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  1. Files: Demo pack 2012: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DWywUIaby-Izvj3HE2KAIO5CWkqdKqf9 Demo player: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BWRBCGLsRLa0C-CYGWkLVPMpmbCdTo4K Disclaimer: These demos were meant to offer people some literature to watch, before practicing with others. The above download is about 700 MB and contains maps, an outdated version of sil's mod (movements keys drawn, strafe helper) and a lot of demos, plus some optional files. You will need to use timescale to skip parts or slightly speed up the demos a bit. This is all explained in the readme file. Edit: The above tutorials are outdated by a couple of years now. They should be used to learn purely some applicable basics and not to judge players. Everything that is explained, works! But is not always the correct technical explanation and may be a bit outdated when it comes to the execution of moves. Nobody is featured fully and not always was the goal to get some ├╝ber-super-duper gameplay. It's for people to watch, and use what they want to use.
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