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  1. What, this old thing? Found it on my external hard drive
  2. This will explain how to find those hidden textures in the .pngs of JKA's mysterious skin files the proper way; not using paint to save them or gimp which never worked for me. I've had a lot of issues when I was learning the in's and out's of creating a functional RGB texture. The biggest problem was finding the hidden textures in png's from the base textures, most of the online help suggests simply re-saving the image in paint, or opening it up in GIMP. Neither of these worked for me, and there was literally no help online for it in regards to Photoshop. So I did some researching and this was the solution, I hope that it helps you as much as it has for me: Finding hidden textures Open Assets1.pk3 in pakscape, navigate through to your desired skin folder (for this example we'll take one from jedi_kdm), and open it in Photoshop. Click layer at the top, then layer mask > from transparency. You will notice that now the layer in the layer panel has been assigned a mask. All you need to do now is disable the mask (right click the layer's mask preview in the layer panel > delete layer mask). This is what you will get: Now you can do whatever you wish with the texture. Creating your own hidden textures Open your designed texture to be made RGB compatible. Create a designated area that you want to be RGB'd. Click layer at the top, then load selection. Now hide have it so the full colour texture is showing (none of the drawn shapes to create the RGB area or effects, just what you want the default texture to look like). I'd recommend grouping the layers, duplicating the group and to then merge the second group, hiding the first so you can still edit the texture, and use the load selection function after merging the textures. Now you simply click layer at the top, layer mask > hide selection. It will have now created a layer mask, similar to the process to finding the hidden textures. All you need to do is save it as a png; you can save for web as a png if you want to reduce filesize, but it won't be noticeable as pk3's compress the filesize anyway. I hope this tutorial helps. I know it's something minor but it has helped me greatly in the long run, and I hope it will do the same for others.
  3. Kinda wish sometimes I didn't get bored of the game; I guess after 8ish years I had to take a proper break eventually lol. I didn't like how his arms looked with the ported head model, ingame it made him look very skinny because he had a larger head (when proportional to the jedi_hm heads for eyes/mouth).
  4. I had the same issue with Modview, I posted months ago and no one replied/helped. Not sure how it started, I think it was when I installed windows 8/10. I never found the route of the problem, but downloading Xycaleth's modview was the workaround for me and wasn't really an issue for me anymore as I had an alternative.
  5. Hey! Going to the login screen and clicking "forgot password" usually does the trick so long as you know which email address you used for it, otherwise PM a member of JKHub staff and see what they can do in regards to using your old account.
  6. Cool to see this finally getting finished Mandalorian, looks great.
  7. Yeah i'm still lurking, just took a break from everything JKA; Rocket league and Overwatch started to take up my time besides working and things. I'll try to get him released within the next few weeks, I kept delaying it to do further reskins, but they can just be included in a later update if I find the time.
  8. The neck issue is because your weights differ to the edge of the neck, on the head's edges that line up to the neck. Different weights - both parts will deform differently.
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