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  1. I was actually planning on trying to add the Carbon chamber duel, and see where it goes from there.
  2. Im currently recruiting people to help create an expansion for MD2. The expansion will include levels from TOT. I have the maps, models (a few models), and thats about it. The only problem is that I dont know how to even add that to the mod. So, I need people who can work together with eachother to create levels and everything. I dont have modding experience, but apparently creating duels in this game is easy. So if you can help out in any way please do!
  3. Thank you for your help, but as of right now I think the music i could get. There are some models that I think I could just get permission and download for use. Im pretty sure that the maps are all actually in the files for KOTF (which I have).
  4. im looking for some help with a new project meant to add the original trilogy to MD2.

    1. eliijaah


      Right now I need someone who can make scripts and actually code and make cutscenes to the battles. i also need someone to make and add menu selections to MD2. I think im safe for now on models and maps.

    2. Mandalorian


      Yep this is where most mod development seems to hit a speedbump. I have the same problem, scripting is slow to learn and codeing even slower. heres what i am trying out atm https://jkhub.org/topic/5149-lets-map-singleplayer/

      hope it helps somewhat for scripting.

    3. eliijaah
  5. That's relieving to know. So, what exactly do you think you could help with? The thing i'll probably need most is someone who could help with actually adding menus and missions to MD2.
  6. Yeah there are many characters from the OG in the actual game files. All I need to do now is try to add maps, levels, characters, menus, and probably much more. The only problem is that i don't have that much experience in modding. I could really use some help, but I highly doubt many people actually want to help with this. I've actually got the pk3 file for the demo of TOT mod. The file includes the basics of what I'll need to actually pull this off. I actually found some cool stuff, including some textures for the Carbon Chamber, Jabba's palace, and the second Deathstar. The big issue here is that these aren't all of the textures that I would need to complete it. Like Jabba's Palace for example. It only has like five or six textures in it. i also looked through some of my other mods, and realized that KOTF 2.1 has all that i need mapwise.
  7. Well, couldn't I try and find people to map? And I guess I could try to learn ICARUS if no one helps.
  8. ive been playing Movie duels for a while now, and i wanted more. I searched through everywhere for something similar. But, i stumbled across something. I dont know if anyone knows about it, but the developer of Movie Duels 2, Jediwill, was actually working on a version with the original trilogy. However, he stopped. I dont know why, but thats not my question. My question is, could someone who has experience in modding finish it? There is a demo of it which has the duel from A New Hope. Also, if no one wanted to finish it, would I need permission from someone to do it myself? I just want Movie Duels to be even bigger than it already is.
  9. Hi, I'm Elijah. I've been playing Jedi Academy for about a year now, and have used Jkhub for about 6 or 7 months now. Ive come here whenever i wanted to download a mod, and so im ready to join all of the discussions! Also, i have a question. If i wanted to ask something about Movie Duels 2, where would i post it?
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