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This community is dedicated to the games Star Wars: Jedi Outcast (2002) and Jedi Academy (2003). We host over 3,000 mods created by passionate fans around the world, and thousands of threads of people showcasing their works in progress and asking for assistance. From mods to art to troubleshooting help, we probably have it. If we don't, request or contribute!

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Summer Mod Contest Winner

The votes came in and the winner is SephFF and mjt's Costa del Sol! Take a trip to this sunny vacation spot and enjoy the rays and waves. Join Kyle for a drink, venture into the sky for some flying or dive deep for some scuba diving with the local aquatic life!

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The Mandalorian mod contest results

Our Mandalorian-themed mod contest had a good turnout with great submissions. The winner is Doughnuts' Din Djarin playermodel!

Amazing job to all involved!

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Fix Hapslash's Anakin model: No Lightsaber Blade


There is a critical issue with the popular player model, HS Anakin Skywalker. The alternative right hand doesn't show the blade of the lightsaber.

Fixing this is very simple. You need a PK3 editor like Pakscape.

To start, you obviously need the model. You can download it here:



The issue is with the non-gloved hand on the Episode II model. So for reskins of this model that use that hand, follow this same procedure but in your skin's directory.

Open the HS_Anakin.pk3 file.

Go to models > players > hs_anakin_e2

If you're in Pakscape, drag the file model_default.skin to your desktop so you can edit it.

Open the file model_default.skin with any text editor like NotePad or TextEdit

Locate this line:

Remove the * from that line so it now says:

Now save it. Drag it back into the pk3 in Pakscape.

You can do the same thing for the model_blue.skin and model_red.skin team skin files.

Now save the pk3, put it in your base folder and you should be good to go!

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