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  1. So my next plan was to post the Darth Talon that I uploaded, but then I saw where I left it.. I had a new head planned that never got to finish up. Version 2 incoming!
  2. (Yes this has already been released, but I just wanted to put everything I've made into one place. once i've posted the released ones i'll start showing somw work in progress and release some of my old ones!) Now for Athena's reskin of Milamber's Chaosknight. This was a personal skin for a member of |EFF|, an adaptation to Milamber's model with tribal patterns and glowing eyes... All the good stuff! When the JKGalaxies files were made publicly available and Pande made a topic about it, I had a look through them and found some cool looking female heads. We were initially going to go with a hair piece from it too, but it was very fiddly when it came to weighting and the appearance in-game with what's achievable via shaders, so Milamber worked with us and re-vamped the jedi_hf hairstyle to give a better looking ponytail and put it onto the JKG head.The three of us were always a good team! (just not on GTA, Mil sucks 😄) Any issues with the ponytail are unavoidable due to the transparency, it's as good as it's going to get with shaders. Besides that there shouldn't be any issues with the skin, apart from it being 20mb for one option with team skins lol.. I might reduce the quality at some point to lower the filesize. Download:
  3. Glad you're liking the action figure promo picture! I based it off of the physical star wars action figure packaging when I designed it a few years ago, had the intention to do all of this back then just got burnt out 😄 I'll probably tweak it slightly so the player model is bigger.. use my "artistic license" to adapt it to suit this purpose more! Gonna post some of my released skins then show you the next one i'll be working on finishing up. Anyone remember this teaser?
  4. Let's start things off with the Nautolan species skinpack I released the other day. Here we have the infamous Kit Fisto, with some skin variants - a sith version, a reskin by Omicron and an RGB version. Sounds, custom icons and shaders are included. The weights aren't perfect, unfortunately I haven't put any time into fixing them yet, but they work for now. Download: Icons:
  5. About time I joined the bandwagon of topics where we post all our fancy mods, now that I've delved back into my Jedi Academy folders; a hole I didn't want to return to as it's a huge mess of files accumulated over the years 🤣 Anything shared to download in this topic will be either what I've created over the years, or any ported models / "unreleased" files I have found from other creators, which I feel might be better shared than kept to myself (of course if I am asked to delete anything by them then I will be happy to do so for respect of them). Anything created by me will be dealt with as if it were an uploaded release on the Hub, with credits, promo pictures etc. If anyone gets missed in the credits please drop me a PM and I will add you to the files, I never want to claim anything is done by me that isn't. All releases posted will be added to this post (the first one), and also provide a link to a folder containing everything released up to date once set up. Some files may be updated once released, and I'd love to collaborate with improving anything which gets posted/projects you may be working on! It's worth noting that I don't expect people to ask permission to use or modify any of my creations, but please include me in your credits, be respectful to the original authors. Released files:
  6. What, this old thing? Found it on my external hard drive
  7. This will explain how to find those hidden textures in the .pngs of JKA's mysterious skin files the proper way; not using paint to save them or gimp which never worked for me. I've had a lot of issues when I was learning the in's and out's of creating a functional RGB texture. The biggest problem was finding the hidden textures in png's from the base textures, most of the online help suggests simply re-saving the image in paint, or opening it up in GIMP. Neither of these worked for me, and there was literally no help online for it in regards to Photoshop. So I did some researching and this was the solution, I hope that it helps you as much as it has for me: Finding hidden textures Open Assets1.pk3 in pakscape, navigate through to your desired skin folder (for this example we'll take one from jedi_kdm), and open it in Photoshop. Click layer at the top, then layer mask > from transparency. You will notice that now the layer in the layer panel has been assigned a mask. All you need to do now is disable the mask (right click the layer's mask preview in the layer panel > delete layer mask). This is what you will get: Now you can do whatever you wish with the texture. Creating your own hidden textures Open your designed texture to be made RGB compatible. Create a designated area that you want to be RGB'd. Click layer at the top, then load selection. Now hide have it so the full colour texture is showing (none of the drawn shapes to create the RGB area or effects, just what you want the default texture to look like). I'd recommend grouping the layers, duplicating the group and to then merge the second group, hiding the first so you can still edit the texture, and use the load selection function after merging the textures. Now you simply click layer at the top, layer mask > hide selection. It will have now created a layer mask, similar to the process to finding the hidden textures. All you need to do is save it as a png; you can save for web as a png if you want to reduce filesize, but it won't be noticeable as pk3's compress the filesize anyway. I hope this tutorial helps. I know it's something minor but it has helped me greatly in the long run, and I hope it will do the same for others.
  8. Kinda wish sometimes I didn't get bored of the game; I guess after 8ish years I had to take a proper break eventually lol. I didn't like how his arms looked with the ported head model, ingame it made him look very skinny because he had a larger head (when proportional to the jedi_hm heads for eyes/mouth).
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