. Dooku is a bulky guy. I have tried it and it is very nice ingame.
  3. Sorry to revive this old topic. Don´t know the time limit to these situations. I also you like to use in JKA normal sp or mp mode the Arcann and Thexan. It´s is for my personal use , i have read and understand the restrictions.
  4. Great work, the sith version looks pretty badass!
  5. This pack has many qualities, first of all really nice compilation you got there. Now i would like to know if there is some possibility to soften the pack with only: Poe Dameron, Shaak Ti (TFU),Cybernetic Maul ,General Hux,Force Unleashed Jedi Leia ,Ben Kenobi and Hoth Leia?
  6. Holy it looks really good, I really like the red version with the scarf/ cape.
  7. So cool to see this kind of help around here.
  8. Keep the good work on Qui-Gon, the model is looking pretty good.
  9. Thanks for the answer, hope you find time to complete the others.
  10. My friend Ruxith i must say you are mistaken i thought the pics where really good and that is a really good looking project and that is a pitty there isn´t a download link( that no one grabbed this good looking proj).
  11. I haven´t find the Mace windu skin download link? There is one yet or still a wip?
  12. I would love to have the red version....a pitty there isn´t a download link
  13. The Senate Guard looks very promising as well!
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