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  1. I guess you'll have to find out soon enough! I use Eternal JK, you could possibly also use Open JK, these clientside add-ons should solve your issue if you're currently running a clean install of Jedi Academy
  2. Version 2 of my Darth Talon is uploaded guys! There's major changes to version 1, I hope you like it!
  3. Sorry about the delay, all updated! I have also tweaked the tutorial a little bit, should be easy to follow now.
  4. Version 2.0 released with shirtless versions! Hopefully all issues from the initial released have been fixed! Let me know in the comments if there's any new problems and I'll try and look into it.
  5. Hey! Assuming you have already found this pack? Failing this I would hope that you can find some old {GoD} members who may still have the files you want.
  6. Download the fix I posted in the "Edit" part of my post. I tried to be sneaky reducing image's file sizes but the game doesn't like it.
  7. Hey, the link for the image fix for darth talon v2 skin isn't working, it keeps saying the website connection has reset. can you look into it?

  8. Just to clarify the model parts for the hair weren't made by me, please give credits to JKGalaxy team as all I did was kitbash it onto Milamber's model with permission from him for Athena's personal skin (explains this in the readme for the skin too). Looks cool though good job!
  9. @zahar Afraid I'd have to find the files through my mess of a JKA mod archive - The mortal kombat skins were a reskin of the Darth Tiras you found - The armoured kel dors: Some others: https://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Academy/Skins/Skin Packs/34287/ Some reskins, some I honestly don't remember, nearly ten years ago now I've made some more recently:
  10. Cool pictures dude! Will be updating this pack very soon to add facial animations for Mace Windu, possibly tweak Kenobi's face too But first, I need to finish up Savage Opress
  11. I would suggest using the convenant elite model as a reference as it's maybe the most similarly shaped model: https://mrwonko.de/jk3files/Jedi Academy/Skins/Others/33555/ Unless someone wants to put this model into JKA, then I would suggest using this opportunity to practise. You will need to align the model to the JKA skeleton (using covenant elite as a reference), and to separate the body parts where you would think they should be separated. Then use the covenant skin as a reference for weights.
  12. You're able to post pictures of anything you're creating, you just can't upload your finished file to be approved by JKHub staff to be published in the Files section of the website, if it contains content from another game/ported files. You're able to post pictures and any files in topics such as here though.
  13. It's your thread, for sure. Ask away and someone will help
  14. You will need your folders set up in this order: "Base/Models/Players" Inside the "Players" folder you will need the JK3 "_humanoid" folder, then ensure the model you're loading has been imported into the "Players" folder, with a "model.glm" and "model_default.skin" inside your folder. From the Blender menu click to import - JA Ghoul 2 model: Then select your model's folder choosing the .GLM file, but before you click to import, ensure you have filled in the base path on the right of the window that pops up to link with the location of your base folder. For example, mine will be filled in as "d:/jka/base". This will always be left blank, and you will have to fill it in manually each time. This goes the same for exporting JA Ghoul 2 models.
  15. A Tulak Hord model for JKA does already exist, but the textures on yours look a little better. The issue with a hole/gap showing under certain animations is most likely a weighing issue, without us seeing the model's .GLM cannot confirm what specifically you need to adjust, but should be something minor. Potentially a vert or two on the object needs the weight on one of the bone's to be adjusted to a lower percentage so it doesn't move that area of the model completely when the animation plays / or set to 1 so it doesn't move at all from the point where the two objects join. What's wrong with the shader? Show pictures and explain what you want it to look like, perhaps someone can assist you. With the hilt texture, are you capable of editing images in Photoshop/Gimp? If so then surely just brighten the texture, or google a rope-like texture and adjust the colours to suit how you want it to look like.
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