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The heads look a bit to small. Other than that, looks great. Now we need more stormtrooper randomization ingame. ^^


Oh man, it might indeed be that DT's stormtrooper model is a bit bigger than the default model scale. I'm trying to do some "armor & clothes" customization for the human male and female models, so my goal is not to modify the head shape, but to adjust all armors/clothes to it if needed. 

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2 minutes ago, Noodle said:

Sorry guys, didn't make it to the mandalorian contest. Still going to share some of the ideas I had and see if anybody guesses what they were supposed to be. 





Sexy Eweb and tusken raider dog?

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4 minutes ago, Noodle said:


Yes! The turret from the first episode used to blast the door and the tusken dog

Good stuff!

I have interest in making some of the smaller scenes from the Mandalorian.    Would love to have the eweb available, might tempt me to make a Grogu rescue scenario map.

Do you think you will complete those models?

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51 minutes ago, Noodle said:

I'm very interested in doing the turret eventually, just need better sources. I also want to do the new republic droid once I get clear well lit sources. 

I posted a few photos of the droid in the request section.  

I'll try to get more photos, it's challenging getting clear shots.

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I know I haven't updated this thread in a long while, but I don't want people to think that I've been inactive. I wanted to share with you guys some of the stuff I've been doing.

Tholotian smuggler:


I was kindly requested if I could do a quick frankenstein model for the concept of a "male tholotian smuggler". Everything with the exception of the head was done with base JA model parts that were recolored or edited. The head is a mixture of Spanki's jedi customization model and Neomarz's Adi Gallia model. 

New republic security droid skeleton:


I have been working on a new skeleton for Zander's great New Republic Security droid. So far I've done a couple animations but there's still a lot of work to do. Shame I don't know how to share videos here 😄 

Cham Quickshot:


A couple years ago I played Star Wars Uprising in my tablet, where I created a character named Cham Quickshot, he was a yellow twi'lek that ended up turning into quite the bounty hunter. This is my attempt to recreate him in JKA. Everything in this model was created with base JA assets. The head is a mixture of the human male's face and the female twi'lek head. 

Modelling excercise:


A bit unrelated to JKA but this was one of the excercises I did to practice a bit my modelling skills. Never did the breasts or head because I'm a scrub. 

Vending machine:


Based on a Star Wars toy.



An unfinished model of a new Eopie. I had made much progress on it but it died with my previous hard drive. 

There's a lot more stuff I never finished or published, but I thought it'd be fun to share some of the stuff I've worked on. 

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Learning to build a base mesh is a good exercise. The thing people starting out get wrong though like you is the thumbs. They don't come out of the side of the hand but the bottom, look a the base models hands in the root pose or your own in a relaxed state.

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Good work!

Your vending machine could use se shading on the sides, or some edge highlighting.

At the moment it is very hard to tell where the Corner between the front and side of it is

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You already know your skeleton work is impressing me!

Cham really blows me a way for a lot of reasons. Your frankensteins are really sharp and refined, you can't see any janky seams. It looks so clean and polished. The textures on the clothes are really great!

I love vending machines and utilities! Not enough of them!

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