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  1. Yeah, pretty much that concept, with 360° movement (or at least forward, back, left, right and diagonal). The camera doesn't drop and the controls are more responsive. Usually, it's bound to a key separate from the crouch button like ALT or X (maybe C? Is there anyone who doesn't bind crouch to CTRL?) to avoid accidentally crouching instead of rolling, though there might be a way around this if that's not something we want. By default, tapping the roll key will roll you forward, even if you're not moving forward. Moving in other directions will make you roll in that direction. When you're roll
  2. Well, that looks a hundred times better than the one I was working on 😄 Nice work mate. Textures are obviously still a WIP.
  3. Interesting, I don't think I ever knew about this. Can you please send me the model file? I should be able to rig this to work in game and add some improvements to the textures and model. EDIT: It may actually be as simple as remodelling and reskinning Luke's saber.
  4. This is a really cool addition to gameplay! Just out of curiosity, would it be possible to change the vanilla rolling to essentially work like Dark Souls? Basically, being able to roll at any angle and quickly recover to lead into an attack. This would add an interesting layer of depth to both lightsaber and blaster combat, and it would compliment this dive ability really well. If possible, have it so that it doesn't kill momentum too much if you're going at full speed too, as that's something I always found annoying about rolling and wall running in Vanilla.
  5. Could you please port this model for me? https://www.models-resource.com/pc_computer/rwbygrimmeclipse/model/38871/ I can make the shaders if you like ?
  6. I was also wondering about the same thing. I've started work on a project to make an original game based on JKA's framework, using assets made by me and some royalty free models. However, I'm unsure on the legality of this whole thing.
  7. Well, I do have some (albeit very limited) knowledge of porting models as weapons. I mostly work with sabers, but I have made one that was a blaster pistol. What sort of weapon are we dealing with here?
  8. Oh I see, that makes sense. So probably no cel-shading, haha. The model has a fairly high poly count.
  9. So for the most part, this worked great! However, the audio sounded demonic... I don't know what went wrong... It may be worth mentioning that my video was .mp4 format.
  10. Hello there! I've come here to request that someone ports this model for me. It would be great if it could have cel-shading, though it's not 100% necessary. I can make a shader for her that'll look pretty close to the look of the show by removing shading and adding a glow effect to the skin. I've already made her scythe and attempted to port this model myself, but I haven't really had much luck, due to the fact that I'm not too good at adjusting poses. I'm aware that the model will likely have to be decimated quite a bit to work within the triangle limits of JKA.
  11. I've experimented with these in GTKRadiant before. They're apparently classed as misc_model_breakable. Not sure if you can spawn that in-game or not.
  12. They are tags, not bones. Two little triangles on the hands. It's a possibility that it may have been flipped around somehow. In blender, select the triangle on the right hand. Go into Edit mode, Press R to open up the Rotate menu. Then press either X, Y or Z to rotate along the appropriate axis. After that, type 180 (you don't need to click anywhere) and hit enter.
  13. This is really cool! Only thing I'm a bit unsure of is the male voice actor... No offence, but it seems a bit corny in some places and there are quite a few mispronounced words as well. Kinda takes me out of it a bit. The use of the word "thy" is a bit awkward as well. Also the scene with the chiss (Thrawn?) and the troopers walking at 0:37 in the second video goes on for a little bit too long IMO, but that's just nitpicking. Other than that, it's great! Also, a good place to find voice actors for projects is r/RecordThisForFree. You may be able to find some people there. Looking forward
  14. I myself have done something similar to this (via Noesis) and it's useful because textures stay aligned when the map is converted to a model. For collision, you can simply decompile the map and convert most of the textures to physics clip. At least, that's what I do. The only real problem I've found with this is that the lighting is a little bit messed up in some places, mostly on the floors.
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