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  1. I've experimented with these in GTKRadiant before. They're apparently classed as misc_model_breakable. Not sure if you can spawn that in-game or not.
  2. They are tags, not bones. Two little triangles on the hands. It's a possibility that it may have been flipped around somehow. In blender, select the triangle on the right hand. Go into Edit mode, Press R to open up the Rotate menu. Then press either X, Y or Z to rotate along the appropriate axis. After that, type 180 (you don't need to click anywhere) and hit enter.
  3. This is really cool! Only thing I'm a bit unsure of is the male voice actor... No offence, but it seems a bit corny in some places and there are quite a few mispronounced words as well. Kinda takes me out of it a bit. The use of the word "thy" is a bit awkward as well. Also the scene with the chiss (Thrawn?) and the troopers walking at 0:37 in the second video goes on for a little bit too long IMO, but that's just nitpicking. Other than that, it's great! Also, a good place to find voice actors for projects is r/RecordThisForFree. You may be able to find some people there. Looking forward to seeing more of this project 😄
  4. I myself have done something similar to this (via Noesis) and it's useful because textures stay aligned when the map is converted to a model. For collision, you can simply decompile the map and convert most of the textures to physics clip. At least, that's what I do. The only real problem I've found with this is that the lighting is a little bit messed up in some places, mostly on the floors.
  5. Huh, I might take a shot at this myself. Doesn't look too complex.
  6. Huh... I remember there was a really good darktrooper just like the classic SWBF2 one in the Downloads section. It may have been a port and taken down, though.
  7. So after all this time, I've finally come up with a solution - VH_WALKER! With it being a walker, the only way to get inside or out is with the use button, which works great! However, there are some issues. First off, you can "step" (or rather slide) on top of other players, killing them instantly. Friend or foe. As you can probably tell, this is definitely not desirable. Is there a way to change that in the .veh file? I set mass to 0, but that didn't seem to affect anything. I don't want them to be able to do any damage. The second issue is that most weapons won't work on it. Only weapons that will are melee, lightsabers, snipers, explosives and electrical weapons. Everything else will just bounce off the vehicle.
  8. Is it a playermodel or is it a saber? I can give you some help with sabers if you need it.
  9. Hello there! Very late response, apologies for that. But this should be very simple to do - All you'd need is a shader and one line that references the effect in the .sab file. If you like, I could help you with that later today.
  10. Any updates to this? I'd also love to know how to get high resolution textures that look the part. I believe that I made a high resolution texture that changed the hue a bit as well; I could see a difference in the colour, but other than that I could barely tell any difference.
  11. Category you'll probably want is Mod Requests and Suggestions, as Modding Assistance is more for helping you to make something yourself. One of the staff members might move it for you ? On a side note, if you ever need any melee weapons ported to be used as a lightsaber, let me know. I've recently been porting quite a few models like that. Just make sure that the model is available to download.
  12. Thank you so much, that really is so much better :)
  13. Hello there! This has been something that's been bugging me for quite a while now with the "new" JKHub, and that's having the same topic appear multiple times in the New Content list. I personally prefer the old system of having a reply to a topic simply bump it up to the top of the list. This shows that there's been a reply to the post, without it filling up the page. I often went onto the new content page to reply to multiple posts within the list, as I like to be a helpful person. This new system makes it very difficult to do so. Please forgive me if there's some kind of option to fix this that I don't know about. Thanks - Droidy.
  14. Aight, for any other soundpacks I'll be posting them in the soundpack thread. I just felt that the Kira one would be good for the Kira model ?
  15. Something some of you may appreciate; a Kira Carsen soundpack! Using the voice clips from @Jeff's .pk3 file and some files from Marvel vs Capcom Infinite's Black Widow (who shares the same voice actress). Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ri30enn07etga4x/l_Kira_Carsen_Sounds_Droidy.pk3/file Just simply drop it in with the existing PK3 file. EDIT: I just realised that I forgot to add a falling sound...
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