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  1. Not gonna lie, that might be a much better choice of a model. I'm not quite sure if I can really do this model justice, as I'm a beginner modeller who insists on using an outdated version of Blender, since that's what I've learned. I'll probably still give it a shot, but I don't know how good it'll be. Sorry if it seemed like I was ignoring you, I was simply seeing what it would look like if we did go ahead and use that model. I totally get it; if you're gonna have something made for you to play as, you want it to be something you'd actually play as.
  2. The model I suggested was more for the actual outfit, than the head. I definitely think you'd need to Frankenstein a new head onto her. If you remove the cloak, the general shape of the outfit is pretty similar, it would just need a little bit of tweaking. Here's a crappy photoshop job of the proportions adjusted to be like SWTOR (please excuse the poor quality) Ignoring the head entirely (as Rey obviously looks nothing like the Miraluka) the general body shape is very similar. You'd just have to cut the dress in half, model a belt and a few other details - and of course, find a suitable head replacement. The Black Cat model ported by HUM-3154 works surprisingly well. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ibuz0ng0zn7axgi/Black_Cat.pk3?dl=0 Simple concept I made in GIMP (without retexturing): Note that it's not actually a model, I just photoshopped them together. I also just realised how disproportionately small the head is, but I'm too lazy to fix it.
  3. One model in particular that I found that looks kinda similar is @Doughnuts' Dark Rey model. Re-skinning it and re-modelling it to have a new head and extra details should work pretty well, I think. Could even keep the cloak as an optional skin.
  4. Some things that should help: - Source of the picture: - In-game SWTOR Screenshot: Additional artwork (made by the same artist, Arideya) Additional information about the female Miraluka in question: With this information, we can have more reference pictures (or a port, if anyone can do that) Nightlife Operative Armour: https://torf.mmo-fashion.com/nightlife-operative/ Unstable Peacemaker's Dualsaber: https://swtorista.com/weapon/unstable-peacemakers-dualsaber
  5. So for the most part, this worked great! However, the audio sounded demonic... I don't know what went wrong... It may be worth mentioning that my video was .mp4 format.
  6. Could you upload all the plugins you have installed for VirtualDub? Every time I try and import any video file, it comes up with some error.
  7. I made the video 523 x 384 because that's what the tutorial says to do. I could try making it 512 x 512. That red window to the left is the result after exporting it as an AVI. And no, the exported ROQ doesn't work in-game, either. Here's the AVI I attempted to import, if anyone wants to have a go (it's for my Sword Art Academy mod.) EDIT: Ah, I see. QVM won't let me have any other size other than 512 x 384. EDIT 2: I've worked out how to add soundtrack now, and it sorta shows up in-game, but not really...? It plays the music with a blank grey screen.
  8. Okay, thanks mate. The biggest problem with this is that is's just giving me a blank red screen, rather than a movie. It's about a minute something long.
  9. Hey guys, for some reason, I can't get this to work. At Step #5, I'm pretty sure it's supposed to show a mini preview of your movie. When I exported it, I got a silent red screen, rather than a movie. Please help. @@MagSul
  10. I'm pretty sure my first skin was a green JK2 Reborn with purple skin (or at least the icon had purple skin) My second one was a "Knight" - otherwise known as a crappy recolour of the Snowtrooper that's bright white with a hint of aqua, and a red lower cape. Good times...
  11. I will say that the first thing I ever learned to do was skinning. Then I made NPCs and Bots for them.
  12. Also, a little fun fact: If you select a weapon other than a saber and use the /saber command, it will change the model of the weapon temporarily. E.g: saber single_1 If you have a pistol out, and you use /saber single_1 single_1, it will put another saber in your left hand and it'll change your animations to look like the cultist commando I made a saber with the pistol model, sadly it only shoots from one pistol - the other one's just for show. Maybe there's a way to fix this?
  13. I seem to be having this issue with my Base NPCs for whatever reason. Some NPCs will spawn, but most of them don't. This issue is exclusive to Multiplayer - it works just fine in Single Player. EDIT: It seems to be my Manual Blocking NPC mod that was causing the issue - I might have to make it only change the saber wielders.
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