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  1. I find it hard to believe that's a kitbash, it's crazy accurate! Nice job, dude!
  2. As much as I want to say Kyle, given what we know of their abilities in the EU (taking into account the books and comics, not just the Jedi Knight games), I have to admit Luke would win hands down.
  3. Hello there. Would anyone be willing to make or port these swords from SWTOR? (New models from scratch would be preferred, of course.) Cathar Honor Sword Cathar Warstaff (A want the staff version more)
  4. Rayce

    Jyn Erso

    Holy crap that's awesome!
  5. Always a pleasure to see new playermodels from you. This is fantastic as always.
  6. Defender and Firebrand from a gameplay perspective (see this thread), Arbiter for looks.
  7. Oooooooo. Does this replace the vanilla model? EDIT: It does! Awesome!
  8. That looks brilliant! The EP2 face might need some work, though.
  9. I disagree, I personally have quite enjoyed many recent Star Wars works, and I dare say some of it is better than what came before, or at least in equal standing. But that's my opinion and that's all highly subjective. If it does not fit your vision of how Star Wars should be, then I understand that, but it does fit mine. And regardless of any of that, it does not necessarily mean there will never be a "good" (by your standards) installment again.
  10. It was sarcasm. The point is that Star Wars is NOT "broken/ruined forever". The article I posted points out that fans have been complaining about the direction the series is/was going since The Empire Strikes Back. (Probably earlier than that, actually.)
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